Mobility Radeon 9200 problem

Discussion in 'AMD Graphics Cards' started by hrast, Dec 25, 2006.

  1. hrast

    hrast New Member


    I own Mob. Radeon 9200 on my HP NX7010.
    My laptop screen redolution is 1280x800.

    I have external 20" wide LCD on my replicator which needs 1860x1050.
    I installed Omega Drivers *.*.525 because the orig. drivers didn't support it.

    On external lcd the 1860x1050 res. works fine, but now my laptop lcd is not working.
    It works only 800x600 but very unclear with some flickering. If I set to 1280x800 it goes black.

  2. spinzer

    spinzer New Member

    do you mean 1680x1050? installing Omega driver will render your primary laptop monitor useless because the system will think that there is just one monitor. You can confirm this by going to the Advanced options of your display properties, under Displays, you will notice that it just mentions an external LCD Moniitor or a TV, no laptop monitor.

    Hence the wavy like laptop lcd.
  3. zsz

    zsz New Member

    I solved this problem using Powerstrip. It read the monitor's specs using EDID and I now have both LCDs working (the notebook at 1280x800, the external at 1680x1050). This was done on an X1360US Presario (which is based on the X1000 series from Compaq and has a Mobility Radeon 9200).
  4. golgota

    golgota New Member


    I have mobility radeon 9200 too, i need to know which omega driver is best for mobility 9200? I installed the latest version (3.8.330), but somehow the direct 3d in directx isn't functional. The original driver from Ati was giving me hardtime when i load the WoW game. I hope my video card isn't broken or anything.
    Please help me,

  5. CraziFuzzy

    CraziFuzzy New Member

    you can only use up to .252 with the 9200. This is because ATI has stopped supporting the 9200 in it's later catalyst versions, so .252 is the last omega that will support it. the 9200 is really getting obsolete, as there are many games coming out that won't even load unless you have a full DX9 card. looks like a new laptop for me!
  6. d-arrow

    d-arrow New Member

    Windows Update


    I had the same problem, and I finally got selttled with "Windows Update".
    How about to try applying below from "Windows Update"? :)

    ATI Technologies, Inc - Video - MOBILITY RADEON 9200
    ATI Technologies Inc. display software update released on April 24 2003.

    (You may also be able to download this driver from "Windows Update Catalogue".)

    <my spec>
    PC : hp Compaq nx7010
    Video card : ATI Mobility Radeon 9200
    Monitor : Samsung SyncMaster215TW

    Best regards.
  7. kiwipcs

    kiwipcs New Member

    This doesn't sound like very useful behavioir ..... for those of us trying to use the laptop lcd on the road, and the larger screen in the office. Is this the way the driver is designed to work ??

    I had this experieince also when trying the 3.8.252 driver on my HP/Compaq nx7010. What I want is to have both the LCD and my external monitor running at 1680x1050.

    If I run the drivers on the HP site, I get 1680x1050 on the LCD, and 1280x1024 on the secondary monitor (and have to pan around for the rest of the pixels).
    With the OmegaDriver, I get a great view on the secondary monitor, but garbage/streaks on the LCD.

    Any advice anyone ??

    Many thanks,
  8. kiwipcs

    kiwipcs New Member

    Solved !! Well, sort of .... I used PowerStrip (which definitely does *not* have a newbie user interface !!) to create a new .INF file for my secondary monitor, setting it to 1680x1050 resolution. Then I updated/reloaded the driver for the monitor (in Control Panel > System > Hardware > Monitors) using this .INF file. After re-booting, the secondary monitor finally came up in 1680x1050 mode. The colors and contrast don't look great, but that might take rather more tinkering than I have time for right now. At least I can use the monitor :)
  9. smoki

    smoki New Member

    i have a similar laptop (compaq x1020us, WSXGA+ 1680x1050, 64meg radeon mobility 9200) and i just bought a Dell 2007WFP and I'm trying to get it to work at 1680x1050...
    i did the same thing you did but i cant get it to work, i still have to pan around to see the whole thing. the only way it works is to use the Omega drivers, but like others have said it makes the laptop lcd useless.

    i created the custom inf file by going to...
    options>monitor information>write custom monitor driver>save
    i then tried to update the inf on all of the three monitor options in device manager (default monitor, plug and play, Dell 2007WFP (analog)) but it wouldnt work for any of them...

    can you please post more specific instructions on how you fixed it?

    btw i'm using the latest drivers for my laptop...〈=en
  10. xili

    xili New Member

    i need a help please!!!

    i dont have a drivers for my graphic card wich is mobility radeon 9200 where can i find that???plese help mee
  11. regularguy

    regularguy New Member

    ZT3000 External Monitor 1680x1050 Display Problem

    I have an HP ZT3000 that I bought in 2004. It has Mobility Radeon 9200 graphics. I am still running XP Pro on this notebook. I wanted to get more use out of this notebook so I decided to setup the ZT3000 for Internet Radio, I-Tunes, Internet TV and etc. I purchased a used docking station, external 22" Samsung Syncmaster 226BW and Microsoft Laser 4000 keyboard and mouse. I bought a "Y" connector and connected the sound output from the notebook into the back of my big stereo system. I bought a S-Video cable and ran that from my docking station to my TV.

    I couldn't get the Samsung monitor to display the full 1680x1050 resolution, only lower resolutions. I called HP and paid and registered but got no real solution. The tech suggested that I try Powerstrip but I couldn't get it to work correctly.

    After reading the posts here I decided to try the Omega Drivers Ver 3.8.252. Those made my external monitor work perfectly but my notebook no longer displayed anything and the S-Video to the TV no longer worked. Since this notebook is normally closed and in the docking station I didn't care that the notebook did not display since the external monitor worked fine.

    What I finally did was create a folder on the notebook desktop. I created a folder for the Omega drivers and another folder for the ATI drivers. For normal use with the external monitor, I run the Omega drivers. If I plan to undock and take the notbook somewhere or plan to use the S-Video out, I rerun the ATI driver. The drivers only take a few minutes to install and I am happy that I have a system that is workable and which lets me use the external monitor, TV or notebook display.

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