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  1. River

    River -=[DHzer0point Team]=-

    this is the second time this has happened to my system, and not sure what is causing it to happen? the last time, after several weeks of trying to hunt down a solution, I finally ended up reformating and reinstalling windows, and that fixed it. it was time to do a clean reinstall anyway, so no biggie.

    the other day I noticed that System Information won't execute, or at least is not visible on the monitor. If I click on System Information, or use the "run" command to execute msinfo32.exe, the hour glass shows for a split second like it does just prior to sys info being displayed, but nothing happens.

    I have searched and found several kind of related topics in regards to "WMI" and System Information/msinfo32.exe, and have tried several fixes, but none corrected my problem.

    any one experienced this and know the fix, or have link to a hard to find site that has the solution?

    your help greatly appreciated
  2. River

    River -=[DHzer0point Team]=-

    Problem Solved

    Edited from another post, other thread, different help site

    Now as to what causes the problem. Easy Cleaner is a very basic registry cleaner. I have used it for a few years now, this being the only problem I have ever had from running the program.

    From what I read, a MS update or hot fix is partially responsible for Easy Cleaner not being able to read a certain part of the registry correctly. So after I did a update or hot fix, then ran Easy Cleaner, it reports these four registry entrees as not being needed, I guess? So when I chose "delete all," referring to the list Easy Cleaner created, I deleted those four registry entrees, which prevents msinfo32.exe from displaying System Information. I think I got that right?

    The vbs script inserts the four missing registry entrees. I then ran msinfo32 and now System Information is displayed.

    I then decided to run Easy Cleaner to see what it would find and display, and it found those four entrees and told me it was ok to delete them. I wanted to test this theory, so I deleted them. MSInfo 32 would not run.

    I ran the vbs script again, it told me it replaced the registry entrees, and I ran MSInfo and it ran, displaying System Information. Easy Cleaner again reported these entrees as not needed, but of course I left it alone

    heres the addie if you want to check out the fix.
    thanks again, River~
  3. Dyre Straits

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    Very interesting. I've been using Easy Cleaner for years, too. Never have noticed this.
  4. River

    River -=[DHzer0point Team]=-

    Dyre Straits

    yea, me too, used it for over 2 years, and not once has it listed entrees to delete that shouldn't be deleted.

    not sure where I read (?) about a MS hot fix that causes Easy Cleaner to list these entrees, can't find it now, 'cause was thinking I would see which one it was, and if it was all that important to have on system, if not uninstall that fix and get back to useing Easy Cleaner without having to remember not to delete these entrees each time I run Easy C. oh well, more mental exercise.
  5. Dyre Straits

    Dyre Straits 9 Grandkids! #10 in the Oven!

    I'm sure that when the author of EasyCleaner gets back to work on it, he'll fix this problem.

    The last report I read, he was on active military duty for a year. I'm not sure when that started or when it'll end. Hopefully, he'll return safely from active duty and pick up where he left off.

    I'm going to check this with the latest BETA he posted. Or have you already done that?
  6. River

    River -=[DHzer0point Team]=-

    version 1.7

    believe the one I am useing is latest, ?

  7. Dyre Straits

    Dyre Straits 9 Grandkids! #10 in the Oven!

  8. River

    River -=[DHzer0point Team]=-

    Dyre Straits

    That was it, thanxz much for the heads up, the beta 2 is without that bug the 1.7 has that affect msinfo registry entrees. besides I like the looks of this one better.

    thanxz again

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