Routing Issue: Recording only from phys. inputs?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by plea4peace, May 9, 2003.

  1. plea4peace

    plea4peace New Member

    Im using a SBLive 5.1 card and routing my guitar through DSound GT Player to SONAR2. My only issue is that when I record a new track while playing back the old one, the new track records the audio from the old track instead of just the input from the soundard/gtplayer processor.

    How do I set up my routing so that only the input is recorded and not everything that is being played?

    Thanks for your help.

    Oh - one other issue - many programs which I used to use now crash when I try to use them - Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer and AP Guitar Tuner, to be exact. Im running XP. Anyone else experienced this or know the problem?
  2. Doug W

    Doug W New Member

    I am actually experiencing the same thing with a couple of SBLive Values that I have in my computer. My puter was down for a few days due to heating problems but I just got a new CPU fan and it seems to be working OK now so I will try to work on it if I get some time this weekend. My wife seems to think that the sink that is plugged up is a higher priority-go figger.

    I will post back here if I figure it out this weekend. It is recording as if "WHAT U HEAR" is enabled using the Creative drivers and mixer.

    If you have already figured it out let me know the solution.

    Doug W
  3. Gonzo

    Gonzo New Member

    You could benefit from studying the layouts at my KX setups page:

    I've made them for Cubase SX but I see no reason why they could not be used with Sonar.
    The only thing you may have to change are the connections at the FxBus device, which can be different (or not) if you use WDM instead of ASIO.
    You even get a bonus mixer specifically designed for recording and monitoring.

  4. Doug W

    Doug W New Member


    Excellent site-a big help. I will try some of that stuff out this weekend.


    Doug W

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