radeon 9700 and blank screen

Discussion in 'AMD Graphics Cards' started by kingtech, May 17, 2005.

  1. kingtech

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    I have been pullin myu hair out with this one. I have an Dell Inspiron 9200 with a Radeon 9700 gfx card. Whenever the ATI drivers are loaded. I get a Blank Screen.

    I can remote the laptop via VNC and see that it is working fine and the ATI control panel is even there. However, as soon as the thing POSTS and the XP loading screen quits and the driver gets loaded. Nothing but a black screen.

    Strange thing to note is that when I plug up an external monitor. It is identified as Display 1. Its like the primary display is always being redirected.

    If I disable the Driver or boot into vga mode it works fine. However, while in VGA mode if i make any adjustment to the display settings at all. It loads up the drivers and Blank screen returns.

    Things I have tried.

    1. Reformat and reload: XP SP2

    2. update BIOS

    3. update VBIOS on GFX Card

    4. Loaded Catalyst driver.

    Hope someone can Help..


  2. Xafro

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    Try the unthinkable,, disable HT,, hyper threading right after you install and load it up,, than make sure your new options are set for single display. also check you video options in the bios setup screen and play with those a little. If you get all the way in and change your display to single,, reboot once more to make sure it works, than reboot again and re-activate your Hyper Threading, HT:evil:

    if its a pentium that is,, I dont know what they use on AMD:bleh:
  3. ChoGGi

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    its a dell they dont have sell amd :)
  4. redsolar

    redsolar Off duty

    Which driver have you been installing? The one provided by Dell? You can try and install latest Catalyst drivers from www.ati.com but you will have to modify them using Mobility Modder prior to installing them.
  5. PtotheL

    PtotheL New Member

    I currently have the exact same problem, however mine's a Dell Inspiron 9100 with a ATI Radeon Mobility 9700.

    Tried the same thing as you, came to the same conclusion.

    What's weird is that I don't always have a black screen when the drivers is loaded up. Sometimes I get this weird psychadelic display like the LCD just broke or something.

    I even took my laptop completely apart since I thought that there could have been a mis-contact with the video card, but everything was fine.

    You'll surely think that I'm messing with you, but I swear that it boots up fine 1 time out of about 40 when I boot my laptop while holding it sideways at a 45 degree angle.

    Anyways, I'll try disabling the hyper-threading like suggested to see if it works.

    This thread dates a while back, but I'm interested in hearing from the original poster to know if and how he fixed this issue...
  6. jj5406

    jj5406 New Member

    I have a very similar problem, but Dell Inspiron 8500 and NVIDIA GEForce4 4200 Go (Dell Mobile) video card. At work, I almost always hook up a secondary monitor for dual screen. I always switch to single monitor mode (using Display Properties - Settings) and unplug the external monitor before turning off the computer, foolishly thinking this will help when I boot.

    Anyway. If the computer has been off for a while (like since the night before). It boots and I don't see anything on the screen (not even the splash screen that says DELL and tells you to hit F2 or F12 for special whatever). It boots up fine into XP, sometimes it will even briefly show the XP login screen and then go back to black.

    Even though the screen is black, it's clear that it thinks the XP login screen is up. I can type in my password and hear windows starting, but the screen is still black. It seems to think that some non-existant monitor is the primary display. If I hit Fn-F8, it will give me the XP login screen (or open Windows session if I have logged in) on my laptop screen.

    I recently did some windows updates (including one from NVIDIA) and now its even worse. When XP loads, the screen goes white, and Fn-F8 no longer works.

    However, if I get into windows and shutdown then turn the computer on again in a minute, it usually works fine and comes up completely normally.

    What is going on and how do I fix it so it works like it's supposed to?

    The common thread I see here is that they're all Dell Inspiron laptops.

  7. big_kel

    big_kel New Member

    I get blank screens just from starting up certain games! A real pain in the ass cos I'm looking for the right drivers to get rid of this prob!
  8. D-Fence

    D-Fence New Member

    Same Problem here with an Acer 1690 / X700. As soon as I install the new Zeropoint I get black screens...
  9. kryptonite

    kryptonite New Member

    Blank Screen Fix

    Computer: Dell Inspiron 9100
    Graphics card: ATI Mobility Radeon 9700
    Operating system: Windows XP SP 2

    Symptom: Black/blank screen after windows logon screen
    Cause: Dust (most likely reason in my situation) and/or video card needing to be set in place
    Solution: Dusting the graphics card and motherboard and connectors

    *IMPORTANT- first, check black pin before trying my solution. Link section below has two links to Reed Switch (black pin).

