Reference Cards vs Non-Reference Cards.

Discussion in 'AMD Graphics Cards' started by CDsDontBurn, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. CDsDontBurn

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    What's the difference?

    I see pictures of both types of cards from various manufacturers online all the time and the only thing I can see that's different is the placement of certain components such as capacitors, resistors, 6/8pin power, etc. The mounting holes for the HSF assembly appears to be the same as the reference models though.

    Is what I've noticed true? If not, how are the mounting holes different than the reference cards?
  2. Judas

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    it's kinda hard to say..

    i know that they can really change them up.. but typically the initial first few cards out from several manufacturers are essentially identical to the referrence.... only later do they start screwing with say different heatsinks and fan setups followed by component orientation OR just the components, and then usually they may start "changing" the actual PCB layout

    Doesn't seem to any standard to non referrence placement however. But i would assume that MOST manufacturers tend to try and follow referrence as closely as possible to ensure 3rd party coolers will work out of the box.

    Only sapphire tends to seem to really throw in significant changes to the lineup i find using the flex series.. but even then it'sn ot all that much different.
  3. Stop It

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    Well it depends, but sometimes there can be big changes to reference designs etc.

    For example, my 7850 uses the 7870 board as a base, but then used different capacitors and voltage management than AMDs reference too. Sometimes there can be a really big difference, sometimes not. It's good though for a bit of differentiation :)
  4. blibbax

    blibbax nahm8

    I presume you're inquiring regarding waterblocks on 7970s.

    Some cards won't take waterblocks designed to fit reference cards. Your best bet is to make sure that the card you're buying either has a reference PCB (longer reviews will generally cover this) or that it's supported by the waterblock manufacturer.
  5. CDsDontBurn

    CDsDontBurn AMD & Petrol Heads Mod

    No, I was asking to just be aware of the differences. I knew that the AMD partner non-reference cards had capacitors and other components. I was more curious about this in regards to fitting aftermarket coolers since the holes for the screws/clips seemed to be the same around the GPU and in many other areas, I thought there would be no difference.
  6. jackjackduank

    jackjackduank ..xXx..

    that's is why liquid cooler for VGA card only works on ref. card except MSI lighting series if i'm not mistaken :)

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