Reveal White Lightbulbs Vs. Normal Soft White Bulbs

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by digerati, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. digerati

    digerati Everyones life has worth

    I'm finishing up a review for bose triport headphones and was not satisfied with the way the pictures were coming out, things looked a bit yellow a murky so I thought it might be the light bulbs. So I went over to my local OSH and bought some GE Reveal Light Bulbs, and I'll let you see the difference it made.


    When I first installed them I noticed little differences in how things looked to me. Only after I re-took the pictures using the same settings with no flash did I see the profound difference it really made.

    I'll never buy normal softwhite bulbs again.
  2. Geminiwave

    Geminiwave I Have lovely Breasts

    where'd you get these bulbs? And what are they exactly?

    I want some!
  3. digerati

    digerati Everyones life has worth

    I got them at OSH, but you should be able to pick them up in any home repair store. They're called Reveal Lights made by GE (General Electric). Apparently they have this material they put in the glass of the bulb that makes the light shine without the yellow tint.
  4. Geminiwave

    Geminiwave I Have lovely Breasts basement wont seem so unnatural now!
  5. Drakon

    Drakon New Member

    Might need to get a few of those bulbs :)
  6. GutterPunk

    GutterPunk I = Greatest Dood

    Thats amazing!

    Would go good in the photo studio ;)
  7. Logla

    Logla New Member

    the yellow tint is caused by normal light bulbs having a tungsten element. Different light sources have different colour temps - florescent tubes give a kind of green tint.

    Most digital cameras have an option to change the white balance to counter-act the effect of the light bulb thats being used.

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