Sharp Aquos vs Samsung LCD HD-TV's

Discussion in 'Hardware Discussion & Support' started by ChaosMinionX, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. ChaosMinionX

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    I have been looking at the Sharp Aquos alot lately, no place has it for viewing on the floor around here because its basically the middle of nowhere... so I have decided to ask you guys for some input... In my room I have a 32" Samsung LN-T3253 found here - SAMSUNG Black 32" 16:9 8ms LCD HDTV w/ ATSC Tuner Model LN-T3253H

    and I have been looking at the Sharp Aquos 32" LC32D62U found here - SHARP AQUOS Black 32" 16:9 6ms 1080p LCD HDTV Model LC32D62U

    The Samsung is 1080i max, and the Sharp is 1080p max (I know on 32" screens it doesnt make much difference) but I was reading the sharp has amazing black levels, and detail, and the picture rivals that of some Plasma screens.

    Now I also know that Zardon owns one of these, not the 32" model but I would assume others followed suit and picked one up, his original post to these sets are what tipped me off to look at them. So now I am asking would it be a worthy upgrade? I would not be losing any money on it because I would just use my Samsung elsewhere :)

    Any input would be appreciated.
  2. Necrosis

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    BWX owns one too I vote Sharp. That Sharp is at a pretty good price too.
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  3. Tipstaff

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    Another vote for the Sharp here as well. I've seen both, and the Sharp is.. well.. sharper.

    Here's something to consider: for $150 bucks more the Sharp is faster by 2ms, has 10k contrast (they don't list it, but the Samsung has 8k dynamic contrast, yet has the same native contrast as the Sharp at 2k), but the number one thing that sets this TV apart from the Samsung is that it is a full 1080p TV (displaying at 1920x1080). The Samsung is a 1080i TV (Neweggs specs are wrong, btw), but due to it's max resolution it only displays at 768 (1366x768), so it down converts 1080i to that resolution. Th only thing the Samsung TV has going for it is that it has 1 more HDMI port, and a D-Sub VGA port.
  4. Judas

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    there is no comparison between those 2 models.. the sharp is going to win hands down...

    however samsungs newest 2 lcd new generation lcd hdtvs....... now they are a sight to see.... but the dollar value on them is retardedly expensive..

    course sony i think is the FIRST to spit out the very first consumer OLED display.... what is it.. 27" @ over $2500?..... should provide a pretty impressive image.. but my gaud... can't wait for the price of that monster to drop.
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  5. ChaosMinionX

    ChaosMinionX USB 3 dot oh

    What new Samsungs? Like the 46" Samsung LN-T4665F - SAMSUNG Black 46" 16:9 8ms 1080p LCD HDTV w/ ATSC Tuner Model LNT4665F for my entertainment room, I have it hooked up to my Ps3 and Xbox Elite.

    Think I will go and order that Aquos, and give the samsung to my parents or something.
  6. Judas

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    no.. that's an older generation..

    i was refering to ... the .5million contrast ratio samsung LCD tv

    such as this one here:

    SAMSUNG's Digital World - TV | LN_T4681F

    or if you into the games or watching some fast motion stuff...

    SAMSUNG's Digital World - TV | LN_T4671F

    this one... essentially doubling the frame rate is always a nice thing.. and when i saw it in action myself with a xbox360 and GoW @ 1080p..... i was pretty damn stoked.... and @ 25,000:1 constrast ratio and 6ms responce time...

    they also make a larger version of both to so.. ;)

    but the 120hz version cost nearly 7 grand last i checked for a 52"... and the .5million contrast verison was just under 5 grand... i think.
  7. ChaosMinionX

    ChaosMinionX USB 3 dot oh

    Oh sick, cant wait for LED to hit mainstream :)
  8. ChaosMinionX

    ChaosMinionX USB 3 dot oh

    Ordered the Aquos, should be here monday-tuesday. Will let you guys know what I think, thanks again for the input.
  9. ChaosMinionX

    ChaosMinionX USB 3 dot oh

    Thread resurrection :)

    Got my Aquos.....and it is a gorgeous display, thanks for those who recommended it, it is for lack of a better word alot "sharper" than the Samsung was.

    Cheers :D
  10. Chaos

    Chaos Number Nine

    cool I have been eyeing the Aquos line of LCD TV's recently but have yet to make a decision as to what one to get. My gut tells me not to get anything smaller than 40" anyone have suggestions on the size
  11. ChaosMinionX

    ChaosMinionX USB 3 dot oh

    I have a sorta small room (bedroom) I tend to stick with 32-46"
  12. Teme

    Teme Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hey can that sharp have the benefits of AMD's avivo's 10-bit-per-color display engine?
  13. easyfun123

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    I think the screen size shold depends on many things like your room size and also your budget . But just as usually the plasme ones are better ,and the biger the better .
  14. dipstick

    dipstick New Member

    One thing about TV's is that after a while you will want something bigger no matter what size you decide on initially;) I picked up the 42" Aquos a few months ago a have absolutely not a single complaint about it. It was cheap and the picture is amazing even if the specs are little lower than the high end Aquos line. It can be had for less than $1200 these days which is a steal imho.
    My only regret is that I got super happy when I got it and gave my bro my dell lcd. While I can use the TV as a pc monitor with no issues, I live alone in quite a big apartment and the lack of background noise while using the PC is a bit depressing(music alone don't quite do it for me) so I had to pony up more money to get another pc monitor:(

    Glad you are enjoying your new sweet LCD ChaosMinionX, you made a wise choice. Something I did when I got mine was to hit the AVS forums and check out the settings others were using. It helped me out a lot while I was trying to set it up and in the end I believe I finally got the best picture possible out it. Its worth a quick search through there as it can help you make it look even better.
  15. 13210

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    Hello everyone, i am glad i found this site i am in real estate/ Bridge Financing and no little about the electronics world but always have been very interested in learning.
    Question, I have a company that owes me a Samsung 47” TV because it was stolen from there facility (storage Unit) they have been very difficult to work with,. He feels that when he finds a deal on a TV then he will get me on:confused::x
    He just emailed me and this is what he wants to give me in exchange, what are your thoughts

    The tv here is 47 inch sharp aquos, HD 1080i, brand new 2008 model. The only thing better is sony bravia. Let me know. Now for other missing Item I question, Your vaults have never been opened. This is also the first time I've heard of this?
  16. procupine14

    procupine14 Why is it Beeping!?!?!

    Yes I have seen this at the Sony Store which is in the shopping center near my apartment. It is quite a nice picture (ridiculously so) :drool: I took a few pictures because it was unbelievable how thin they actually are......and oh BTW go with the Sharp :D
  17. Judas

    Judas Obvious Closet Brony Pony

    considering this thread is quite old... i would say go for the newer samsung models based on the LNxxA650 or newer series.... 120hz ..... true 24fps support .. *doubled*.... thin as hell and amazing picture quality.

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