redocneXk (GUI version) released - Realtime 5.1 ac3 Encoder

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tril, May 11, 2006.

  1. Tril

    Tril Triple screen racing ftw

    This is a realtime AC3 encoder. It encodes to AC3 what you send it by using ASIO. ASIO is used to transfer audio from the sound card to the cpu. The cpu encodes the sound to AC3 and send it out of the computer by using the sound card digital passthru. You can easily do this to every sound played in windows with this program. The only inconvenient is the latency (around 180ms with WaveOut, maybe less).

    For those using the kX drivers :
    In the DSP, connect the first 6 pins of Surrounder+ to the pins asio0 to asio5 on epilog and activate passthru in the mixer (check 'Digital Output Only' and select "SPDIF 0" for 'Toggle AC-3 Passthru mode'). Then double-click redocneXk.exe.

    Below are some pics to help set the Mixer, the DSP, the Surrounder+ and the ASIO Control Panel. This is provided to help the users that never touched ASIO or the DSP. Other settings can be used.
    ASIO Control Panel

    It is possible to make it work with the Creative drivers. I have included a default preset for the Creative drivers.

    Version 2.05 is the latest version.

    The versions 2.XX of redocneXk that contain a GUI never worked correctly. It causes stutter no matter what you do. It's not recommended to use it. It is only provided to show what a version with a GUI would look like and what it could do.

    I don't plan on working on it again. I've lost interest, I no longer use a supported soundcard and I don't have the free time to work on it anymore. Sorry about that. The versions 1.XX should work in most cases.

    Link : Go here to get redocneXk
    Hosting nicely provided by

    Screenshot : redocneXk_v2.02.png

    Please report any bugs. I'm interested in knowing how well it works for others.
    I'm open to suggestions on improvements.
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  2. jiiteepee

    jiiteepee Active Member

  3. Tril

    Tril Triple screen racing ftw

    jiiteepee, was it the only choice too with version 1.04?
  4. jiiteepee

    jiiteepee Active Member

    No it wasn't.
    In 1.04, I can call all installed ASIO drivers w/ -d option:

    0 = ASIO directX Full Duplex
    1 = ASIO Multimedia
    2 = Asio4All
    3 = Creative ASIO
    4 = SB Audigy 2 ASIO [8400]

    Only drivers 3 and 4 are working w/ 1.04 --> I suppose the v. 2.0 is not working w/ Creative drivers ATM, since you can't select the previously working drivers 3 and 4.

    OS: w2k

    Maybe the count of choices on that driver selection list stays "0", instead of multiple choices?

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  5. Tril

    Tril Triple screen racing ftw

    It's a bug. I only had one ASIO driver installed so I did not notice it. I installed ASIO4ALL to get two drivers and I also see only one driver. I'll fix it tomorrow evening. Thank you for reporting this bug.
  6. jiiteepee

    jiiteepee Active Member

    Drivers (mentioned on my prev. post) -

    0 = ASIO DirectX Full Duplex
    1 = ASIO Multimedia

    do have only 2 I/O's --> no way to get working w/ redocneXk.

  7. Tril

    Tril Triple screen racing ftw

    I have posted a new version (2.01). It should fix the bug where only one ASIO driver was showing in the 'ASIO Driver' combo box even thought there was more than one in the system.
  8. Maddogg6

    Maddogg6 Tail Razer

    I just tried it out - confirmed: bug swatted.

    But - I went to set KX ASIO latency to 32ms as shown in your pics posted - and I get an error of not enough buffer??

    - I dont recall changing my buffer settings (pretty sure I have not)

    Anyway - thay are set as follows:
    PB buffer size: 8352 Bytes (~8.70 ms)
    Recording Buffer Size: 16384
    Number of AC3 buffers: 4
    GSIF Buffersize: 256 samples

    After attempting to change KX ASIO to the 32ms shown - and got the error - it did set to 21.33 ms (1024 samples) - the setting you DON'T reccommend.

