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Discussion in 'AMD Graphics Cards' started by Cholfo, Aug 7, 2007.

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  1. Cholfo

    Cholfo New Member

    So I recently bought a Dell Inspiron 1521, and after much beating of my head against the wall eventually pried loose from tech support that it will not be offering drivers for its onboard video card, the Radeon Xpress 1270, for the Windows XP operating system which I installed in favor of the provided Windows Vista for personal choice reasons.

    I was wondering if there were any way I could get omegadrivers or some other third party set of drivers to function on this laptop? Any and all advice is greatly appreciated, and my appologies if this is the incorrect forum to start this thread in.
  2. durimdead

    durimdead New Member

    hey im right there with you. the new windows OS sucks unless you have at least 4gb of RAM. the problem is i still have problems finding some of the other drivers as well so im a little behind. i also was on the phone with dell tech support which seemed like it helped until i got off, restarted my computer, and the audio device still wasnt recognized and it basically just fixed the problem in the device manager with my PCI stuff. im still lookin for a radeon driver but where did you get all the other drivers as the ones from the dell website dont seem to be working as well as they think they do. if you can give me and help on that it would be greatly appreciated. thank you
  3. Dyre Straits

    Dyre Straits 9 Grandkids! #10 in the Oven!

    Thread moved to the Mobility Drivers section.

    Hopefully, someone here can help.
  4. Cholfo

    Cholfo New Member

    I was able to get video drivers working! To an extent, at least. I have not tested any games or anything of that nature, but the stutter in web browsing and such has disappeared completely. I followed the instructions in this thread: http://www.driverheaven.net/mobilit...roblem-new-omega-drivers-mobility-9600-a.html
    And forced a manual install of the omega drivers(not the normal ATI drivers explained in the thread), selecting and installing the ATI Radeon Xpress 1200 Series drivers.

    So far it works like a charm. Now it's just a matter of finding and installing audio drivers.

    BRAKGENE New Member

    Just bought a dell inspiron 1521 with the ATI Radeon 1270 chipset and sigma tel sound card. I configured to dual boot windows XP and Vista. Like you I lost many XP dirivers and was frustrated by Dell tech support. Here was how I solved the problem. Nobody tells you but the Dell latitude notebook D531 ships with the same ATI RAdeon 1270 graphics and sigma tel sound, yet runs windows XP ! go to Dell tech support page, choose download drivers, select latitude notebook D531 and then select windows XP operating system and search for drivers. Sure enough a downloadable driver pops up for the ATI Radeon 1270 and audio drivers. I put them both on my Dell 1521 and they run perfectly in windows XP. I get sound and good video, and the device manager recognizes them. I am not a techie but this took me 12 hr of internet research to figure out and it works fine on my dell.
  6. vactirio

    vactirio New Member


    Can somebody PLEASE put a link to the new location of the thread as it is impossible for me to locate it?


  7. carlostop

    carlostop New Member

    hello finally I work the sound now I go by the video and bluetooth.
    it knows that to driver to use for bluetooth?

    hola finalmente me funciono el sonido ahora voy por el video....y el bluetooth
  8. persh

    persh New Member

    BT driver you can install from Dell Vostro 1400! 100% Work!
  9. mtheve

    mtheve New Member

    the dell d531 drivers worked perfectly and saved what was left of my hair and my pretty green 1521!

    thank you so much!
  10. kyroswolf

    kyroswolf New Member

    This forum helped me so much. Thanks to you all I have found all but 2 drivers for my wifes 1521, that I have installed XP on. I totally wiped the HD.

    I still need drivers for these devices. Can anyone help me?

