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  1. globus12

    globus12 New Member

    i have bought 2 routers and neither one can keep up... help..plz, i am a gamer and run 4 computer on my 1.5 meg dsl..... well my router heat up from the traffic and lose connection... so i need a new router ane that can handle 4 machines.. they are just too much.. the routers are zyxel..4 port, and linksys wr54.. both have wireless and i am going to shizzzcan that if i need to.. plz help.. if possible i would like wireless cause i run a teamspeak server off of that..

    the dumb noob..
    J/K but serioously
  2. Judas

    Judas Obvious Closet Brony Pony

    imo... dlink is quite good in general for most... i've never had good experiences with either linksys or netgear...

    IMO, if your willing to spend it... get an xincom 502 DPG..... or if you really got the cash... a 602 is utterly beautiful..

    ATM, i've NEVER had my xincom router bugged out... i've NEVER had to reboot it... i've NEVER had issue at all.... solid as hell..... fast as all hell.. pings are zero... I've never obtained better pings with anything else.

    PLUS if you've got even more extra cash.... the twin wan functions are amazing to use.. specially for gaming.... if you launch a game... it'll default through one of the two connection (generally the one using less bandwidth)...... from there most of all other trafic is automatically transfered to the other connection until it's balance is thrown off.. but you can adjust the balance of each connection by 1% increments... from 0-100....

    And you can force a certain port to use a certain connection...

    hosting server? great...... excellent router to use.. never had a hitch..

    Reserved an IP for my server.... never have to log into the router and chance it back.... while other computers on the network will constantly be renewed depending at how long (in minutes... up to 7 days total) you set it.

    Only downside with the xincom is that there is no Gigabit ones.... (not in the 4 port twin wan... AKA affordable means)..

    However..... really, i've found no real need for it yet..

    ATM, i've hosted a total of 8 people + 1 server on this router (using 2 Dlink 5port gigabit hubs) connecting through the internet to online server.. (remember, have the internet bandwidth to manage that many people without lag ;) ) and have had absalutely no problems or complaints..

    You want something solid.... the dollar value of the xincom is not cheap... but it's worth more then what you pay.
  3. BWX

    BWX flyin' high

    I am going to try that one next I think.... I also have that problem, I have a fast connection and some games will kill my router.. funny torrents will go forever.

    I have an old Linksys now. and had a Netgear before- the Netgear worked great for about a year until it died one day.. now it wont stay connected at all for any amount of time.. a paperweight.
  4. Judas

    Judas Obvious Closet Brony Pony

    tried that gamer.... i wasn't very impressed with it imo....

    i think dlink just pullled a name that would sell outa there ass.. added a few colors that looked pretty slick.. and sold it..

    kinda like a mustang now.... looks slick..... but the insides are absalute garbage.. course people don't seem to understand that if you can buy one for 19k...

    although i'll admit.. it's a very good step up from the di-604 or 624.
  5. BWX

    BWX flyin' high

    I read a few reviews that scientifically tested it and they said it made a real difference when gaming.. while other PCs were using file sharing/ email/ web surfing etc.. so the insides looked bad -so you sold it... strange reason.

    Of course you probably have a stack of 50 routers in your bank vault though!
  6. _ə_

    _ə_ New Member

    If you're going to talk about higher price equipment... might as well recommend a Sonicwall TZ 150 Wireless

    I would never buy a Linksys. A netgear might be OK, if it's a high-end model. I'm not familiar with high-end D-Links, or any Xincoms at all (though I've never had problems with the few regular D-Links I've come in contact with.)
  7. AlexM105

    AlexM105 New Member

  8. Yousaif

    Yousaif Allergic to WiFi

    I just bought the Dlink DI-634M MIMO router. It has most of the same options as the gaming router for about 80 bucks at Best Buy. Lag has gone way down and running a network with 7 PC's and a file server with no trouble at all. The thing barely even gets warm and the wireless uses 4 antennae (2 vertical external and 2 horizontal internal) for awesome coverage.