    Again, I cant test 100% (no external AC3 decoder) - so maybe it's not really a problem (ie, maybe it would work wth 21.33 ms or less ??) - but it is the first time I seen this error (im with 3538j btw), as I never tried setting asio latency so high before..?? I'm thinking maybe you have increased your buffer sizes?? And if so, little blurb about that in the readme may be helpful for others.
    Maybe depends on card model, what the default values are??

    Either way - I like the new GUI - sweet!

    Oh, theres a couple of typos in the readme:
    Sorry if I'm being anal... just thought I'd point em out...
  9. Russ

    Russ New Member

    You probably did not notice that in the picture, Tril is using 16 bit / 48 kHz [8+8], and tried to set it to 32 ms, using 16 bit / 48 kHz [16+16].
  10. Maddogg6

    Maddogg6 Tail Razer

    YUP ! that was it - sorry Trill... :duh:

    Thanks for clearing that up Russ - Oh You So Smart... :D
    Its amazing how you know how I screw up - from where your at - wait.... is there camera on me here, that you can see me in.... ?? ... lol
  11. Patriarch

    Patriarch New Member

    Does the implementation of a gui mean that i could use my SB102 with creative's native drivers and Recockx? Passthrough works creatives drivers Afaik. Anybody?
  12. dj_stick

    dj_stick Apple Fanboy? Staff Member

    the GUI doesn't mean much, you'd have been able to use it with prior versions aslong as the card worked with both ASIO and AC3 Passthrough
  13. AssassinJN

    AssassinJN New Member

    I can't wait to try and use this to pass 5.1 ac3 audio from one soundblaster to another through spdif. I hope it works as then I can theoretically have 12.2 audio (7.1 + 5.1) I realize this doesn't mean much to most since you can't buy anything with that kind of encoding, but as a sound designer doing some installation work this could be a big deal! (only options I had before this cost a couble $k's)
  14. Tril

    Tril Triple screen racing ftw

    AssassinJN, can you explain what you want to do in details. Where does the 7.1 come from? How do you output the 12.2 audio? Remember that there is some latency to the encoding.

    I'm working on the next version (2.02). I hope to release it this weekend.
  15. jiiteepee

    jiiteepee Active Member

    Can't the latency be rounded w/ some delay plugin used w/ TobyBear MiniHost or w/ energtXT (standalone).

    Are you familiar with these VSTs already -

  16. bobo1on1

    bobo1on1 New Member

    I'm not getting any sound with creative drivers no matter what I do, my receiver shows dolby digital but there is no sound.

    redocneXk v1.04 works perfect though.
  17. Russ

    Russ New Member

    It is a bug. It should be fixed in the next version (2.02).
  18. Tril

    Tril Triple screen racing ftw

    New version released.

    version 2.02
    - Fixed the 'no sound' bug.
    - Fixed a bug related to 'delete preset'.
    - Removed all the bitrates that were too low for encoding six channels.
    - The preset edit boxes that are not used by the ASIO driver are disabled.
    - Allow only one instance of the program to run.
    - Added data validation and formatting to the numbers in the edit boxes of the
    presets. You can now only enter numbers from -2 to 2.
    - The edit boxes containing the value zero have grey text.
    - Added a menu to the dialog and removed three buttons.
    - Changed the caption "automatic startup delay" to "auto-start delay".
    - Added the 'normalize' checkmark.
  19. bobo1on1

    bobo1on1 New Member

    This works great, except when I stop it and start it again the sound is often very distorted.
  20. Russ

    Russ New Member

    Seems to work good Tril :)
    As you know, I have a 10k1 card, so my testing procedure is not ideal, but what I do, is connect my TV audio to Line In ,and upmix it to 5.1, and connect that to ASIO. This way, the only sound that goes to my speakers, is the encoded (by recodneXk) / decoded (by kX) audio. i.e. Something like this setup... it works pretty good. I do not know if the kX decoding adds any extra latency or not, but even so, I am getting pretty good results.


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