Live! 5.1 digital (sb0220) creative drivers

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by proskrito, Jun 14, 2005.

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    Hi! first of all, i hope this post doesnt break any rules, if it does, i apologize, and please delete it!

    i'll explain my problem:
    I've received a sb0220 for free, but its the model that comes with no spdif outputs. A friend of mine has a live value, so i asked him if we could switch the cards. He uses the live mainly for gaming, so he doesn't want to mess with kx drivers, just use creative's.
    the problem is that i received the card with no drivers cd, and i've read that creative doesnt support these cards, and i haven't found any usable xp drivers for it too. I don't want to pass a card without drivers to my friend (probably he wouldnt want to get that) so, the final question:

    does someone have any working Live! 5.1 digital (sb0220) creative drivers that works with xp, or knows where can i find them?
    i'd be so grateful if anyone can help me with this : )
    thanks in advance : )
  2. Russ

    Russ New Member

    Your best bet, if it is a CL retail model and not an OEM version would be to order the replacement media directly from CL (using the serial number on the card itself). There are many different sb022x models and I am not sure that they all use the same installation CD. Aside from the above, there are probably copywrite issues preventing people from being able to share the software that is on the CD (and currently there does not seem to be any other way to get the drivers for these cards).
  3. proskrito

    proskrito New Member

    thanks for the response : )
    the problem i have is that im not sure if its worth the money nor the time to get a new cd. (anyone knows how much would it cost?)
    yes, i was thinking of a less legal way to get them (i really dont think im doing any harm to CL) its like if i just lost the cd.
    As it seems that there are no drivers for it around the net, maybe the only way to get them would be someone zipping the drivers and sending them to me : /
    I know i have no right to ask for this, so i wont.
    But maybe someone could read this, be in a good mood, and think 'hell, im gonna help him with this', it could happen, couldnt it? : )
    At least im trying : )
    If anyone has some more information about this, i'd be glad to read it : ).
    Thanks russ! : ) (and excuse my english)
  4. Russ

    Russ New Member

    I am not sure how much the replacement media is, but I cannot imageine it costing that much. It should be easy enough to call the sales line and find out the price.

    I understood what you were getting at with your original post, and agree that technically there should be no reason why someone should not be able to send you the software, but aside from this, you would need more then just the drivers. You would need the application software as well (AudioHQ, etc), alltogether you are taking about 160MB zipped up (the drivers alone are 18.7MB zipped up).
  5. proskrito

    proskrito New Member

    mmm i think if i can install the drivers, i could use the normal live drivers to install the application software.
    In fact, it seems that the only problem with normal live drivers is that they don't allow to install them because they cant find a sb live in the computer.
    when i installed the normal drivers with both cards installed, everything was ok, i had both cards working perfectly, because they found the 4832 card.
    I also got i working by installing the drivers with 4832, switching off, replace the card with the 0220, and swuitching on the computer.
    that makes me think that both the drivers and the software of the live! value can be used with the 5.1, just that you cant install them. (maybe losing the 5.1, but thats not relevant to me), so i think i would only need the drivers. : )
    thanks again for the interest, russ : )
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  6. Russ

    Russ New Member

    I found a file on the internet that claims to be the sb0220 drivers, so you may want to give that a try.

    Link removed as it no longer works.
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  7. proskrito

    proskrito New Member

    many thanks russ, they worked! : ) (i'd swear that i already tried those, but it seems i didnt)
    I also found a supposed sb0220 cd on emule, if it works i suppose that's the best option, but if it doesnt, thanks to you i have some working drivers : )
    he would have to install apps separately, but maybe i could make something for that : )
  8. Russ

    Russ New Member

    Good, I am glad they worked for you. I really do not understand why they are not available on Creatives website (no drivers or manual or anything for these cards). I complained about it on thier message board, but it hasn't helped as of yet. More sb022x owners need to complain I guess.
  9. seb64

    seb64 New Member

    I'm not sure what the commercial name of SB0220 is, but on the creative site you can find drivers for both the Live! 5.1 and the Live! 5.1 digital

    Strangely enough the region/country selected on the main creative site sometimes changes wether drivers can be downloaded for the same card models (even if you are asking for english downloads !)

    As for buying a replacement driver CD, they are in the creative shop (at least in the european one, couldn't find them in the us one) at 9.90€ (they used to be much cheaper a few years ago when i needed one)
  10. Russ

    Russ New Member

    The Live! 5.1 Digital on CL's web site is the OEM Dell version only. None of the drivers on CL's website work with these cards (the driver installtion cannot detect the newer hardware).
  11. Didilo

    Didilo New Member

    SB0220 working with Audigy2 ZS drivers

    A friend of mine has a SB0220 working with the Audigy2 ZS drivers that I've patched myself. You can contact me if you're interested.
  12. pro d

    pro d New Member

    I have the same style problem at first a few years ago, I've try to find original drivers for a long time and then after read on few sources the same kind information about install drivers for this sound card (sb live 5.1 digital / sb022xa 10k1 [a000]) then I following to instructions and the final part of the decision of my 'driver problem' was install kxdriver..
    in that case, want to say additional thanks a lot and respect to kx team for great work..
    I can only advice to try one way to fix your problem its install wdm driver from one of 'sb audigy' models and of course then install kx driver, on this sb its working on 300% better than deffault, 4sure:) I've tested pres. updates vers. since 2005 and prove in this personally..
    hope its help to you..
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    Îòâåò: Live! 5.1 digital (sb0220) creative drivers

    Sb0220, âñå õîðîøî ñ äðàéâåðàìè kx íà õð, íî íà âèñòó äðàéâåðà íå ëîæàòüñÿ, åñòü ëè âûõîä? ïîïðîáîâàë âñå âåðñèè kx íåò çâóêà!
    ìàëî òîãî ÷òî ,õî÷åòñÿ õîðîøåãî çâóêà, íî è 5.1!
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