SB Live CT4830 / KX3550 drivers

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    I'm running on the same computer Ubuntu, WinXP and Seven.

    I've a Sound Blaster Live CT4830, which is running well on Ubuntu as well as on WinXP (with PCI512XPDrvUpdate.exe driver). On both I can play a MP3 file and send the sound in the same time on the black and green plug of the card (I've 4 speakers connected).

    As Seven didi not want to recognize the card, I installed finally the KX3550 drivers and I want's to say thanks to the developper, because it's the first time I'm getting some sound with Seven.

    I play with about every setting but I can' get the sound in the same time from the black and green plug output. For the moment I chose WAVE OUT 4/5 (kX 10k1 audio 3550) as default. With the kX Mixer, on the General tab, I can switch from the green to the black and vice versa.

    Does anyone can help me ?

    Thank's a lot

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    Set SPDIF/AC3 as the default, and click on the kX "Speaker Setup..." button and choose the "4.0 - Rear=Front" preset.
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    Re: SB Live CT4830 / KX3550 drivers (solved)

    Woah, it's work

    Thank's a lot :)

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