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    first of all excuse me my very bad english, but i hope you can help me!
    I want to connect my Samsung LCD TV with my PC. I have a ATI Radeon X1600 Pro with Omega Driver. I use a HDMI-DVI cabel to connect LCD and PC.
    PC Monitor is connected with VGA to the graphic card. So BOTH VGA & DVI are used. I cant use the Catalyst Control Center because of the Omega drivers.
    So how can i tell the PC which output goes to the primary PC Monitor (VGA!) and which should be the attached LCD TV (HDMI-DVI)
    Do I need a certain software to determine that or can I handle it on Windows?
    IF so, HOW? When i plug in the DVI, Windows recognize that a new Hardware is plugged in (the certain Windows sound), but how do i proceed?

    Thanks for any kind of help!
    Merry Christmas and greeetings from far austria!
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    Greetings and welcome to DriverHeaven!

    First of all, you are mistaken about not being able to use CCC with the Omegadrivers. (At least, the last time I used Omegadrivers, I still could use CCC. But, it's not necessary unless you're wanting to Overclock the video card.)

    So, with Omegadrivers, there's the ATI TRAY TOOL. You need to install that and then you can use it to establish which output signal you want to use. It needs to be running and there should be an icon in the task bar for it. Right click on it and then scroll up to Display. Should be pretty straightforward from that point.

    If you need further help, just reply.

    Good luck!

    And, Merry Christmas to you, too!
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    thanks i managed it to make my TV as the second monitor BUT there is still one problem:

    on the second attached LCD TV is now a big black vertical line on the right side of the screen. can you explain me why is this and how can i get rid of that? its kinding blocking my view.
    i tried to change the resolution but only 800*600 is working on the TV.
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    You need to adjust the settings in the CCC or the TV's own options to centre / expand the picture. As to which you use it depends how your TV is connected to the graphics card, DVI, VGA or S-VIDEO (the one in the screenshot is from S-VIDEO) Under DVI or VGA the TV should have its own controls for adjusting the picture.

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  5. Goon

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    i use ATI TRAY TOOL. where is there the option for center or expand? i am using dvi!

    EDIT: i think my resolution 800*600 is still to high for the lcd TV. but i cant get lower than 800*600!!!!
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