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Discussion in 'AMD Graphics Cards' started by Spyre, May 24, 2006.


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  1. Spyre

    Spyre New Member

    Resolved Issues

    The following section provides information on issues that have been resolved with the latest release of the ATI Multimedia Center™. These include the following:

    • An AVI file can now be played back when a TV recording is also taking place
    • Launching the radio no longer results in the Select the default FM Radio device being listed as "Unknown AVStream Source 1"
    • The TV Source is no longer listed as "Unknown AVStream Source 1" in the "Scan for Channels" dialog box that appears during the TV initialization
    • A "No Signal Found" message is no longer displayed in the center of the screen after re-launching the MMC after its initial launch
    • Using GuidePlus+ to set a scheduled recording no longer results in the recording failing to activate
    • Creating a scheduled recording and selecting Start in Eazylaunch, no longer results in the recording starting in a windowed mode after restarting the MCE system
    • Argentina is now set to PAL_N_COMBO resolving issues that may have been experienced when using the TV
    • Using the MMC to watch TV followed by launching GuildPlus+, no longer results in the TV station change to channel 2
    • An ATIMMC.EXE error message is no longer displayed when using the ATI MMC to run a TV scan under the Windows operating systems
    Known Issues with the ATI Multimedia Center™

    The following section provides information on known issues and product limitation for the ATI Multimedia Center™ 9.14. These include the following:
    • Entering the Broadcast time option and selecting to start watching a TV program from the beginning after watching TV for an extended period of time may result in the Time Shift slider bar moving to the beginning, but the playback of the video remains in the same place. Further details can be found in topic number 737-21519
    • Scheduling a TV recording using any supported format, may on rare occasions result in the scheduled recording failing to start until using the mouse to click on any portion of the ATI MMC. Further details can be found in topic number 737-20031
    • Starting a UTV session, followed by switching from UTV to Component/S-Video, and then back to UTV may result in a momentary flash of static video and audio before the UTV session resumes normally. Further details can be found in topic number 737-21498
    • Setting the region to PAL may result in the UTV window appearing slightly off center. Further details can be found in topic number 737-21513
    • When playing a timeshifted file in EAZYLOOK™ mode the content cannot be exported by pressing the "Record" button on the remote control. Further details can be found in topic number 737-22384
  2. H3X4D3C1M4L

    H3X4D3C1M4L New Member

    It installed properly for me at least, thats 2 extra points from me.

    Gonna see how it holds up, not getting my hopes up here.

    ROBSCIX New Member

    It still has TV on Demand running By Default. A note when you install a new MMC and leave your Remote wonder software alone when they released a new version you MMC will crash on startup. So it seems that it is the MMC but in actuality it's the Remote wonder software. So I am assuming since they released a new Remote wonder version at the same times as the MMC the RW software must need to be installed also..I also have the MMC9.13 installed and all seems fine. The reg fix works to turn of TV on demand, same as older verions.
  4. H3X4D3C1M4L

    H3X4D3C1M4L New Member

    I gave it a 5.

    Poor poor image quality, froze my computer (hardlock) once in 27 runs.
    Crashes if I use Remote Wonder plugins for WM9 or Windows Volume Control
    Slows down
    Won't record in MPG or AVI format if I set the option no matter what, always .vcr

    ROBSCIX New Member

    Well if you leave it stock, without applying the *.reg fix then the TV shows SD:240i -which yes is rather poor. If you apply the REG fix then it resorts to 480i which is a little better. I still cannot figure out why it does this? -I mean the resolution change..Wouldn't ATI figure that guys want the best picture quality Possible? -well the only way to get the best picture quality possible is to use the REG fix..

    CJLMTLCA Black & Red


    Here's what i did:
    Uninstalled MMC 9.13
    Uninstalled PC/Encoder 9.13
    Uninstalled MMC DAO 9.13
    Uninstalled Remote Wonder 3.03 (got that dll register error)
    Uninstalled CCC 6.4
    Uninstalled Display Driver
    Installed CCC 6.5
    Installed Remote Wonder 3.04 (no dll error... good)
    Installed MMC DAO 9.14
    Installed PC/Encoder 9.14
    Installed MMC 9.14
    Added resolution with powerstrip and turned off TOD in registry.

    FA. Just like before. Same things that i complained about in 9.13 thread are still here.
    TOD still always on (ok hack the registry, whatever, not my idea of user-friendly).
    No pause while recording.
    Horrible static blast when TV starts, always scares me and leaves me wondering if i blew my speakers.
    Channel change is not very smooth (software or hardware fault?).
    TV keeps popping to front while browsing GP+, how annoying.
    NOW button in GP+ brings you to current time slot but doesn't change TV channel like 9.08 used to. Actualy, TV should be in GP+ window, like before
    and pressing a program in the guide should bring up it's info and not change TV only if you double-click or something. Just like a satellite's guide, you can browse and pull up program info and not disrupt what you are watching.
    Still can't record... ???... I schedule something for 10:30, i come back at 10:35, is it recording? Can't tell if it's doing anything. I then minimise my windows to find the 'do you want to run scheduler' window. Nice. Ask me when it's time to record if i want to run it. Once that's done... ?... Schedule something else, again, nothing seems to be working.
    GP+ isn't streamlined with the rest of MMC, that's the problem.
    I rebooted to start TV from a fresh boot, tried switching inputs, which seems to be better now, then noticed that TOD is on... ???... Registry LiveMode is still 1, LIVE is showing at the bottom of TV panel but the progress bar is moving and HD is working... ???... Check in Library and yup, TOD entry right there... Have to look into this.

