Prime95 25.3 New version

Discussion in 'Overclocking, Benching & Modding' started by >GSXR<mrbusa, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. >GSXR<mrbusa

    >GSXR<mrbusa MY BIKE vvv

  2. mike2h

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  3. Lowfat

    Lowfat Xtreme

    Unless you only have a single core CPU, no reason to go with this. Use Orthos instead.
  4. >GSXR<mrbusa

    >GSXR<mrbusa MY BIKE vvv

    I have seen overclocks be Orthos stable but not Prime stable and vise versa. It never hurts to have more than one stress test.
  5. Lowfat

    Lowfat Xtreme

    its the same program/code. It is just 2 prime95s into one.
  6. >GSXR<mrbusa

    >GSXR<mrbusa MY BIKE vvv

    I understand that and would not begin to try and explain or figure out why the same overclock would be Orthos stable and then not be dual Prime95 stable. I have also had overclocks not be stable on either program but the time between the start of the benchmark and the crash be completely different.
    Either way there is still an update to the code of Prime95.
  7. saffo

    saffo Strange

    Wow after 2 years, thanks :)
  8. Lowfat

    Lowfat Xtreme

    Guess i should of tried it out before flaming it :dead: . It is quite a good version now. My only beef is that if one thread fails the other keeps going, so it still looks like it is stable because the icon remains green the whole time.

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