Picking up radio with my microphone

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AJ707, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. AJ707

    AJ707 New Member

    Hello everyone,

    I was trying to record using my microphone, routing it to the ASIO input. I was using the front mic input jack was it picked up AM radio!! But when I used the mic input at the back of the card it worked fine. It's a very cheap mic and maybe it isn't shielded enough but not sure why the rear input worked and the front didn't.

    Thanks for reading

    Audigy 2 Platinum
    kx driver ver. 3545
    winxp SP3
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  2. Maddogg6

    Maddogg6 Tail Razer

    Its probably from cheap components running from the front panel to..?? what ever connects the front panel mic jack to your sound card.
    Possibly a bad connection all together some where between the Mic and the sound card - which is obviously not present when connecting the mic directly to the mic jack on the sound card.

    edit: oh - possibly the connection became reversed between front panel and sound card. This could cause this problem too Id think. /edit
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  3. Doug W

    Doug W New Member

    I used to occasionally pick up a radio station when I was recording in a former house. I tried moving everything around that might be serving as an antennae. It never stopped when I tried to fix it. Eventually the station went away on its own.
  4. AJ707

    AJ707 New Member

    Thanks for relying so quickly,

    Sorry, I have the Audigy 2 Platinum not the ex model.

    The front 1/4" mic input is part of several inputs on the front panel that comes with the Audigy 2 platinum. I've used that input to record guitar with no AM radio interference.
  5. Maddogg6

    Maddogg6 Tail Razer

    Ohhh - so - Line2/Mic2 is picking up RF...
    Its likely a Mic compatibility thing if its a 'PC' mic - does it have 3 connections (a 'stereo' type 3.5mm plug) ?? Mine doesn't work either.

    The audigy drive can supply a V+ to a mic (there exists a jumper in the Audigy Drive that IIRC is not enabled by Default), but presumably for the 2 (mono) connector mic type.

    make sure the Audigy/Live drive is grounded... Possibly some rubber grommets meant to isolate vibrations is preventing the PC case ground from connecting to the Audigy Drives shell. That would leave the ground from power and the AudExt Cable ground, and isnt enough for RF sheilding.

    or... maybe an adapter problem (3.5mm to 1/4")
  6. AJ707

    AJ707 New Member

    It is a PC mic with a stereo 3.5mm connector. I'm using a 1/4" stereo adapter to connect it. I've have a look at the connections inside the case for grounding issues.

    I'm still fairly new to audio. Do you mean phantom power for +V?
  7. Maddogg6

    Maddogg6 Tail Razer

    As I suspected - its a mic incompatibility thing...

    My PC mic (with a stereo plug) wont work either with Line2/Mic input - but works fine plugged into the back of the card.

    Best solution is... get an extension cable to reach to the back of your PC if your mic cable is too short... or....
    buy a PC mic that has a 2 conductor plug, It will likely tell you to set the sound card to enable a Mic supply voltage, but if it doesnt - try with no supply voltage - if it works like you expect - great, if it doesnt work - set that jumper in the audigy drive - if you have it...??

    In my Audigy2ZS Plat instructions is says:
    Note that 'condensor' can also mean 'Electret' also. Both require voltage to work properly.

    Now - that text I quoted is also a bit of 'marketing' bull crap on CL's part (imho), because un-suspecting people will see that and think; 'oh - it can power my pro condenser mic' - and think that it is supplying +48V phantom power most pro condensers need - but it does not supply enough voltage for most (my Audigy drive supplies ~ +8V IIRC). I read of some pro mics that can work - but the hand full I tested did not.

    You could also just use a dynamic mic - but you will likely find they are not as sensitive.

    All in all - I think they set it up this way, so your sound card can work with any type mic you may have - except ones that need +48V phantom power

    If you happen to have the 2 conductor plug type mic, then use Mic2 input- if you have the 3 conductor type, then use the AC97 Mic input on the back of the card.
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  8. AJ707

    AJ707 New Member

    Thanks Maddogg6, I'll use the rear mic input.

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