    I have a Dell Inspiron 9100 laptop with a Mobility Radeon 9700 graphics card. After a futile search of over 200 websites and forums, all being inconclusive, I determined to resolve this problem myself. It is a recurring black screen/freeze after windows logon issue that seems a problem commonly associated with Inspirons and ATI mobility cards. Since my hard drive was overheating, I dusted the three fans at bottom of the laptop. Dust must have lodged into the graphics card from cleaning because this is when the real problem began. Upon booting the computer, after the windows logon screen there was a blank screen. There seemed to be a background running because of light flickering.
    I restarted, pressed F8, went into Safe Mode, went into Device Manager, opened “Display Adapters” and disabled ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 (make sure the drivers are the normal ones, not changed by any other mod like Omega drivers. Driver Cleaner can help delete all ATI drivers that the ATI uninstall program doesn’t do).
    I went into normal Windows in VGA mode, which Windows automatically detects after the Radeon graphics card (adapter) has been disabled. Did excessive research and tested everything in Windows for two days with the Mobility Radeon adapter at times enabled or disabled. Finally I left the Radeon adapter enabled with its original drivers and restarted.
    Then, as I knew would happen, the blank screen after the windows splash screen came on so I tried a TV tuner to see if a secondary monitor would show the background. Nothing showed up on my TV. But I left the Radeon adapter enabled with original drivers before what I was about to do.
    I shut down the laptop and let it cool down for a hour on its back. Be warned: doing the following steps can break your warranty, so do so at your own risk. Anyway, I made sure I was grounded by touching the metal parts at back of the laptop before disassembling the laptop.
    Many laptops do not have removable video cards like Inspirons do. Other laptops may have unremovable video cards permanently etched into the motherboard. But I disassembled all the way to the video card, removed the video card on my Inspiron 9100. Inspected for damage and burn on both top and bottom sides... none. I’ve never overclocked the video card or flashed the bios so a “dead card” was unlikely.
    The video card had some dust on it, so did the motherboard near the fans. I used normal kleenex (twisting the edge to reach tight places with dust can help) and blew off dust from the video card and motherboard. Checked connectors for dust. Blew on them too. I closely inspected every area of the video card and motherboard and other parts of the laptop to make sure it was thoroughly dusted. That being done, I put everything back in place gently and firmly.
    Then on the next restart the video card worked perfectly. The blank screen was gone.

    Step#1: check to see if there’s dim background showing desktop icons, etc behind blank screen (using something like a flashlight). If there is a dim background showing stuff, it might be a backlight problem in the monitor.
    Step#2: read the Links Section below for information on other things that may be causing your problem
    Step#3: think about whether you have a warranty before taking apart the laptop
    Step#4: be sure you’re using the original Radeon drivers not Omega drivers (or other mods) before disassembling the laptop (if you choose to)
    Step#5: read Dell safety instructions especially about grounding yourself so electricity does not jolt you. Do not ever take apart the monitor itself, it has stored electricity that can kill someone. If the monitor is the problem, have an expert do it.
    Step#6: look at black pin first when disassembling computer
    Step#7: remember where all the screws and parts belong
    Step#8: check video card carefully and dust carefully where needed
    Step#9: put everything back in place
    Step#10: restart and see what happens

    Observations while troubleshooting:
    IMPORTANT-Some people experience issues with the black pin directly under the plastic peg on Inspiron systems. It can cause Windows to go into permanent standby/blank screen after windows logon screen. This was not the cause of my problem—but check into the black pin first before taking on my solution. How to check the black pin (reed switch) can be found in the links section I have included near the end of this post.
    -entering dxdiag while radeon adapter is enabled caused blank screen with a flashing hyphen at top left of screen then the hyphen freezes. green and purple kaleioscopic colors form before screen blackens out.
    -trying to change resolution with radeon adapter enabled brought a blank screen
    -using “resolution/refresh forcing” freeware didn’t work
    -tried Fn+F8 at bootup to toggle CRT/LCD on exterior monitor, got blank screen (some people may get a secondary monitor to work but dust may be lodged elsewhere inside, so this may cause differing symptoms)
    -I never got any error messages when the blank screen happened
    -I could not see anything behind the blank screen (but if you do, then you may have a dim screen, which may be a backlight issue with your monitor)
    -noticed five default monitors in display properties > settings > advanced > monitor

