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Discussion in 'AMD Graphics Cards' started by LinuxWarrior, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. LinuxWarrior

    LinuxWarrior New Member

    Is there any chance to DRI developers get the proper documentation from Ati in order to develop their opensource driver for the latest radeon cards(post r200)?

    Now that XGI and VIA are releasing GPL drivers to their cards, wouldn't be a nice oportunity to get ATI involved in OpenSource development too?

    the newest drivers are growing in maturity, although there's still a lot of features missing, like suport for R430 cards, Radeon framebuffer, xinerama, tv-out, and so on...
    So with the help of the community ATI could get what all costumers want, a good driver. There's a lot of unsatisfied users that payed for powerfull hardware, but due the lack of software support can't get all the features and performance for the price they have payed.

    What you think?

    PS: I would like to see the replay of ATI people
  2. RIV@NVX

    RIV@NVX Freedom is a feature.

    This would be pretty cool indeed.
    I don't know about VIA, but XGI's driver is 2D only. Nothing big IMHO, really.
    Impo damage, which would allow compositing to work on ATI...
    That would be cool for sure.
  3. UberLord

    UberLord A Legend in Underwear

    Very doubtful. Possible, but there's more chance of Reading FC winning the Champions League imo .....

    Hold it there - I have radeonfb (kernel driver) working on my amd64 box alongside the x86_64 driver in Xorg - the Xorg driver is not configured for fbdev though. It works perfectly, no MTRR overlaps or errors, no X corruption - just slow. No faster or slower than the VESA fb driver imo. But no errors either, so I'm happy :)

    I think that ATI are making the right moves - just waaaay too slowly. But they're trying to hire new Linux guys. At least they've activly supporting us now :)
  4. epi1lux

    epi1lux New Member

    this would be great if it happened.

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