NEW YEAR PACKAGE for SBLive/Audigy/Audigy2/Audgiy2ZS series

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    YouP PAX software package


    Each software package is different modded Creative INSTALLATION AND APPLICATION CD. You can download to directly install and use them without any modding by yourself. Pick up one you like to install. Though the drivers are included in this software package, you can install them solely and we are strongly recommanded install YouP PAX drivers with these software packs.

    Software List
    Packages below are the latest:

    LIVE NewYear (Jan, 21, 2004)

    It's modded Audigy2 ZS CD for SBLive users only

    try last link, perhaps fastest for you...
    detailed manuel

    This package includes the following software...

    Creative AudioHQ
    Creative Diagnostics
    Creative MiniDisc Center
    Creative Restore Defaults
    Creative Surrond Mixer
    Creative Speaker Setting
    Creative EAX Control Panel
    SoundFont Manager
    Audio Stream Recorder 2
    Creative MediaSource

    This software package also includes THREE differenct drivers for you to choose! A dialog box will prompt you for which one you want after you've installed the creative software package. Although the text is in Chinese code, you can still refer to the number below as they have been translated in the right order. (But we strongly recommend you to install YouP PAX ULTRA VI drivers with the package)

    1.) Offical version 253 WDM driver. This driver offers best stability and compatibility with games and software. The core of the driver has not been moded. This is best for those who has stability in front of everything.

    2.) Optimized for Live 5.1 . The sound quality is optimzed under the goal of keeping the stability and compatibility. It improves SRC from offical driver. This driver has been tested with many games and shows no major bug. A very balanced (quality vs stability) driver.

    3.) Optimized for Live / Value (4.1). This driver is only intended for music lovers. Since this driver is moded to favour Quality, this driver lacks stabilty/compatibility. Beta testing shows most games renders okay. Games that support 5.1 audio will have centered and bass swapped. However, this will not affect DVD playback. Some of the EAX affects will not be rendered correctly. Selecting different channel (not sure he means DVD language track, or channel as in 2speaker/4speaker/headphone) will mute the volume or result in system crash.

    - remove old driver before installing new one (refer to first post and follow instructions carefully.)- after installing the driver and reboot, mute CD Audio. Otherwise you will hear lots of static noise.
    - vxd driver is recommended for Win9x users

    Before installing the drivers ...
    - delete wdma10k1.inf from Inf folder (show hidden files first)
    - reboot with network cable disconnected or no internet access, otherwise windows xp will download the driver itself
    - remove SB related drivers in Device Manager

    Install ...
    you'll be greeted with 4 radio button as selections...
    1.) install both software package + driver
    2.) install software only
    3.) install driver only
    4.) uninstall driver

    Press Next to next screen
    Press Cancel if there's a dialog box pops up (titled: Creative YouP-PAX 驱动之家专用,游飘制作,means "produced by YouP, owned by
    DO NOT change installation path, otherwise some problems may show up later
    Check BOTH Creative Audigy ZS and Creative MediaSource
    click Install below the checks
    MUST select Customize Installation (middle of the 3 buttons)

    suggested value:
    Treble 50%~75%¡ABass 50%~66%

    Karaoke mode in MediaSource:
    Advanced Mode 2 yeilds best results.

    Noise Reduction, if grayed out, click apply, go to different tab, and go back
    Download at Western Hemisphere

    A2-ZS-PAX (Aug, 16, 2004)

    It's modded Audigy2 CD for Audigy/Audigy2/Audigy2 ZS series only


    This package includes all applications of Audigy2 ZS's "INSTALLATION AND APPLICATION CD"
    Audigy sound card users cannot use DTS hardware-decoding, Creative DVD-AUDIO player(you can use WinDVD to play DVD-AUDIO)

    This software package includs Creative offical drivers.

    This software package only supports Simplified Chinses, Traditional Chinese, and English.

    Before installing the drivers ...
    - delete wdma10k1.inf from Inf folder (show hidden files first)
    - reboot with network cable disconnected or no internet access, otherwise windows xp will download the driver itself
    - remove SB related drivers in Device Manager

    Install ...
    follow tips drivers installation gives

    download at Western Hemisphere

    YouP-PAX 2005 NewYear(Feb,7,2005)

    This package is modified and hacked Audigy 2 ZS Notebook software applications. Please read installation guide carefully before install it:

    Operating System:

    Win2000 Service Pack 4

    WinXP[font=&#23435]([/font]SP1 or higher[font=&#23435])[/font]



    (no WIN98[font=&#23435]、[/font]WINME and WINNT4.0supported. Please install DX9C on your system)

    Compatible Card:

    SB Live (no DELL 0200 Live supported)

    Audigy(no Audigy LS supported)


    Audigy2 ZS (includes Gateway OEM Audigy2 ZS)

    Drivers provided:

    SB Live:

    1.UP X-FI For Live drivers, which are produced basing on modded fix clash and all functions of applications can be run. These drivers that have to be installed on NTFS partition; and provide one time more than the volume other drivers provide; and provide “coacervation” for sound optimization; and multi-language supported. Disadvantage that EAX effect causes distortion in games occurs. It is recommended to be installed for the person who listen to music and use Audigy4’s applications.
    more disadvantage:
    -lot of Chinglish found
    -EAX.exe in process runtime error
    -Distortion in EAX games

    2.YouP PAX VI v1.68 drivers, which optimized for music sound quality more but low frequency is not sufficient not to suit for playing symphony. All games running properly but the aside has a little bug in “Max Pane2”. And this set of drivers has a good compatible with Audigy4 software. And these drivers are modded basing on drivers of “SBLive Preferential Edit” which is on sale in China only. All “standard-Creative-soundcards” are able to use this set of drivers with a new feature, “SPDIF IN”. The drivers contain a modding method which improves sound quality on WinXP and will modify your system files (the files will be restored after you process the uninstaller). Always choose “Yes[font=&#23435]”[/font] to replace the current files while installation presents old files found. This hugest disadvantage is that this set of drivers supports Simplified Chinese only. (You have to choose Simplified Chinese Installation Interface if you want to install it).

    Audigy X series:

    YouP PAX ZS v3.89 drivers base on CT drivers modded for lyric music and are the best compatible with NewYear package. Games sound is tested with EAX4 supported. The drivers contain a modding method which improves sound quality on WinXP and will modify your system files (the files will be restored after you process the uninstaller). Always choose “Yes” to replace the current files while installation presents old files found. The drivers also include a patch that is used for softmod Audigy2@Audigy2ZS. Note: This set of drivers does not support Audigy 2 ZS Notebook sound card.

    Extra applications (optional):

    1. Creative MediaSource 3 (v3.10.16)

    The latest update for Audigy4 Pro.

    2. EAX Console Argent Theme

    The latest update for Audigy4 Pro: Argent Theme

    3. Creative Smart Recorder (v2.10.56)

    The latest update for Audigy4 Pro.

    4. Creative Entertainment Center

    Use for Audigy x platinum/Audigy2 ZS Pro. It is not recommended to be installed on other sound card unless there is a bug, shut-down-delay which brings stagnation when you turn off PC.

    5. AudioHQ

    Add AudioHQ instead of Decoder of Creative Audio Control Panel which cannot be used on Audigy.

    6. Creative MiniDisc Center

    Version 1.50.20 of Audigy2 ZS.

    7. Creative PlayCenter 2

    To open CMSS for SBLive.

    Description about cracking:

    SBLive series sound cards are able to use all application except Creative DVD-AUDIO Player, THX Console, Graphical EQ, and DTS decoder. But THX Console and Graphical EQ are reserved for future modding.

    Audigy series sound card has entire functionality including Creative DVD-AUDIO player but DTS decoding.

    Audigy2/Audigy2 ZS series is able to run all applications of this package.

    Bit-Accurate Playback which supported for Audigy4 Pro and Audigy2 Value only is not able to be hacked.


    To ensure installation completed, Please uninstall all Creative software and drivers before you install it. It is recommended to be installed under a fresh OS. The applications and drivers of Audigy X 2005 NewYear are able to be uninstalled by the uninstaller. please reserve 600MB space on partition C:\ to store application files which will be removed after installation.

    Creative DVD-AUDIO Payer will not be installed under Windows2003 to avoid DVD-AUDIO issue, and please install WinDVD or other DVD players instead of.

    How to install it (thanks e v o. ie, you card is Audigy)
    1. Removed, creative software, current drivers (via the installer if you are using YouP PAX drivers), folders, reg entries

    2. restarted, started audigy x 2005 installer, chose the "Audigy/Audigy2" ;(NOTE: you can selecte the 2nd a bunch if you did "hardmod a2->zs", it means you flashed 93C46 chip before to turn your Audigy2 to be an Audigy2 ZS)

    3. Chose the first option, the pack and the 5.12s

    4. the software screen pops up first, then the creative installer, like gamergod says, DO NOT press next on the non creative screen. PRESS Next on the creative screen and keep the audigy 2 and the mediasource selected, go thru the installation, until the creative pop up finally closes. (should end with a registration thing, annoying i know)

    5. THEN, press next on the remaining software screen to update the software u just installed. It should install flawlessly. Restart

    6. Enjoy, modify the startup stuff so the bloatware doesnt pop up.

    About uninstalling other Creative drivers and software:
    Go to Control Panel and execute “Add or Remove Programs” to uninstall all Creative software and a program named “Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS” (“Sound Blaster Live” for SBLive; “Sound Blaster Audigy” for Audigy; “Sound Blaster Audigy 2” for Audigy2). Then open “regedit” and delete:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Creative Tech
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Creative TechHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet002\Control\Creative TechHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet002\Control\Creative Tech

    Next, remove directory X:\Program Files\Creative, after restart you computer. If you still cannot install NewYear Package after you have done all procedures above, please re-install your Windows.

