Radeon 9000 non-pro 128 DDR probs

Discussion in 'AMD Graphics Cards' started by Diemos, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. Diemos

    Diemos New Member

    hey ive searched these types of forums for a while seeing if there would be a answer to this problem which has started to occur at a increasingly rampant level.

    heres the thing....it has only happened when i have updated the drivers..so naturally i did the usual delete and re-install...didnt work so atm i have tried pretty much every Catalyst and omega driver i could get my hands on and stil to no avail...what gets me is that this was never a issue when i used the defualt stock drivers which came with the card

    now to the problem which is a odd one at that...... the problem only happens when i aint playing a game or if i aint using it which i just think is insulting like its moking me and waiting for me to return so it can go play crazy newayz after a short amount of time the monitor will go whacky with all sorts of crap black lines,spots, boxes or the best one yet...the monitor just goes to idle and i cant wake it back up but i no the system is responding since i tested it out by running music and whilst it turned itself off i turned the music on and off again (took a while but i found it ) so i have to revert to a reboot atm i am running my card with settings all at performance and its still doing it.

    i was thinking that maybe it could be my monitor since its around 6 yr's old and it wont display ne resolution higher than 1024x768 at 60HZ when the refresh rate is upped it becomes unstable and doesnt properly lock. i have tried all those things to unlcok the refresh rates from windows xp whatever i forgot what it was :p

    i like my card its basic but i got it for £20 so no complaints there its just this driver problem which is bugging the hell outta me since i need to use the new drivers to play games like X2, Halo and the likes

    my specs are:-
    Asus mobo A7V266 E
    AMD xp 2000
    256 DDR pc2100
    Radeon 9000 non pro 128 DDR (currently using latest 3.9 omega drivers)
    windows XP

    thnx in advance for ne help on this issue
  2. MIG-31

    MIG-31 HardwareHeaven News Mod Staff Member

    give this a try.

    1) Download driver cleaner http://www.driverheaven.net/cleaner/ then install.

    2) Open driver cleaner then find the option "cab cleaner" then use. This removes the old 27.42 drivers from sp1.

    3) Remove drivers from add/remove option.

    4) when asked to restart do so but when restart hold f8 then select "safe mode" from options given.

    5) When in safe mode open driver cleaner for a second time then select "NVIDIA†then press clean. This removes any INF files windows leaves behind.

    6) When complete reboot to normal, if cab cleaner is successful you should get the add hardware window instead of installing above drivers (27.42).

    7) Cancel add driver window unless it’s an unzipped & locate file type driver. If it’s .exe type go to #7

    7a) Disable any anti virus software.

    8) Locate & install NVIDIA or ati drivers.

    Reboot and things should be fine.

    Ps after option 5 you might be worth reinstalling dx9.0b and the latest chipset drivers for your mobo.
  3. Diemos

    Diemos New Member

    cheers for the reply but after i posted that i fiddled around with sum BIOS settings and till this point i havent had ne probs o_O

    Just for notation values i turned AGP from Auto to 4X and i turned Fastwrite on so far so good :D
  4. M van Vuuren

    M van Vuuren New Member

    dont turn on fast write
  5. Diemos

    Diemos New Member

    yep but its being a arse due to the way that smartgart thing is it wont stop being arsy about it... turned it off via BIOs reboot its turned back on.

    newyas i now running 3.7 drivers and its working alot better and funny enuff its running alot faster aswell on certain games

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