    MIMO stands for Multiple Inputs, Multiple Outputs, so it is very stable when running multiple connections. I haven't noticed any major issues when running multiple PC's on gaming applications+ torrents + web browsing + regular file backups all at the same time. The only difference I can see is that I have a 6mbps/384kbps connection compared to your 1.5 DSL.
  9. H3X4D3C1M4L

    H3X4D3C1M4L New Member

    If you're that worried about high network traffic then get a refurbished IBM P3 desktop and put server 2k3 on it and plug it all into a switch. Worked for me and I've got like 8 - 10 machines running on a 5MBPS down/1MBPS up DSL connection :D
  10. dipstick

    dipstick New Member

    Edit- Try pluggin it to another outlet. Ive heard it a few times of dropped connections when routers are on loaded powerstrips
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  11. Judas

    Judas Obvious Closet Brony Pony

    you didn't see my post in the heavenly vision thread did you ? :hmm:

    no i only carry dlink atm, already sold out of them, course i only had 5..... i got another 5 ordered.. (604's)..

    I've also 5 (sold one) DI-624's which i think are pretty excellent cheap wireless routers...

    Then i've got a few D-link mimo's as well which i find quite excellent.. very stable... powerfull little suckers
  12. globus12

    globus12 New Member

    the only problem is when i log all 4 machines on at the same time.. then the router heats up and looses its friggin mind... is there a way to loginto the router and set eeach ip up with a dedicated port for the game then when the game is running the router will route the packets more efficiately and thus not work as hard or am i full of shizz.... where do i get the best price on the xincom 502???? i have found it for 200 at tiger... is that as good as i'm goin to get...
  13. Judas

    Judas Obvious Closet Brony Pony

    200 bucks is best i've ever seen.. i paid 350ish for mine a year and a half ago...

    As for setting which computer has which ip... using the reserve you can do this.. but it shouldn't matter.... cause as soon as the router's dhcp hands out ip.. it stays that way until you reboot.. and typically with dlink or other routers, they stay that way even when you reboot...

    The xincom is NOT cheap.... and for good reason.... If you need wireless.. get the dlink gamer.... if not.... (and i prefer to not have wireless)..... i think your best solution (although not cheapest) will be xincom....

    Xincom's technical support is exellent... they'll help to no end.. and they will accept any bug reports you feel are nessary... and even accept suggestions for future firmware releases OR next gen hardware.... Don't get the 402... it probably isn't the router for your needs.. much to slow.
  14. Yousaif

    Yousaif Allergic to WiFi

    The Linksys WR54 series does have an issue with heating up. I have seen several reports that Torrents can cause them to overheat even without extra applications running (like Teamspeak, games, etc).
  15. Judas

    Judas Obvious Closet Brony Pony

    frankly i have a complete and utter dislike for linksys "routers"......

    I've hosted roughly 200 people on TS.. along with roughly 64 people across 4 servers on a single machine with the xincom router.... not a skip at all.. and internet web surfing was smooth as silk yet ;)
  16. Ferret_Style

    Ferret_Style Bouncing off the Walls

    I have 4 systems running through a WRT54GS Version 1 Linksys router. I love it. I used to onsite support and 90% of the problems i had where with DLINK, so i stay away from them. But then again i have not had an issue yet with mine and gaming... very low ping and no issues with MMO's or FPS games. Though Dlink might have cleaned up there act since 1 year ago when i did that work i do not like them at all....

    The trick with Linksys is keeping it up to date on firmware. Also it is always a good idea to reboot your router every month or so... then again i think mine has been up for 5 months now with no reboots.
  17. BWX

    BWX flyin' high

    no but actually I was serious.. LOL- you probably got a bunch of them.. I have only ever owned a few.
  18. niceguyrichy

    niceguyrichy b b b b b BEER

    I have a Netgear wireless adsl modem/router that connects 4 desktops and 2 laptops without any trouble at all :) (and we all play everquest, cs:s, guild wars etc all at the same time)

    my centrino laptop even picks up the wireless signal three floors down through a solid stone built house, and gets a perfect signal.

    great router to say the least :)
  19. pr0digal jenius

    pr0digal jenius Delete Me

    go for netgear's Mimo range of things [RangeMax]
  20. Tril

    Tril Triple screen racing ftw

    I have an old 350 MHZ computer with two ethernet cards running as a router using FREESCO. It has no hardrives and boots from a floppy disk. It's connected to the internet modem on one side and to a 8 port switch on the other. I've never had any problems with this.

    My pings are usually around 100 but they can get up to 1000 to 1500 if BitTorrent is running on another computer connected to the internet throught the home network.

    Would I get better pings while using BitTorrent with a commercial router or would I get the same awful pings when using BitTorrent no matter which router I use. I've always wondered but never felt like buying a router only to try it out.

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