    I guess it's like CCC releases, we expect the world to be changed and just set ourselves up for disappointment. Maybe by MMC 9.75 things will be better. In the meantime i will go to ebay, get a VCR from 1982 and have better functionality then 21st century hardware/software.
  7. H3X4D3C1M4L

    H3X4D3C1M4L New Member

    Even with regfix I still get poor quality
  8. Robert McClelland

    Robert McClelland I'm An Uncle for 2nd time

    Did they fix the tv sound delay?

    ROBSCIX New Member

    @RObert, I found that the AV sync issue was related -atleast for me- to the TVoD being on 100% of the time. Once that has been turned off then it's fine.
    @CJL, Is it possible that the TVoD is turned on for the other inputs? -Svideo and Composite? -also I found that I needed to do the reg fix a few times before it actually took! I am serious..I would reload MMC and notice it said 240i again that tells me TVoD is on once for some reason it's off and is staying off. So if you turn it off it should stay off for TV. This FIX also gives you 480i back..without it the TV is running in 240i which is half the quality, I don't know or care why ATI is doing this by default but I want it off. AS I said though sometimes you have to apply that fix a few times before it takes for whatever
    Also if you cycle through the MMC's inputs such as s-video and composite it'll turn TVoD back on for TV...this is veru annoying..
  10. garfield

    garfield New Member

    I am still using a all-in-wonder 9600 card and the tv is unwatchable. Not only is the quality poor but the bottom of the picture is missing and everyone has long heads. I rechecked the region settings and it says United States of America. Oh, and by the way I am getting an audio echo delayed by almost a second. How can they release this stuff without some testing on the lower end cards. We may have not spent as much money as some people but for $200 I expect better than this.

    CJLMTLCA Black & Red

    Ok, i checked the registry and yes, livemode is back to 0, so i 1ed it and launched TV. No TVoD, ok. I then switched over to composite where TVoD was off, then to s-video and got the 'do you want to enable TVoD...' message so i answered no, then went back to TV and TVoD is running. Ha! Is there an Association Of TV On Demanders Of North America that i don't know about? Does ATI get royalties everytime TVoD is on?
    However, for me it says 480i with it running... ???...
    Let's try this again...

    Computer, execute regedit.

    Beep! regedit is now initiated.


    ROBSCIX New Member

    Yes, if you cycle through the inputs it'll turn TVoD back on because thats the default. When I open my MMC I look and if it says 240i then I know TVoD is back on but it says 480i now. it'll tell you that you shouldn't have TVoD on for input's like S-video and composite then when it rolls back to Tuner it turns it back on because those inputs turn it off -does that make sense? - I just don't understand why ATI wants guys watching the TV in 240 interlaced instead of 480interlaced which is better Video Quality. It' hard to tell why ATI does anything..

    CJLMTLCA Black & Red

    ok, i turned it off again... i just wasn't sure about the 240i story. Regardless of TVoD being on or off, mine always shows 480i...

    BTW, anyone have corruption when dragging TV?


    ROBSCIX New Member

    Nope I can drag the whole window or I can resize it etc. It behaves as it should. I am not sure why you would be getting such corruption going on.
  15. H3X4D3C1M4L

    H3X4D3C1M4L New Member

    That corruption happened to me until I reset all my hardware to stock clock speeds.... could have something to do with it but then again I've started OCing like a hero lately and my MMC didn't do that
  16. Just Learnin'

    Just Learnin' New Member

    Blehhh!! I gave it a 2, it would have been an insult to Hellspawn to call it a 1..... Fix the sound and get rid of the constant recording etc, etc.....
  17. grog

    grog Roxy Music

    I gave the new MMC 9.14 a "8".

    While the new MMC is very functional for my use there are just a few minor issues that prevented a score of "10".

    For my usage the new MMC works just fine. With my ATI All-In-Wonder X1800XL paired with my ATI HDTV WONDER card everything works without issue.

    Multview is working great. No issues when I enable or disable Multiview.


    Recording is working fine.

    You can force "TV-ON-DEMAND" on or off for Composite and S-VIDEO but the analog tuner does not have this option. Not a big deal since I actually prefer using "TV-ON-DEMAND".

    I would also like to see more audio options such as six speaker in the audio pull-down.

    Not much to complain about with this release for me.

    While this release of MMC is not perfect it is close to it for my usage. MMC 9.14 is very stable on my system and does what it was designed to do, at least for me, :)

    ROBSCIX New Member

    I have been considering dropping in a TV wonder because they are so cheap now and using it with my AIW so I could have the Cool PiP. Doesn't the constant TVoD bother you considering your recording from two sources correct?

    CJLMTLCA Black & Red

    I don't mind the idea of TVoD, but i would like to be able to turn it on and off at my discretion with a simple button. If i want to do some multitasking where there is some more than usual HD usage, then i don't want my drives to be tearing between TV and whatever app i'm using. I don't like wear-n-tear on drives for nothing.

    Nothing is overclocked here. Not a big deal, as i don't drag TV that much, but hey, a bug is a bug, right? I'll keep looking...


    ROBSCIX New Member

    YEs but if you want TVoD turned off you can use a Reg fix that has been floating around. I laugh because guys figured it out to fix a issue and all the sudden ATI has it listed on their site..
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