My clock is running too fast...

Discussion in 'Hardware Discussion & Support' started by Spigot, Jun 2, 2002.

  1. Spigot

    Spigot ph34r the l33t ducky

    Hey all.

    I've got a quick question. A couple days ago the clock in WinXP just started to run fast.

    By this, I mean that I syncronize it for, say, midnight. By 12:30 in real life, it reads 12:45. By 1am (reality), it will be reading 2:30am... and so forth. I've had it get up to 5 hours ahead if I let it run over the course of about 4 hours of real time.

    It doesn't seem to be really affecting much, operations-wise. I have had to resynch the clock a lot though and it's getting annoying.

    The only thing I can think of that I did was leave my DnetC client for Win2K running all day the other day. I had just started doing the OGR keys... Otherwise, I've just been gaming and surfing around and neither my games or my surfing seems to be suffering.

    Oh, and I just got this error today when I ran 3DMark 2001SE.
    "Timer Sanity Check Error"
    I can run a benchmark, but after each demo it stops and gives me that error. Any ideas? Would this be related to my fast clock?

    My Specs:
    Asus P4S333 MB
    256 MB DDR RAM
    60 GB Maxtor HD
    20 GB Maxtor HD
    Intel 1.6GHz processor
    Visiontek Geforce4 Ti4400 (which I finally got working)
    350W Power Supply...

    I am running my system in Standard PC mode in order to have my IRQ settings low (my Geforce won't run properly unless it's on IRQ 11 and XP defaults it to 16 if it is run w/ ACPI settings)

    The other thing i noticed is that since I did the switch to Standard from ACPI, the system seems to sort of hitch every so often. I also get a bit of a delay switching active applications...

    Hopefully this won't turn into my neverending "Help! MY GEFORCE4 IS BROKEN" thread over on the Nvidia section of Driverheaven! Any ideas or help to rectify this would be greatly appreciated though.
  2. Andrew275

    Andrew275 Custom User Title

    Maybe your CMOS battery is going dead.
  3. Jeff

    Jeff Yarr... I be blind!

    Or you are an IDIOT!!!!

    **Oh wait this isn't the flame forum**


    Umm, I don't know, maybe it is something you did...
  4. WyreTheWolf

    WyreTheWolf Wolfish Bastard

    Your entire system keeps time from a quartz crystal on your motherboard... the same way that a quartz watch keeps time. This is the most probable cause, either that... or you have contracted a BIOS virus... :p Good luck finding the cure.
  5. Spigot

    Spigot ph34r the l33t ducky

    Bios is ok...

    Well, the MB is brand new... so I doubt it's a battery issue... and I noticed that the BIOS clock runs fine... it's just the clock in XP that is too fast.
  6. well then your computer has a split personality

    if you dont believe me set your time in windows ahead by 3 hours reboot and check the time in your bios it should be the same as in windows

    they are always the same time
  7. Spigot

    Spigot ph34r the l33t ducky


    It's not that the BIOS clock is different than the one in XP, at least from what it's showing...

    It's just that if I reboot and look at the clock in the BIOS, it may show the time as being different from reality, but it is not running fast (ie. it counts each second as a second, not as 2 or 3 like the XP clock seems to)...

    I don't know... Everything seems to be ok now. It actually seems to be accelerated when I connect to the time synchronization server... if I do that, then it starts running faster and faster...


    Just another day in the life of Spig and his magical touch of death when it comes to any computer.
  8. digitalwanderer

    digitalwanderer Colour Commentator

    Or maybe...'s just a really, really, really fast computer that only takes 45 seconds to do a minute in. :)
  9. WyreTheWolf

    WyreTheWolf Wolfish Bastard

    Re: Or maybe...

    It can run all day long in a hour and a half! :)
  10. JavaFox

    JavaFox E Pluribus Unum

    Clock skews are generally due to a failing CMOS battery.

    Spigot, the motherboard may be brand new, but you have to realize that the battery is probably the least tested component on the board. Look at the battery. Motherboard manufactueres don't make the batteries, they buy them from battery manufacturers and throw them in.

    I'm not guaranteeing that a battery change'll fix your problem, but it's such a damn easy thing to try, don't you think? :)
  11. Spigot

    Spigot ph34r the l33t ducky

    This is wierd...

    I rebooted before I went to work and didn't touch my clock or run any programs while I was away.

    Got back here about 9 hours later, the clock is fine. It only seems to start speeding up if I do the synchronization with the time servers on the net.


    Oh well. I guess I just won't be doing any of that in the near future!

    Thanks all. I wonder why those evil time servers are screwing me up? :confused:

    I blame the Daleks. :mad:
  12. digitalwanderer

    digitalwanderer Colour Commentator

    Re: Or maybe...

    And it can execute an infinite loop in only 2.3 milliseconds!

    [SIZE=large]"Seek, locate, nVidiate!" [/SIZE] :p
  13. DallasStar

    DallasStar Junior

    Go to:

    Go to ControlPanel-->AdministrativeServices-->Services

    Now, find something called "Windows Time"

    Right click it and go to Properties. Set it as "Disabled" in the dropdown menu.
  14. Spigot

    Spigot ph34r the l33t ducky

    Already done.

    Disabling that was the first thing I did once I realized that was the prob.
  15. wonkanoby

    wonkanoby New Member


    turn of sync with atomic clock fixes this
  16. UberLord

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    Re: Or maybe...

    ExterminATI the Digi!
    [size=x-large]ExterminATI the Digi![/size]
    [size=xx-large]ExterminATI the Digi![/size]
  17. kinetic

    kinetic Well-Known Member

    You haven't seen any Morlocks have you?
  18. digitalwanderer

    digitalwanderer Colour Commentator


    Whilst trying like hell to come up with a pithy reply, I thought I'd at least acknowledge my own amusement at the comment. :D

    Where the hell is my sonic-screwdriver when I need it?!? Where's K9?

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