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Discussion in 'AMD Graphics Cards' started by sk3, Dec 17, 2004.

  1. sk3

    sk3 New Member

    Is openGL suport made by hardware, like Direct3D or by drivers ?

    I'm looking to buy an AX800XT which is an Asus Card, and on their official site says OpenGL 1.5 support while the Radeon 9600XT support 2.0. Is this made by the drivers ? or by hardware ?

    if it is by hardware is the AX800XT support for OpenGL 2.0 compatible ?

    sorry for so many topics but i need to know a few thing before buying the card :p
  2. Spyre

    Spyre New Member

    Yes its supported in hardware and every card from the 9500 upwards including any X800 type cards are fully OGL 2.0 compatible
  3. MindlessOath

    MindlessOath New Member

    just keep in mind that openGL is slower in the ati cards at this current date, when compaired to nvidia. now its not a huge ammount in certain games tho sometimes it is.

    a faster card will make up for that lack their of.

    also keep in mind ati is adding more and more code to their openGL and openGL2.0 spec some tweeks here and their (instead of rebuilding its drivers :( ) so the performance will improve slightly, not huge tho. i think the hardware might have something to do with that, tho im not 100% sure.

    openGL is lacking at ATI, i THINK they feel that directX is more importaint and that openGL is a thing of the past or something, it shows :p plus their linux drivers show it too, since linux grfx mostly use openGL.

    this is something they will improve on only slighly so keep that in mind... if more consumers bought into openGL then it may get more popular with ati, who knows, its all a marketing decission based on scales and graphs and market flow and buying etc.

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