NEW: ProFx (3538) Update Incl. MX6 and AC97

Discussion in 'Effects and the DSP' started by Lex Nahumury, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. Lex Nahumury

    Lex Nahumury DH Senior Member

    NEW: ProFx Update Incl. MX6 and AC97

    Update: ProFx v3.xx
    Latest version 3.11_48 (28/09/2009)

    Note: There are several compatibility versions available;
    - 3534 to 3537 compatible
    - 3538 to 3541 compatible
    - 3545 compatible
    - 3548/49/50
    Make sure you get the right one here;
    ProFx Version 3.x
    (Go to the download page)

    - SRC
    - ADC
    - KXLT
    - ASIO
    - MX6
    - MX8
    - PEAK4/6/8
    - NOISEGATES (stereo & mono versions)

    Remove/delete any previous profx_xxx.kxl file
    Unzip and register the new .KXL file.
    Restart kxmixer.

    ProFx v3.12 kx 3551 ( Works with XP, Win7/Win8, x86 and x64 with 32-bit kxmixer)
    Fixed crashes and MSVC Redistributable dependancies.
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  2. popej

    popej New Member

    Does it have to be red? :(

    I instaled then found it unlegible and unmatching to my desktop. Why kx drivers look cannot simply comply to general system settings?

    Probably you did a good work, but I cannot force myself to give it a try.
  3. Nando Dominguez

    Nando Dominguez New Member

    Long waited day, LeMury :)
    I do like it!!!


    I'm going to be recording for the whole weekend with it. :drool: Will report.
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  4. John Lodge

    John Lodge New Member


    looking good and works with SB0400 (using digital outs for the speakers).

    I am running at 1200x1600 and for that a much more convenient text setup is X125% it is the standard Windows DPI=120 setting. And I don't suppose this is unique. You do not seem to be correcting for that. The effect is that the letters are too large in some places.

    SRC: is fine
    AC97: the nn.n dB's are too large, the Gang Rec Source is unreadable (too small).
    Kxlt: the SB0400 [d400] part of the title runs into the launch plugin button.
    MX6: the varoius dB numbers on the slider but not the numbers down the VU meters. However thenumbers at the top of the Vu meters are clipped in their boxes. The channel ids 1-6 are clipped in their boxes.

    In general the color scheme is not the best, you might want to look at a Lecourier legibility table.

    I may be missing something but how is it intended to launch these applets.

    For example in the DSP the objects can be renamed and the new name shows in the DSP and in the launchfx plugin in the controls but does not show in the control title, nor does it show in the kX manager effects where the defined effects can be launched.

    The result is there is as far as I can see no way to lauch them with their defined names and stay within that naming context in use.

    If there was a dummy stubb FX called FXLauncher for example it would show as such in kX manager and can then be used to bootstrap the components (or maybe a tray object that does the same). But the Window title remains unchanged by the rename.

    In closing, this is very good work.

  5. Tiger M

    Tiger M kX user

    Nice, a little bit too red, but ok...

    You know waht would be fantastic? If the combo boxes were right on the dsp blocks, so ins and outs could be selected without opening additional dialogs. Just a thought that would make a big difference...
  6. Russ

    Russ New Member

    I really like that "K" Launch fX PlugIn button. It is a nice shortcut for tweaking other loaded plugins without having to go through the DSP window. I wish all the plugins had a similair ability.

    Nice work!
  7. John Lodge

    John Lodge New Member

    In retrospect (and this has probably been discussed). The sliders on the kX mixer top page: Wave/PCM, Midi Synth may be superfluous..

    With FXBus0/1 and FXBus2/3 in SRC joined to MX6 they are duplicated by the input mixer sliders. Yes, the function is probably buried in kMixer code but that was not the case with some of the other kMixer sliders (well of course they were related to objects surfaced in the DSP).

  8. Lex Nahumury

    Lex Nahumury DH Senior Member

    Yep. That's correct.
    One can control those sliders through kx api, but one can't 'remove' them.

  9. townkat

    townkat New Member

    nice work,
    too red for me too
  10. John Lodge

    John Lodge New Member

    Perhaps its documented somewhere but I just noticed that the mixer Channel names can be overwritten with more meaningful names and are remembered. Very nice!!!

    As well I note in regard to Audigy 2 (Well value in my case) that side-right and side-left are not there. Not that 7.1 is all that desirable but the two extra high quality DAC channels can provide a couple of extra analog outs. Just needs a couple of 4-pole to triple RCA's to split off the extra channels to get at the signal.
  11. BiCho

    BiCho Audiotecna- Representante


    bad news... i use both a SB0240 and a SB0060. worked fine with 0240, niiice plugs.

    kXlt went nuts in 0060. the d00 light is always on, and as soon as i click on it, kX crashes without any message.

    if i change the output destination with the menu, kX crashes.

    next time I restarted, the output changed to the value i set before it crashed. but the output showed up again in the previous position, that means twice :duh:

    besides, 0060 is not giving any sound since i installed pro fx 2....

    thanks for the plugs, please change their color! [​IMG]
  12. Lex Nahumury

    Lex Nahumury DH Senior Member

    That's not good.
    Did my old k1lt/k2lt work fine on on your 0060?


    Could you verify/check if the kxlt DOO crash only happens if you use [ac97] plug + [kxlt].
    That is; does kxlt DOO also crashes without using ac97 plug the same time?
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    BODYPRINT New Member

    Very Nice plugs LeMury. Thanks so much for your contributions.

    A little bug. If you slide a slider with the mouse, then decide to use cursor keys straight after to adjust them, the display corrupts a little. Moving the mouse over the corrupted areas restores the correct images again though.
  14. Lex Nahumury

    Lex Nahumury DH Senior Member

    Strange. I can't reproduce this.
    Does this happen on both mx6 and ac97?


    BODYPRINT New Member

    Would you like a screen shot with it happeneing?
  16. John Lodge

    John Lodge New Member

    I looked and can see it too.

    But it is intermittent or to be more precise:

    It happens after the control is lkaunched; but not after it is minimised and then restored.

    On MX6 the effected areas are:

    The three thumbs/buttons at the top of each channel slider and the two for the outputs as well as the K & D buttons at the top.
    Each area is a square white patch all the same size. Where the patch does not fully cover the button the remains of the button and its color can be seen. The patch is aligned to the LHS of the button and centred vertically to the button.

    After mousing over they do not come back (at least for me).
    Dragging a window over does not help.

    Looks like it is quite specific to these buttons and related to going from mouse to keyboard

    If one goes first into a channel name and then goes over to mouse a slider is still occurs. But again only immediatelu after a launch not after minimisation.

  17. John Lodge

    John Lodge New Member

    Hmm driverheaven crashed.

    Thought it might have been a disply byte alignment issue; changed from 32bit to 16lit no change to the effect.
  18. PITmaster

    PITmaster New Member

  19. John Lodge

    John Lodge New Member

    Yes it happens with AC97 too same characteristics.
    the K D buttons at the to then down the bottom:
    4 locations in source and 6 in mixer

    The source are: gang re source, enable and both spin controls for Mic Cd et al, but not the display of what is selected.
    The Mixer are the enables and mic boost.
    As with the mixer the white square is on top and opaque and does not cover the width of the control leaving the color still visible.
  20. Lex Nahumury

    Lex Nahumury DH Senior Member

    Yes Please.

    Followed your steps but still can't reproduce it here. Hmm...


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