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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Eugene Gavrilov, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Eugene Gavrilov

    Eugene Gavrilov kX Project Lead Programmer and Coordinator

    Hi guys!

    So, here's the up-to-date status of the kX Project.

    * 3548 release should support most of x64 and x86 OSes, including Windows Vista, Windows 7.
    * There are certain compatibility issues with Vista/Windows7 still. For instance, Speaker Test will not work. Some people reported they needed to change kX playback buffer size to avoid clicks.
    * x64 build does only support x64 hosts. We currently have no plans to implement x86 ASIO emulation layer over x64 (any volunteer to do that?)

    I will be working on the following features (August'2009, Autumn'2009):

    * 44.1kHz support for E-DSP cards - this is partially available in 3548 via kxctrl command, but seems to be a bit glitchy
    * Mac OS X driver: recording and 44.1kHz mode for E-DSP cards

    OS X driver:
    Two guys are working on AC97 support and E-DSP Control, so, if you wish to participate in development, drop me a message. Unfortunately, noone is working on the kX DSP port, except for some OpenGL-based GUI...

    I know there are millions of features I could probably add in the future, but for a project of such age as kX (almost 9 years!), it is unclear where to go next, if ever. I will probably keep an eye on it time to time, but I strongly suggest people start opensource development of all the components they are interested in (except the kernel-level code, which cannot be released opensource).

    Please note: if you have something urgent to tell me, use e-mail, not the forum or private messages. I don't read them and won't answer you.


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  2. gooday

    gooday New Member

    Well, it seems you won't pay any more attention on Windows for live/audigy1/2 cards, that's a bad news for me , cos I don't have a E-DSP card nor I'm using the Mac. although new features for emu10kx cards is not very important, but I hope you pay more attention on Old soundcards like Live! , Try to make it work perfectly in Windows 7 , forget the Vista , that's a Failure OS.

    windows 7 is the future.
  3. gyozo

    gyozo New Member

    First of all thanks for your work.
    What i missed very much in the previous version (or at least i dont know how to activate it on my SB0060) is the SPDIF out.
    Im using two from the many pins on the card to forward the digital sound to my video card spdif in, then my video card sends the picture and the sound through HDMI cable to my TV. Its working on XP with creative drivers but not on win7 with kx.
    Did i overlook it and it and its a feature already which could be turn on, or is it not implemented? If not implemented then it would be a very big help, because right now when i want to watch movies i have to restart my pc with xp.
  4. akinkhoo

    akinkhoo New Member

    am surprise to see 64bit driver realized.
  5. Oxtie

    Oxtie Active Member

    E, you already went to VooDoo project forums, if you enter into VooDooHDA result could be cool kewl. These days, I'm floating at Boot-Land forums (you didn't register yourself as "Eugene" there did you? usually you're "eugene k2" :)

    Now there'z this dude "karyonix", "tinybit", "Sha0" if they enter Chameleon it sure will blast the development.
  6. ukaef

    ukaef New Member

  7. Jani-

    Jani- New Member

    May I ask why the kernel-level code cannot be released as open source? Is there any possibility to have a private copy of it?
  8. diabLe

    diabLe New Member

    Re : Project Status

    * 44.1kHz support for E-DSP cards - this is partially available in 3548 via kxctrl command, but seems to be a bit glitchy

    there is some new stuff about that ? with the 3550 ? and how to activate it via kxctrl ?

  9. krafty

    krafty New Member

    I am getting constant sound clicking, ON and OFF when I playback audio, it comes and goes. I have read to go to "Settings" and "Set Buffer Size", however I can't seem to find where it is. Can any soul help me on this one. System is Win7-64, card is SBLive! 5.1 Golden Plugs (EMU10k1). Thanks in advance!!!
  10. Russ

    Russ New Member

    Right click on any blank spot on kxmixer (or right click on kX icon in systray) and choose "Settings" -> "Setup Buffers..." from the context menu.
  11. krafty

    krafty New Member

    I have a small issue: When I turn on foobar2000 equalizer, the sound goes funny... how can I describe... instead of the equalizer give a full good boost as in Linux "System-Wide Pulse Audio Equalizer", in Win7 the volume kinda goes low when there are treble strikes (cymbals, and S's being sang)... like a saturation... any tip to fix this? I'd be grateful.
  12. RPGWiZaRD

    RPGWiZaRD New Member

    First, this post is made in the totally wrong place and second, this got nothing to do with kX Audio drivers and 3rd, every Equalizer works differently or better or worse but with foobar2000 you should cut frequencies below 0, not raise them above, that works generally better and same applies for foobar2000's EQ so leave the frequencies you want to "boost" at 0 and then lower everything else or else sound gets distorted and "muted" instead of actually getting boosted.

    If you use kX Audio drivers you should use the included 10-band EQ which works MUCH better than foobar2000's EQ so leave that one alone if so.
  13. krafty

    krafty New Member

    Sorry for the post in the wrong place. Since someone had responded me before, I thought it was not a problem. Won't happen again.

    Where is this 10 band EQ within kX.

    You're right about what you said.

    UPDATE: Found it, however I can't seem to make it work. It is floating on the DSP UI without any "connections"... What do I do now...
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