sound and vga drivers for mobo p4sd-vl from a vaio pcv-rs43m

Discussion in 'Hardware Discussion & Support' started by pikoro, May 20, 2005.

  1. pikoro

    pikoro New Member

    sorry for my english
    i cant find info about motherboard p4sd-vl , in the vaio pcv-rs43m.
    i partitioned the HD and reinstalled win xp sp2.
    in the sony webpage i dont find the vga and sound drivers, nethier the info of them.

    can anyone help me?
  2. swimtech

    swimtech Well-Known Member

    Does your Sony computer have sound and video at the moment?

    Those kinds of basic drivers are most often part of the operating system installation procedure, and they are not available individually from either Sony or Asus it seems...
  3. pikoro

    pikoro New Member

    no it doesn´t.
    i installed the XP pro, and also tried with xp pro sp2
    also i dont have the sony cds
  4. CDsDontBurn

    CDsDontBurn AMD & Petrol Heads Mod

    look at sony's website under their VAIO computer section, and look up your computer model number. There should be a support, or drivers section listed there somewhere so you can d/l the drivers that you need to get your computer running properly.
  5. CDsDontBurn

    CDsDontBurn AMD & Petrol Heads Mod

    here, try this link . It should be the one for your desktop.

    if that isn't your desktop, try this page and put in your computer's model number in.
  6. swimtech

    swimtech Well-Known Member

    No disks, that is diffucult to deal with because the individual drivers you want are just aren't available from Sony or from Asus. Without support from them, you'd have to know what video chip is on the video card or maniboard and search for basic drivers for that particular chip, and hope it works - same for the sound chip on the card or mainboard.

    Have you tried booting the computer in safe mode after you install XP or XPSP2? Unless you have a hardware failure or really messed up installation, you should at least be able to see a desktop environment of some sort... You can configure the unit from safe mode.
  7. swimtech

    swimtech Well-Known Member

    I think he's looked there and so have I (last night) - I couldn't find 'em either. A google search for the unit brings up a thread posted here at DH a while back too, and Vampy couldn't find much for it then either...

    Edit: sorry the double post y'all - CD and I were posting concurrently.
  8. CDsDontBurn

    CDsDontBurn AMD & Petrol Heads Mod

    well, while looking for the drivers for his system, i came across something that said that the MoBo in his system is an intel 865 chipset MoBo. So he should just be able to go to Intel's website and d/l the latest 865 chipset drivers and they should work, that is unless Sony has put in some kind of proprietary amendments to the 865 chipset that will not allow the Intel 865 drivers install. Now it never said anywhere if the video was integrated video, or if the system had it's own graphics card. That is one thing that we need to know if we are to help him with the video drivers.
  9. pikoro

    pikoro New Member

    i dont have a graphic card , its integrated.
    the control panel shows that graphics drivers is not installed, but everything seems nice, it shows 32 bits colors, and good resolution, but the sound is not working
    i´m going to try the intel 865 chipset driver
  10. pikoro

    pikoro New Member

    also i installed the win xp pro in spanish.
    that would be the problem?
  11. CDsDontBurn

    CDsDontBurn AMD & Petrol Heads Mod installed the spanish version of winXP???? The drivers and whatnot should still be the same
  12. PangingJr

    PangingJr Member

    from links above...All Drivers and Software for the PCV-RS43M.

    according to the Sony eSupport, the the Intel 865PE chipset is used in PCV-RS43M model ?

    anyway, check with Sony and see if you can directly install and use all of the Intel drivers from Intel.

    Graphics Driver for Intel 865G and 865GV.
    the Intel 865PE does not have an integrated video, nor the 865P??.

    the Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility (INF update utility) is support for all Intel 865 chipset family,
    this includes 865G, 865GV, 865PE and 865P.
  13. lgo

    lgo New Member

    Hello. I have a Vaio RS-52MV. It has the same Asus P4SD-VL motherboard, so this would work for you. For the record, the motherboard came integrated with 7 USB (4 on back panel, 3 in the front) 2 Firewire (1 on back panel), PS2 mouse and keyboard, onboard 2 channel sound with SP/DIF optical output, integrated 64 MB video. Compare this with yours as it may be a different board revision.

    Graphic Driver: Intel Extreme Graphics 2 (Intel 865G).
    Select your OS and download. For XP SP2 there's a fresh driver version 14.13 posted 4/29/2005

    Chipset Driver: Intel 865G Go to
    Select your OS and download. For XP home SP2, I downloaded the one marked
    INF Update Utility [INFINST.EXE](1541 KB) ver, 12/16/2004, you can select a multi language file about 3 MB for your Spanish XP.
    There's a newer version but I didn't used them (I also have a spanish XP) because they weren't multi language compatible.

    Sound Driver: Analog Devices ADI1982 SounMAX. I haven´t found a stand-alone driver for this (only drivers from Compaq or HP that won't install on my machine), but apparently the XP installation (SP2) has drivers for this.

    LAN Driver: Intel Pro/VE
    I haven´t searched for a new driver.

    NEC Firewire: ditto

    Hope this helps.
  14. Prodian

    Prodian New Member

    Soluciones de Prodian

    Hola Amigo, lamento responder hasta ahora, pues yo tuve el mismo problema con una sony vaio Modelo PCV-RS50MV con chipset Intel 865G que fue necesario cambiar el disco duro y como no podia instalar el sonido, empece a buscar en los foros y encontre que la referencia de casi todos es ASUS P4SD pero te refiere a un controlador REALTECK que si se instala pero igual no da sonido, entonces busque entre todos los discos de Moterboard que tengo y finalmente tengo instalado el sonido y el video que son identificados en la lista de hardware de Mi PC como:

    Video: Intel(r)82865G Graphics Controler que lo obtuve de la pagina de Sony descargando el archivo del Chipset de este modelo,

    Sonido: Vinyl AC97 codec combo driver (WDM) que lo obtuve de un disco de Motherboar Biostar U8068 y todo funciona muy bien espero te sirva o sirva a otras personas con el mismo problema y quede para referencias futuras.

    Nota: Para el sonido puedes buscar en la pagina de Biostar en el modelo 8068 hata 8668 como VT8235 y este funciona bien, aun cuando es un controlador de VIA [​IMG] [​IMG] :) :) ;) ;)
  15. rupamanjari

    rupamanjari New Member

    hi thanks for including me...
  16. frama2002

    frama2002 New Member

    I need driver mobo asus p5b-wii , i don´t locate them.

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