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New AGP card coming: X1950 PRO

Discussion in 'AMD Graphics Cards' started by Pluvious, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. Pluvious

    Pluvious Elisha = hottie

    Whoa.. check this out..
    • 36 pixel shader processors
    • 8 vertex shader processors
    • Up to 256-bit 8 channel GDDR3 memory interface
    • AGP 8X bus interface
    Comes with

    Silently Cooder - Arctic Cooling Accelero X2
    • Unique Cooling Performance with 6 Heat Pipes
    • Voltage Converter Cooling
    • Patented Vibration Absorption
    • Noiseless Fan = 0.4 Sone


    Rumor has it around $250..
  2. Dyre Straits

    Dyre Straits 9 Count 'em, 9 Grandkids!

  3. Pluvious

    Pluvious Elisha = hottie

    Figures.. hehe.. I've been avoiding the video cards for months due to having maxed out my rig. Sorry ....
  4. niceguyrichy

    niceguyrichy b b b b b BEER

    I'm one of those folk who sells old hardware to fund new, so you've gotta ask if an agp x1950, bought now, is going to be worth anything when it comes time to sell up and finally embrace pcie? just a thought..
  5. Dyre Straits

    Dyre Straits 9 Count 'em, 9 Grandkids!

    Well, I already have a X1950 Pro PCIe sitting here and trying to get everything together to do my own upgrade soon. Thought I had it done yesterday, but, it didn't work out. :(
  6. Pluvious

    Pluvious Elisha = hottie

    In my case.. I think it'll be worth the $250-$300 upgrade over my current card. I don't mess with reselling the old ones.. usually they are too old to bother.

    My next big updrade will be $1500-2000 (duo,ram,dx10 card, vista..etc) so a little $250 is a small price to pay to extend some life in my rig. ;)

    I'm considerng getting the 3.4E proc for $180 too..
  7. CDsDontBurn

    CDsDontBurn AMD & Petrol Heads Mod

    that's exactly how i feel. I'm trying to get the most out of my rig for about the next year or so. I'm doing all the worth while upgrades ATM that can still transfer over to my next rig (monitor, HDDs, etc.)

    I've been searching but i haven't been able to come across an AGP version of the x1950. New Egg doesn't have any, just the PCI-E version. And some of the retail stores i've looked into doesn't have them either.....where can they be found? :confused:
  8. Warhammer

    Warhammer New Member

    I dont know how the agp version will fair but I like the pci-e version Hopefully by then we will see support in other drivers beside Ati. It was a great replacement for my X850XT well worth the upgrade.
  9. NAZ2222

    NAZ2222 New Member

    Hey Pluvious, I too had a simmilar dilema has you, but I took another path, I bought an AMD X2 3800+ for 170€ and an Asrock 939 dual sata2 with AGP and PCI-E for 60€, this way I can use the newer cards! The X1950 Pro coasts 200€ for pci-e, so 50€ rip off there! and this way you could use your memories! If only conroe could use ddr400... I'm looking for a newer card too and maybe and X1950 pro or a X1950xt 256mb!! just my 2 cents
  10. Pluvious

    Pluvious Elisha = hottie

    Good idea Naz.. but I'm really eyeing that new Intel chip. AMD was going to be my next upgrade but now.. I'm going to have to wait to get that Core Duo instead.

    CdsDontBurn; I was trying to find that card online as well.. and can't find it ANYWHERE. Seems even the retailers are afraid to carry a AGP card. :( I think there are a few brands coming out by the end of the year so I'll be sure to post any findings here.
  11. Just Learnin'

    Just Learnin' New Member

    That cards release date was supposed to be November 17th.
  12. Pluvious

    Pluvious Elisha = hottie

    Cool.. I'm all over it. So you noticed a nice improvement WarHammer?? I have the PE version of the x850. The 36 pipes sound N>I>C>E>. :)
  13. CDsDontBurn

    CDsDontBurn AMD & Petrol Heads Mod

    if that's the case, then i'll get that card for my gaming rig, and when i build me a small little work station for my work at home PC, i'll put in a 6200 or something. i just need an nVidia card to work from home. If no x1950pro will come in AGP format, then i'll still go ahead w/my plans on getting the 7800gs
  14. Just Learnin'

    Just Learnin' New Member

  15. CDsDontBurn

    CDsDontBurn AMD & Petrol Heads Mod

    will power color be the only manufacturer of the x1950 AGP???
  16. Tipstaff

    Tipstaff Well-Known Member

    Which card did you pickup, Dyre?

    I was trying to hold off upgrading until Powercolor put out their 512mb version, but they are just taking their sweet time to get this out. Couldn't wait any longer as all the deals were all together price wise, so I picked up a HIS X1950 Pro ICEQ3s for $230 CAN (probably gonna pick up another one). So glad I did too, cuz the cooler is just amazing on it. Beautiful card.
  17. Dyre Straits

    Dyre Straits 9 Count 'em, 9 Grandkids!

    The one I have is the 256 MB ViVo. I may actually get to start using it in the next couple of weeks or so.
  18. Pluvious

    Pluvious Elisha = hottie

    Looks like Diamond is making a 256MB and 512MB version as well. Core 575 / 1.38Ghz


    Never bought Powercolor brand but I have owned Diamond. I would get the PowerColor version .. Diamond is kinda weak IMHO. Plus the PowerColor has better specs.. 600 core and and 1400 Ghz memory.. not to mention the included Artic Cooler.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2006
  19. Just Learnin'

    Just Learnin' New Member

    Looks like Pluvious answered that question for you! http://www.diamondmm.com/X1950PRO.php Also one of the previous posts liked to a GeCube model and a Powercolor model so.... :drool:
  20. CDsDontBurn

    CDsDontBurn AMD & Petrol Heads Mod

    ya, but that website doesn't have any pricing, so....

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