New Skin: TS-Skin v3.0

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TsofT, Sep 7, 2004.

  1. TsofT

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  2. Tiger M

    Tiger M kX user

    Now this looks cool! It works for 3538a. There is a slight problem with registering - you should explicitly select "register skin" from the "skin" menu, double-clicking on the file doesn't work.

    One complaint from myself - I don't like the bright red tooltip background when dragging a line in the dsp window and moving the mouse over a connection - it's hard to read the tag of the connection - better make it a softer colour like very light red or blue or something...

    Otherwise it's a killer! You should speak to Eugene to make this the default kX skin.
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  3. TsofT

    TsofT New Member


    Colours in DSP window are now changed. Also some minor graphic changes.
    I've created a web page where all my skins (ok, 3 for now : ) can be previewed and downloaded.
    Here :

  4. Big cat

    Big cat Banned

    Pretty nice site, and you've done some excellent work on the skins. That's a great contribution to kX. Keep the good work!

    One minor remark - since skinning sliders in kX is not very practical (when you skin a slider the dimensions of the "channel" bitmap are taken for the dimensions of the slider, but not for the "thumb", so the thumb is progressively srunk, corresponding to the dimensions of the channel. The problem here is that the clickable area corresponds to the dimensions of the original (now shrunken) thumb and you can click only on a very small area to drag the slider) so you should make the channel bitmap bigger (wider) and the thumb bitmap smaller to achieve perfect results.

    ROBSCIX New Member

    Is it use the stardock skin studio to skin the Kx project drivers?...also why are there so FEW skins for Kx? I understand they are a bit tricky to make but I just figured there would be more of em......
  6. Tiger's Eye

    Tiger's Eye Banned

    I haven't heard of the software you mention, but you can take a look at the kxskin.kxs file (by opening it with winrar), it has comments. You can make a copy of it and mess around with jpegs and bitmaps etc. Be shure to use a differnet guid.

    ROBSCIX New Member

    I understand HOW to make *.Kxs files.."Skins" but I was looking for a easier way...
  8. Rogacz

    Rogacz Porcupine Floyd

  9. Tiger's Eye

    Tiger's Eye Banned

    I don't know of an easier way.
  10. Doug W

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    Nice job-haven't found a bug yet in Win2K. I will see what happens at home with Win98SE.

  11. SonicWiseman

    SonicWiseman New Member

    How to create the "kxs" file

    I don't get it reading the forum. Does there exist a ready file??
  12. DraugluinWolf

    DraugluinWolf KX Fanboy

    The "collapse" widget on each of the items in the 38a DSP is missing.

    edit: clarified
  13. Tiger's Eye

    Tiger's Eye Banned

    the default kx skin is contained in the kxskin.kxs file in your kx directory. it is a renamed rar archive containing all the skin scripts and images.
  14. rubber_glove

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    and to ROBSCIX, i think there are so few skins for kx, because (except for the most recent releases) new versions of the drivers were coming out too often for people to make the skins.

    personally i'd like to see something in a stone or rusted metal texture...but maybe i should just make one my damn self.

    good work.
  15. Daniel Drummond

    Daniel Drummond New Member

    The Mackie skin was really, really good. Someone should ressurect it...

    ROBSCIX New Member

    I use 37 and the mackie skin works fine on my config...I just wish there was an easier way..take for example winamp...there are 50-60 skins coming out everyday...I do understand that the drivers are a little different than an actual application, being the dynamic nature of just would be nice to have some skins....I have been thinking of doing one myself....they are a bit of work..and as you said a new release comes out and your skin in useless....
  17. DMNXS

    DMNXS Member

    Yeah! I have that one, too, only that the DSP window was smaller than the standard skin and you couldn't resize, which led to the epilog being out of the window and me not being able to connect/disconnect to it. Will the window resize feature work with older skins like Mackie? Then one could theoretically use it.

    EDIT: Dunno if anybody else noticed it, but the 'Peak Meter' and 'SPDIF decode' buttons are too close to eachother and interfere with their graphics.
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