    Download (choose any one link below)
    8) (thanks iRon(V)oNKeY)
    9) (thanks iRon(V)oNKeY)
    10) (thanks cypher_138)
    11) (thanks RCOrdorica)
    12) (thanks Floruro)
    Special thanks:

    -UP0501 Produced X-FI For Live Drivers.

    -Rui provides SBLive for drivers modding and test.

    Now the latest release for SBLive and Audigy/Audigy2/Audigy2 ZS series is YouP-PAX 2005 NewYear.
    You can install YouP PAX 4.00 drivers for Audigy Audigy/Audigy2/Audigy2 ZS series sound cards with YouP-PAX 2005 NewYear.
    And you can install YouP PAX VI v.2.2 for Sblive! series sound cards with YouP-PAX 2005 NewYear.

    If you would like to install Audigy2 ZS applications on SBLive/Audigy/Audigy2/Audigy2 ZS series manually, you could see BiGBrOwNPimpsta's thread "Guide: How to install SoundBlaster Audigy 2ZS drivers on Live!/Audigy/Audigy 2", he gives more details about cracking Audigy2 ZS's applications step by step.

    You can download from (thanks RCOrdorica) on the western hemisphere.
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    Audigy X 2005 NewYear

    CMS Player

    EAX Console


    Smart Recorder

    You can get this new MIDI device, "Creative SoundFont Synth" works with YouP PAX NewYear 1.2 drivers
    pictures above present the package works with Audigy 1 sound card.

    Now I am going to present newfeatures for Audigy Platinum/Audigy2 Platinum/Audigy2 ZS Platinum/Audigy2 ZS Platinum Pro:

    These Chinese words mean "Creative Entertainment Center". This application is getten from a mystic Chinese modding master.

    press "START" button of remote device

    property of Entertainment Center
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  3. INSTG8R

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    I was wondering if you got the Audigy LS(Loser Series) working? I knowin a previous thread you had said they were being worked on
  4. classic_leon

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    New Creative Diagnostics is testing for SB Live!

    No one fails

    Smart Crossfade can be used

    but Effect in EAX Console cannot be used

    adding effect cannot be modded

    and CMSS 3D also cannot be used

    clean up(thanks INSTG8R tells me this one's English name) is working as you can see

    change the speed, it very useful for me

    And DTS Neo:6 is running properly on SBlive
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  5. classic_leon

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    Did I say it? Really?
    If I did it, I appologize for to all AudigyLS users, you can't use these package.:( YouP only did a Audigy LS modding drivers before, and those drivers were not able to improve any sound quality.
  6. INSTG8R

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    Oh well a Guy can only hope having chosen a sad series of Audigy. Ohand I think the feature you are asking about is called Time Shift(tho Idont have the EAX console installed im pretty sure thats it's name)
  7. INSTG8R

    INSTG8R New Member

    OH NM I see the one your talking about
    I will look that one up on my Wifes machine(Same sad card tho :( )
  8. INSTG8R

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    Okay the feature you are asking about is simply called Clean Up
  9. Blackboost

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    Very neat, I can't wait for the package to be released so that I can install and modify my 2ZS!!
  10. thomasabarnes

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    Oh classic leon:

    This is exciting news!:D I can hardly wait to see how these apps work with my Audigy. I hope these apps will be in English as well. I will be certainly keeping a look out for the package!:) Thanks for posting the pics. And thanks for the great work being done!
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  11. classic_leon

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    :duh: :duh: :duh:
  12. XibaD

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    Yep, I hope the appz are released soon. Thanks for all your efforts!!!
  13. RCOrdorica

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    ...working on getting a mirror. 40 minuets for one package to download for me.
  14. Robert McClelland

    Robert McClelland I'm An Uncle for 2nd time

    How huge is pack going be bud it not going be 256 right? If it is I'm going have wait to next Tuesday get them :(
  15. guru

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    looks like sblive users aren't getting except dts after all huh :(
  16. thomasabarnes

    thomasabarnes Long Time ***** Friend

    If I understand you correctly, youre saying that it looks like SB Live! users dont get hardware DTS decoding. Well, I have an Audigy, and Audigy users dont get hardware DTS decoding either. So cheer up.:)
  17. ()))FPPfan))>

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    I will wait for Audigy X 2005 NewYear software package :D

    One question:
    On screenshot's everything is in Chinese language - I hope that final version will be all in english because I can't read any word from this panels...
  18. Robert McClelland

    Robert McClelland I'm An Uncle for 2nd time

    well I have audigy 2 dts works great on mine :)
  19. XibaD

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    As I said before, I hope YouP can fix the driver so It has the 64 3D voices enabled by hardware like the winxp default driver has...:rolleyes:
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  20. RCOrdorica

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