Mobility Modder not work with Windows 8??

Discussion in 'Mobility Modder Discussion' started by Dingo_N, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. Dingo_N

    Dingo_N New Member

    Hello, i have installed my ati radeon 200m perfectly with mobility modder in my Win7, but in W8 after the installation it shows me an error:
    "dh mobility ati edition has stopped working"
    dont work in w8 or the issue is of my laptop? thanks!
    i have w8 preview and i installed the net framework 3.5
  2. LemDeBeer

    LemDeBeer New Member

    I have the same issue,have you been able to solve this yet?
  3. once80

    once80 New Member

    I also have the same issue
  4. cool_recep

    cool_recep New Member

    When we say it, developrs shout at our face "No!" but admit it: you have left developing the software!

    Admit it and don't waste people's time...
  5. Stuart_Davidson

    Stuart_Davidson Senior Editor Staff Member

  6. Kiwi_Tim

    Kiwi_Tim New Member

    Mobility Modder won't work in W8, so you edit the driver on a W7 machine and then use the modified driver to install on W8. Worked beautifully for me. Thanks very much for Mobility Modder. My old HP Pavilion DV8000 with AtI Radeon Xpress 200m graphics now displays its full resolution in Windows 8. Very happy!

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