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Discussion in 'Hardware Discussion & Support' started by MrSocks, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. MrSocks

    MrSocks New Member

    Greetings everyone,
    I am looking for a good gaming headset. Please don't suggest separate microphone and separate headphones, it has to be headset. My budget for it is still changing, so if it wouldn't be too much bother, could you recommend something from each price range? I am mainly looking for great sound and good microphone for everyday music listening and talking over voip. Thank you for your help.
  2. MrSocks

    MrSocks New Member

  3. Tipstaff

    Tipstaff Well-Known Member

    There's been a few threads on headsets, as well as plenty of headset reviews here on HH, but to sum things up here's a few recommendations from posters lately:

    Corsair HS1A
    Steelseries Siberia V2
    Razer Megalodon
    Sennheiser PC330
    Steelseries 7H
    Corsair Vengeance 1300
    Asus Vulcan ANC
    Astro A40
    Razer Tiamat 7.1

    That's a good run down of what you'll find recommended here in different price ranges from low to high $$. They all have their plus and minuses (some have ok noise cancellation, some are bass heavy, some expensive), so you'll have to do a bit more research on each to find one that fits you. I'm sure someone else on the forum will chime in sooner or later too.

    Of note: stay away from Turtle Beach. I mentioned this in another thread HERE, "They may sound great, but they have the sh!tt!est build quality." It was true then, and is still true today.

    Also, be sure to check out HH's audio review section HERE too.

    Edit: removed the Astro A30. Don't know why, but I keep typing both models when I mean to type just the one.
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  4. asedsa

    asedsa Active Member

    My friend has Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 and it is amazing headset. I tested them for voip, skype, games and I could only say it is the best headset that I ever had on my head (I am not the one who tests PC peripherals, that is my opinion from my little experience).

  5. MrSocks

    MrSocks New Member

    Thank you both for help, I hope my choice will be good, I will keep your tips in mind and read through review section.
  6. Trusteft

    Trusteft HH's Asteroids' Dominator

    I use the Razer Carcharias for...almost 2 years now IIRC. For gaming they are very good. Clear sound, extremely comfortable, mic good enough for VOIP.

    Mind you I am having some issues with it, but it is 2 years old of 18 hour daily usage. The right and then the left "clip" that hold the headset at certain shape, have given up completely and I use cardboard to keep them in place on my head. The connections withing the external controls piece are problematic lately, losing partly or completely the sound from the right or left side. but nothing (so far) that a good hit of it on the desk won't fix.
    I still fully suggest it for the reasons I mentioned earlier.
  7. MrSocks

    MrSocks New Member

    Thanks everyone for help, sorry I wasnt responding for quite some time, as it seems I will be able to get headset/headphones for 100 bucks or so, maybe I could go slightly over.

    So far I am most tempted by the Razer Carcharias, Corsair Vengeance 1300 and Asus Vulcan ANC.

    Also what about the quality of wireless headsets/headphones?

  8. Stuart_Davidson

    Stuart_Davidson Senior Editor Staff Member

    Razer Carcharias seems a good bet from those 3 but the SteelSeries Siberia v2 is also great in that price range.
  9. MrSocks

    MrSocks New Member

    Well, I hope I will decide right, thanks everyone for help and if anyone could enlighten me about wireless headset situation, that would be nice.
  10. Robert McClelland

    Robert McClelland I'm An Uncle for 2nd time

    Games con 780 is good if you can find on sale at amazon got 27 bucks when I have 30 bucks back from rebates hehe. You could find 7.1 gaming headphones around 60 bucks if you catch on sale on amazon.
  11. VictorPenha

    VictorPenha New Member

    Man, i had a Corsair HS1. It's a great headset but i do not recommend cause dont have a good bass.
    Actually i'm looking for a headset too . Tipstaff, can you tell me wich one is bass heavy? or anyone can give a tip in a goog bass headset?
  12. Trusteft

    Trusteft HH's Asteroids' Dominator

    I can't help if you need a headset meaning with attached microphone, but if you are interested mainly in bass and don't mind if it is a headphone (headset minus the mic), then all of SONY's studio headphones have strong bass performance and they are relatively cheap (cheaper than similar).
  13. Blueagle

    Blueagle HardwareHeaven News Mod Staff Member

    The question is, how much bass do you want exactly? Would you like -alot- of bass or just a good amount of bass?
  14. MrSocks

    MrSocks New Member

    Sorry to be reviving this thread, but I had to postpone buying that headset and now I am ready. My budget is 150 dollars (as in Siberia 2 Frost blue is slowly reaching the top). I am looking for good ratio of quality sound and microphone since I plan on streaming games with commentary for few friends and I would have want for them to have best sound possible of my voice...in certain means of course. Why I am asking again is, mainly, if there was any change in the three months and such. Or what headset would you recommend.
  15. Takaharu

    Takaharu Unus offa, unus iuguolo

    When I was browsing around last year I found that one of the most recommended headsets (after this silly expensive one that comes with an amp) was the Steelseries Siberia V2. I wasn't disappointed; great audio quality, enough bass to keep me pleased, light & comfy, good mic. Couldn't ask for more.
  16. MrSocks

    MrSocks New Member

    What model? Default one? USB? Frost blue?
  17. Takaharu

    Takaharu Unus offa, unus iuguolo

    I got the one with two 3.5mm jacks as I have a decent soundcard already.
  18. MrSocks

    MrSocks New Member

    And if I have just the Mobo soundcard?
  19. Takaharu

    Takaharu Unus offa, unus iuguolo

    Personally, I've never seen the point in USB soundcards unless the onboard is dead, ancient or just plain inaccessible (broken port, for example). There are exceptions (equipment that costs £100s) but I've always been one for internal soundcards, onboard or otherwise.
  20. MrSocks

    MrSocks New Member

    I see, so there isnt any big difference between them? I should just pick? Its just I am kinda worried there might be difference in quality.

    EDIT : And what about Steelseries 7H in comparison with any Siberia V2 model?
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