LOTR or Star Wars

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  1. Lord of the Rings

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  2. Star Wars

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  1. Takaharu

    Takaharu Unus offa, unus iuguolo

    Which series was better, in your opinion?
  2. MIG-31

    MIG-31 HardwareHeaven News Mod Staff Member

    LOTR by far.. Freakin love the series...

    EDIT (Internet crashed for a short time) : but don't misunderstand Star Wars,Its a Classic,But i feal it were let down a little with the Phantom Menace.However the series picked up after that..
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  3. Stuart_Davidson

    Stuart_Davidson Senior Editor Staff Member

  4. Jac

    Jac Well-Known Member

    Hard question to answer.

    Star Wars were my favourite movies as a kid so I will always have a lot of affection for the original trilogy. Watching the prequel movies though as an adult just shows how terrible a director George Lucas is. I would recommend to you the re-edited versions by the Phantom Editor - he has made them 100% more enjoyable.

    LotR movies were technically brilliant, visually striking and had much better direction. I was never really captivated by them though and by the end I just wanted the experience to be over. I might do a restrospective viewing in the winter with the bluray versions.

    Voted Star Wars.
  5. blibbax

    blibbax nahm8

    Star Wars was great, but LOTR was epic. Books are better than SW too...
  6. dawgXdenta

    dawgXdenta New Member

    LOTR was a better series forget graphics and whatnot : story-line and the way it was told, the last star wars ,part 3 cant remember the name, twas good but I didnt feel like this is classic material . Though SW is epic never the less
  7. mkk

    mkk Well-Known Member

    Star Wars was awesome until someone screwed it all up. The only problem with LoTR is the fidgeting around getting the damn full movies out on Bluray. On the Star Wars side you can't even get the best movies on any format.
  8. gaetan

    gaetan Active Member

    Well, I didn't watch all the lord of the rings, actually got bored at some point, Star Wars has always been my favorite, and if I may, it is the fondation of almost the entire modern film. No wonder Lucas is a billionaire, he created is own companies just to have the movie(s) made, and that turned out profitable on the long run.

    Voted Star Wars :)

    BTW Star Wars Galaxies to be shut down, somebody got a tissue? :(

    EDIT: Finally watched LOTR fully, and loved it, however I wouldn't be able to say which is best as they are two different genres :)
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  9. Neshi

    Neshi HH's cuddly Blue Bear

    I've always had a knack for fantasy, so LotR. Loved the books, was kind of sad they didn't put EVRYTHING of the books in the movie, but that's understandable. loved the movies, it encapsulated what I thought it would could like.

    star wars sometimes droned on and nothing really happened. story was alright though.
  10. dawgXdenta

    dawgXdenta New Member

    yeah u get the feeling that it cudve been better at least I do.
  11. Trusteft

    Trusteft HH's Asteroids' Dominator

    From the two series, Star Wars. I never got bored even for a min watching any Star Wars movie. If a movie (from the two series) is on TV and I catch it by luck, if I have the time I will definitely watch the Star Wars film, LOTR it depends on my mood.

    Although both films have low moments and gaps, I still can't get over the gap in LOTR with NOT USING THE FRAKING HUGE EAGLE TO FLY TO THE VOLCANO AND THROW THE DAMN RING AND BACK WITH TIME TO SPARE FOR DINNER. Instead deciding to FIGHT ARMIES, WALK AND RUN MILES AND MILES and have untold people die for it.

    So yeah, definitely Star Wars. Also, dude, the music in Star Wars is, just, awesome. More than awesome, it's perfect.

    Good topic. :)
  12. gaetan

    gaetan Active Member

    I know I already voted, but I had to agree on that one, John Williams is the man! :)
    Love listening to his music in general.
  13. Tipstaff

    Tipstaff Well-Known Member

    Star Wars, by far.

