No sound with WinDVD 7 and DVD movies

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by maoumaou, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. maoumaou

    maoumaou New Member

    Hi all,

    I have an audigy 2 with the latest kx. When I use WinDVD to play audio files or avi files with ac3 sound I have no problem. But when I play DVD movies I get no sound at all no matter what settings I apply (direct/wave, analog/SPDIF, 6/2 channels etc).

    I also have PowerDVD which works fine with all types of files and movies and channel settings.

    Any ideas?
  2. dj_stick

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    i use winDVD no problems - make sure you've set up your audio preferences correctly, you might need to tell WinDVD to decode AC3
  3. maoumaou

    maoumaou New Member

    You mean telling it that I have 6 speakers for example. I read somewhere in the help file that it decodes ac3 automatically if detected.
    Anyways, the problem is not with ac3 because I can play divx movies with ac3 audio just fine. The problem is with the DVD's. It just mutes.
  4. Doug W

    Doug W New Member

  5. maoumaou

    maoumaou New Member

    Sorry Doug W. I don't really understand what you've done there. Anyways, I can play DVD movies with other software. It's WinDVD 7 that I have problems with.

    I just discovered that it doesn't play any form of ac3 streams. In AVI files it just uses AC3filter. I uninstalled AC3filter and now it doesn't play AVI files either. It's like it doesn't have any AC3 decoder installed.

    If you ask me why I'm so persistent with WinDVD, try the TrimensionDNM plug-in that it has and you'll see why.
  6. cculha

    cculha New Member

    yes yes yes . maomumaomu. i have the same problem. i want to use only WINDVD7. i can play divx ver well with ac3filter. but when i want to watch DVD in windvd. it gives me no woofer work. my woofer stops working. i used everything tried everything but the woofer doesn't work with WinDvd. How can i work it??? Please somebody helps us.

    I want to say something too. When i am playing DVD's in Windvd. The ac3filter changes nothing. Windvd doesn't listen the ac3filter. I changed all the settings in ac3filter but windvd doesn^'t look at it. i think windvd has another filter and we must change settings in it. or we must do something for windvd to listen the ac3filter config. thank you. good byes.

    ROBSCIX New Member

    POssibly reinstall WinDVD7 I use WinDVD7 and everything works just fine. Did you install KX after WinDVD?..that could be the problem...maybe just reinstall WinDVD7 and see how it goes...hope that helps.. Also did you set windows control panel to yopur speaker config? 5.1, 7.1 etc?
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