Running a 64bit program on a 32bit os

Discussion in 'Windows & Other OS Discussion & Support' started by MrSpock2002, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. MrSpock2002

    MrSpock2002 Because I said so!

    Is that possable?

    I only ask because Unreal 3 is coming out in November. I'll be buying it. But it's coming out with both 32bit and 64bit versions. The 64bit version will have better textures.

    I do not want to buy a 32 bit version for my current XP machine then have to re buy a 64 bit version when I upgrade to my new machine.. Though I'm thinking that will be the case anyways..

    I know 32 bit programs can run for the most part fine on a 64bit os.. But never heard of it the other way around.

    Please advise ;)
  2. ChaosMinionX

    ChaosMinionX USB 3 dot oh

    Yes. 64bit runs both 32 and 64bit programs.

    The only problem you run into is when a program needs a 64bit driver, and if it only has 32bit it wont work. As well with Vistax64 if the driver isnt digitally signed, it can be a pain in the ass.

    Ignore this
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  3. PandaZ3

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    I think you misread Mr. Spock's post

    I don't think it will work, I think the 64 bit program will only work if all the drivers are for 64 bit and that won't be the case with a 32 bit OS.... but you knew that didn't you!

    It makes me happy as I have XP64 on one macine and Vista HP 64 on this one and my Crossfire rig it going to be DX10? .... I'd be sucking pondwater there
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  4. ChaosMinionX

    ChaosMinionX USB 3 dot oh

    Yep I read it wrong, too many numbers lol....

    No you cannot run a 64bit program on a 32bit OS.

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