    Observations made after my fix:
    -tried installing radeon omega drivers v.3.8.231, but caused problem after bootup with BSOD error: ati2dvag.dll which might be the Infinite Loop error. Had to enter Safe mode, uninstall omega drivers, then let windows install normal Radeon drivers again after normal bootup. If you have Infinite Loop error, look for Infinite Loop Fix in links section I provide below.
    -five “default monitors” are still listed in display properties, so let me know if a fix is found for this.

    Different causes of blank screen after windows logon screen as following:
    Reed switch (black pin):
    Windows XP hanging while loading agp440.sys:
    Infinite Loop Fix (related to ati2dvag.dll reboot errors):

    Disassembling Inspiron 9100:
    Discussion at Dell for more comments related to blank screen:
    Troubleshooting a Video Adapter and Computer Monitor:

    Hope this helps.
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  10. Dase

    Dase New Member

    I had this same problem with my Sager 3790. If the refresh rate is anything other than 75 Hz, the screen is scrambled or blank. Too bad the ATI mobility drivers seem to default to a 60 Hz refresh rate after you reboot.

    The solution? Install the mobility drivers, but before you reboot, run ReForce (http://www.pagehosting.co.uk/rf/download.html), find the entry for your LCD, and force all the refresh rates to whatever it is your LCD expects. When you reboot, everything should work. That's what fixed it for me and some other Sager owners who tried this.
  11. Edy Catflap

    Edy Catflap New Member

    I had a similar issue with a Toshiba Tecra S1 using Mobility Radeon 9000 and Windows XP SP2. It was a software issue...

    The Multiple monitors feature was working fine for months until XP decided to place the main monitor on the left instead of the right. Things went downhill from there - XP made the external TFT the default/main/only screen and the laptop screen stayed disabled and blank (turned off) and set as the secondary no matter what I did.

    After hours of trial and error I finally nailed it (for now). I disabled the video card, rebooted twice, and then the laptop screen finally started working again. Plugged in the external monitor again and it's correctly set as the secondary screen.
  12. jimkline

    jimkline New Member


    I have Dell Inspiron 9100 with Radeon 9700 graphics adapter.

    After a few years, the screen turned black and no messages appeared. Ultimately, my problem turned out to be a software problem.

    I reinstalled the DRIVERS AND UTILITIES already installed on your computer for Dell Inspiron System software. This produced a Windows XP screen during bootup, but eventually the screen turned black.

    Then, I reinstalled OPERATING SYSTEM already installed on your computer, Microsoft Windows XP Home edition including Service pack 1a.

    Then, my computer booted up normally, except I had 5 monitors listed in the display settings. I uninstalled the most recent monitors (the last 4 on the list).

    Now, I am going to update my driver using the link provided by right-clicking the remaining monitor.

    Good luck,

    jim kline

    I dis
  13. jimkline

    jimkline New Member

    I was unable to update my monitor driver, which was dated year 2001, even though I went on the Internet and searched. My monitor is listed as a generic monitor, and I could not find free help at the Dell web page. They had a link where I could pay $99 for support.

    Whenever I tried to scan my monitor for details, the 5 monitors reappeared in my system settings. I would uninstall them, and they would come back, like Dracula.

    I have read that Dell products are not the greatest for technical support, and Sony is expensive but has better technology, not generic.

    Jim Kline
  14. CS_chriswoodall

    CS_chriswoodall New Member


    hey guys,

    i beleive your issue is simply that the little plastic piece on the laptop that the power button is on. take it off and take the spring and little push button out. the reason being is because that little push button is for hibernation and it is stuck. take it out, slap the plastic stick back in its place and there you go. have a good one!
  15. leprechaun74

    leprechaun74 New Member

    Black screen as well

    I recently bought an inspiron 9100 on ebay, works perfect no problems. When i go to play HL2 thought, it says drivers out of date and the game will not load. It used to, and then now just freezes at the loading screen. The strange thing is that when i clean off ati, then use driver cleaner and put on Omega, the sign on screen comes up fine but my home screen flashes briefly and then goes black. DH modtool v4 also does this. When i put the original drivers back on, everything is fine. Any suggestions?

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