    LOTR, while the books have always been popular, it never had the same popularity as Star Wars until AFTER the movies came out in 2001-2003 whereas Star Wars had already garnered that same "love" 20 years earlier, and that was with the original trilogy. Sure, Lucas messed up with Episodes 1-3, but ask any fan, and they'll tell you it did nothing to the "love" they have for Episodes 4-6, or any other game, book, or what not that has come out of that universe.

    On a side note, I picked up the LOTR Extended Blu Ray the other day, and I have to say I'm in the same boat as Blue. Sure, they are "epic" films, but I've been watching the movies the last couple days, and found myself wanting each to end sooner (as one person put it.. when it fades to black and the credits start rolling you can hear the world sigh in relief). The mood might be right for the first hour and a half, but after 2+ hours... It's just too much. I was tempted to watch each film over the course of 2 days (as each film comes on 2 BR) just so I wouldn't get bored watching them.
  14. OmegaRED

    OmegaRED Relapsed Gamer

    I love both but I'm voting Star Wars because it's cool to like Star Wars. It will never be cool to like LOTR no matter how much I love it.

    Not to mention the sex appeal. Lord of the Rings is so uptight and innocent like going to Church whereas Star Wars is a Galactic Las Vegas full of danger and sin.






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  15. dawgXdenta

    dawgXdenta New Member

    never heard anyoe put it like that omega
  16. blibbax

    blibbax nahm8

    Sure, I'd rather sleep with princess Leia, but Gandalf is the one that I'd want in my Zombipocalypse survival team.
  17. OmegaRED

    OmegaRED Relapsed Gamer


    I can't count the times I brought up Lord of the Rings and had people mock it or go on how much they hate nerdy crap like that (BlueMak's comment I recently heard word for word from a coworker) but mention Star Wars and whether they're 19 or 50 years old they'll love one of the SW Trilogies.

    I'm actually making my way through the LOTR Extended Blu-rays now but like Tipstaff said it can be a chore. Sure, I love watching them but once you start on that road you have to watch them through to the end and while I can watch other movies all weekend long I've never been able to sit through the Extended editions without being drained. The first two go fastest but you know what's coming and just the thought of the many endings of ROTK makes me put it off for weeks. Today I was planning to watch The Two Towers but it feels like I'm being drafted.

    I highly recommend the Extended Blu-rays the quality is much better than the BD's from last year especially on the first film and all films benefit from the increased bitrate on 2 BD Discs. If you've got an eye for that sort of stuff you'll be pleased. I've pretty pumped for the Star Wars Box set in September and I know I will have no trouble going through each trilogy in a day should a marathon be needed.

    Anyway...the battle of LOTR vs Star Wars is no where near over. With The Hobbit movies coming out in 60fps (!) 3D (!!) it will win over more people and slowly it won't be cool to hate on Lord of the Rings. They will hate on Harry Potter instead. :p
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  18. Tipstaff

    Tipstaff Well-Known Member

    Gandalf would just get everyone else to do the work for most of the time, only stepping in once and a while using bright light and his sword. Honestly, what actual magic did he use the whole time during the films? Bright light, pushing (or some form of telekinesis), and a bubble shield that protected HIMSELF. Oh, and he charged his sword with lightning to do 1 strike against the Belrog. Same goes for Saurmon and Sauron. They both got others to do the work for them.

    The Jedi/Sith would force push them, force crush them, move shit in front of them, drop buildings and shit on them, electrocute them, slice and dice them, make them eat each other, confuse them, light them on fire, drain them of all energy/life, speed heal wounds, they can see the future when they meditate (so they can avoid zombie attacks), and so on. Beat that Gandalf.
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  19. dj_stick

    dj_stick Apple Fanboy? Staff Member

    If we were talking about just movies, Star Wars hands down, if the books were included, I'd have to vote Lord of the Rings - must have read them at least ten times now, and I can still go back and enjoy them. Along with the other books/stories Tolkien has written about the world he created... so much more depth than can be portrayed in a movie imo
  20. blibbax

    blibbax nahm8

    I'd worry that the Jedi were tricking me all the time.

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