OSX driver 1.1b0 released (BETA)

Discussion in 'MAC OS X Driver' started by Eugene Gavrilov, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. Eugene Gavrilov

    Eugene Gavrilov kX Project Lead Programmer and Coordinator

    hi :)

    1.1b0 (BETA) version is finally out.


    * Fixed noise after 4-8 minutes
    * Changed audio channels mapping, you no longer need to remap rear/center+sub channels in 'Audio MIDI Setup'
    * Changed volume sliders: added mono 'master' slider, added volume controls for channels 3-8
    * Fixed Leopard issue with notification sounds

    * 16-bit and 24-bit playback on most 10k1/10k2 cards
    * supports up to 8 speakers (configure speaker configuration in OS X 'Audio and MIDI' panel)
    * should support SPDIF and headphones outputs, if applicable
    * supports external modules (LiveDrive)
    * supports hardware volume control and mute

    * recording
    * SPDIF/AC-3 passthrough
    * 16/24-bit recording
    * kX DSP and routing, no custom DSP effects, SDK and API
    * hot-plug for PCMCIA device (Audigy2 ZS notebook) - surprise removal will probably cause a lock-up or kernel panic
    * any sampling rate except 48000Hz not supported, OS X uses built-in SRC, which is quite good

    Known issues:
    * E-mu E-DSP cards are supported, but their FPGA firmware is not uploaded by default. If you are using Hackintosh, you will need to install kX driver, ensure audio is OK and reboot into OS X, this way FPGA firmware will be preserved and you will get audio.
    * When installing under Leopard, you may need to reboot after you run the installer, because leopard won't load driver KEXT file

    Download link:


    Please post your bug reports here.

    I also updated our 'Donation' page. Thanks to CEntrance, Inc., the company I'm currently working for, it is now possible to donate by using any VISA or MasterCard card. Just follow this link and 'add to cart' kX Driver Donation item. You will be able to choose the amount of money you wish to donate and proceed to check-out.

    Russian users may also with to donate by using WebMoney or Yandex.Money systems. Detailed information is found here.

    And I would like to thank people who have already donated to the project!

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  2. dj_stick

    dj_stick Apple Fanboy? Staff Member

    does manually loading the kext via the terminal after installation work?

    EDIT: frontpage article posted linking to here
  3. Eugene Gavrilov

    Eugene Gavrilov kX Project Lead Programmer and Coordinator

    yes, kextload should do the trick after Leopard finished updating its kext cache

  4. Oxtie

    Oxtie Active Member

    Cool :)))))
  5. Insphire

    Insphire New Member

    Just reporting here Eugene, i have been using the driver for the past 5 hours or so, not any single problem so far yet.
    Everything seems to be working perfect.

    Audigy 2 Platinum // Leopard 10.5.4 Intel

    Thank you very much.
  6. djsubject

    djsubject New Member

    same here for just a bit over a hour,

    1820m 10.5.4 Intel

    Thank You Very Very Very Much Indeed :)

  7. wildchild86

    wildchild86 New Member

    Does anyone know if support for currently unsupported cards are coming in the future (ie. Audigy SE)?

    Thanks and keep up the great work Eugene!!!
  8. igorexxa

    igorexxa New Member

    Ïîñêàæèòå ïîæàëóéñòà ðàáîòàåò ëè ñ EMU 0404 PCI

    Tell me please, 1.1b0 working with Emu 0404 PCI or not?
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  9. dj_stick

    dj_stick Apple Fanboy? Staff Member

    no, because the Audigy SE is not a true 10k2 card, kX will almost certainly not support it. (Same for the Audigy LS, Audigy Value and Live! 24Bit)
  10. djccutta

    djccutta New Member

    emu 0404 pci

    does anyone know if the emu 0404 pci card works with the new driver also can u record with logic with the new driver thanks for your help please respond thanks
  11. HJMac86

    HJMac86 New Member

    Blaster 5.1 vx con't work, why?
  12. igorexxa

    igorexxa New Member

    Emu 0404 pci not work :sigh: :annoyed: Why?
  13. Oxtie

    Oxtie Active Member

    Many users said thanks to you (InsanelyMac.Thread)
    Page 11 onwards 1.1b topic discussion started.
  14. Max M.

    Max M. h/h member-shmember

    Read the Known Issues in the first post.
  15. themacmeister

    themacmeister New Member

    Eugene, can you help pls.

    You say you fixed a Leopard issue with notification sounds. My integrated HDA has a problem with (OSX86) Leopard notification sounds, but NOT with the latest ToH/XnuStage kernel. Do you know if this was a kernel related issue/bug?
  16. dj_stick

    dj_stick Apple Fanboy? Staff Member

    integrated HDA? you mean onboard sound? if so it's not supported by kX...
  17. Snow_white

    Snow_white New Member

    Hi Eugene,

    First of all, I've known KX drivers since the project was practicaly started but I never thought you could pull this off for mac, respect for that bud!

    After some testing the 1.1b0 seems the most stable for me (as well as many other users it seems)

    I have only one issue and that is the wake up from sleep without sound issue. Using S1 sleep mode is not an option for me so I'm forced to keep using my onboard for now.
    The sound quality is much better vs my onboard ALC889a but that might be due to the fact that I'm directly connected to my Audigy 2 ZS and only using the line outfrom onboard to line in subwoofer.
    The volume is too loud like most user mention which gives clipping and distortion but that is easely fixed by tweaking the volume settiongs in various apps.

    For me this driver is good to go as soon as the wake up issue is fixed. Can't wait to watch my vids in full surround.

    Thx again for this project Eugene!

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