laptop won't boot without power cord

Discussion in 'Mobile Computing' started by chribsen, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. chribsen

    chribsen New Member

    I recently spilled some coffee in my laptop, which unfortunately have caused some failures regarding the boot up.

    When my DC cable isn't plugged in, i am not able to boot the laptop. However, if i plug my cable in, boot it, and unplug the cable there is no problem.

    Could it be the CMOS battery, or some circuit on the motherboard which took some water damage during my little coffee-incident?

    I haven't experienced any checksum failures, nor clock resets.

    At the moment i'm not able to provide you with the name of the computer, but it's a Zepto Znote (Unknown danish brand) and it's about 3 years old and is running Windows 7.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Tipstaff

    Tipstaff Well-Known Member

    I doubt it's the CMOS, or the CMOS battery, but I think you're right in that it's a circuit on the board. My guess is the internal charging circuit is fried, or at least some component of it. I've seen it happen where a couple MOSFET that were blown kept a unit from running when the power was plugged in, yet it charged the battery fine, and worked fine off a battery, and vice versa, so it's quite possible in this case too.

    Trying to repair it... that's going to be hard. For sure you'd have to open it to find out if there are any blown chips, or burn marks in that area. You're best bet would be to contact Zepto to see if there is a local company authorized to repair your laptop, maybe see if they'll repair it, otherwise you'll have find someone that can do it for you.
  3. chribsen

    chribsen New Member

    Thanks for your answer.

    I will try go down to the local computer store and get those guys to look at it, and give me a diagnosis then. It seems to be a problem beyond my expertise.

    Contacting the manufacturer Zepto is going to be quite hard since the company has declared bankruptcy 2 years ago.

    Probably aint worth repairing, but it's frustrating that it works normal but just can boot without a cable connected.
  4. Blueagle

    Blueagle HardwareHeaven News Mod Staff Member

    Personally I wouldn't recommend repairing it as that might cost you so much you might as well buy a new one. Considering it's 3 years old, I think it may be time for an upgrade.

    And this time get a good brand, like Asus for example. They make excellent laptops.
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  5. ronaldkoch

    ronaldkoch New Member

    I don't think that your system has any problem. You just need to get it checked once .I think your system will be fine after some point of fine.
  6. Robe94

    Robe94 New Member

    i think you need to open your laptop or ask a latop technician to check it may be there is a residue of coffee and posible to clean it up.
  7. scottie59

    scottie59 New Member

    I had same issue with a toshiba satelite c660 coffee was spilled on it, was mostly keyboard damage, whipped out keyboard and got hair drier onto it bought a new keyboard for a tenner off ebay installed and all working fine now, no doubt if i took it to shop would have cost a lot more to fix
  8. Blueagle

    Blueagle HardwareHeaven News Mod Staff Member

  9. alexstone23

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    It`s nice to have moisture keyboard

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