    Modem Device on High Definition Audio Bus
    SM Bus Controller

    Edit: Found these last two drivers. Dell chat support was actually helpful and was able to find the correct drivers. The modem was on my disk and the controller came from a Latitude system, but he didn't say which one.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2007
  11. vkarin

    vkarin New Member

    Hi, sorry for offtopic,
    my mom bought DELL INSPIRON 1521 too,
    I've installed XP, installed all drivers from OFF. Site, But EVEREST shows, that PC has no driver for-
    "Driver Description: Modem Device on High Definition Audio Bus
    ID: HDAUDIO\FUNC_02&VEN_14F1&DEV_2C06&SUBSYS_14F1000F&REV_1000
    : Internal High Definition Audio Bus "
    where can I find it?
  12. kyroswolf

    kyroswolf New Member

    @^: that driver was found on the driver disk that came with the system. Only driver on that disk that is usable with XP.
  13. Lexxore

    Lexxore New Member

    I do tech support for a friend of mine and he has a Inspirion 1521 and we had all of the same driver problems. So I just finished getting his laptop configured using a combination of drivers for the Latitude d531 and the inspiron 1521. Here is a list of drivers and where to get them:
    1. DotNetFix 2.0 (Get from microsoft before installing ATI drivers)
    2. Radeon Xpress 1270 for XP (Get driver from dell support for Dell Latitude d531 under video section)
    3. SMBus Controller (Get driver from dell support for Dell Latitude d531 under chipset section **ATI-Driver**)
    4. Ethernet Driver (Broadcom 440 10/100 Integrated controller - Get from Dell for inspiron 1521 under network section)
    5. Wireless Driver (Wireless 1390 WLAN mini-card - Get from Dell for inspiron 1521 under network section)
    6. Sigmatel Audio Driver (Get driver from dell support for Dell Latitude d531 under audio section)
    7. Modem Driver (Conexant HDA d330 MDC v.92 - Get driver from dell support for Dell Latitude d531 under communication section)
    8. Synaptic PS/2 TouchPad (Get from Synaptics :: Drivers)
    9. Dell Front Keypad ((Get driver from dell support for Dell Latitude d531 under application section **Quickset**)
    10. Flash Memory Card slot (Get from Dell Support for Dell inspiron 1521 under chipset section **Ricoh**)
    This is the same order that i installed them and have not had any problems. WOOHOO no more Vista or Virus whichever you think it is.
  14. blinkdt

    blinkdt New Member

    @Lexxore Thanks for that, your instructions worked to a "T."
  15. negetivezero

    negetivezero New Member

    hello i have a Gateway m 1615 laptop. came with vista i hate vista so i downgraded to xp.. im starting to reconsider what i did.. i got gateway support on phone i was told they dont make a driver for my vid card for xp however i found multiple drivers for xpress cards for xp so there no help.unfortunally none work for me.. i installed dotnexfx 2.0 and tryed manully installin drivers through device manager does not work... when i install auto i get this error (setup did not find a driver compatable with ure current hardware or setup will now exit) i thought it was the .exe install file.. however i tryed a couple.,. Please help me before i smash my new laptop :mad:.
  16. RichGarner

    RichGarner New Member

    Thank you all!!!

    I don't post to many forums outside of entertainment realms... but this time I registered here just so I can post this:

    Thank you all!!! I have had this Dell Ins 1521 for almost a year now. I got it because it was rated as one of the best laptops for gaming. I have had nothing but headaches with Vista and even more when trying to load XP and encountering the exact same issues everyone else here encountered.

    I'm writing this at the same time I am loading XP on the Dell again. I'm excited this time and I'm sure it will work smoothly! (If not, it's no one's fault but Dell.)

    4 hours later...
    EDIT: I did it, and I only had two snags; the audio delsigma driver and the modem driver threw up error installation messages and closed out. But otherwise, everything looks fine so far. Video drivers took, so I'm happy!
    Last edited: May 22, 2008
  17. om3ga785

    om3ga785 New Member

    Thank you guys for helping me out with this post. I just installed XP Pro in my 1521 as a dual boot setup, and i was flippin nuts trying to get all the drivers installed for XP (especially the sound and video)

    Question though, does anyone have any problems with the 3D not working for some reason after installing the ATI driver? my 3D XP screen saver and when i got into the ATI catalyst control, the #D is disabled for some reason?

    any help? Thanks in advance!

    sorry for any typos, im typing on my Moto Q9h :p
  18. ragelis

    ragelis New Member

    Hi i have dell inspiron 1521,on xp,and my sd card reader doesn't work,any ideas?
  19. Mac Daddy

    Mac Daddy New Member

    I think your best idea is a new thread listing all possible information and your system specs. Welcome to DH but this thread is dated mate ;)

    Closed ..
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