Sound Blaster ZX - Audio distortion on optical output.....sometimes

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    Hello to everybody.

    OK, here is the thing, so I need to check if PAX drivers fix this god damn stupidity.

    When I was connected through analog output, everything works fine.
    When I connected soundbar via optical, one problem occured.

    This is the problem:

    I only noticed on Youtube using FF 60.
    When I watch Youtube and use mouse or keyboard arrows to skip to certain portion of stream line, at random time (few minutes, half an is just random) audio goes berserk and it sounds robotic like. To be precise, distorted. Like you've putted distortion with compressor.
    After that, every sound in Windows, be it standalone player or just anything that outputs sound is distorted. And even distortion, when appeares is different.

    The only way to regain back normal sound is to reboot PC.

    I tried changing bit and Hz (from default 24/48000 to 16/44100), tried changing speaker from 5.1 to 2.0/2.1, tried changing DDL to DTS, changing bottom PCIe in BIOS from Auto to PCIe x4 to PCIe x1, well tried much everything. Both drivers from Creative suffer the sam symptom.

    The only thing I recently changed is moving card from PCIe x4 (bottom long PCIe) to most upper PCIe x1. I'm currently testing this one, as much my personal time gives.

    When on bottom PCIe it shared these devices with one IRQ (no conflict):

    On upper PCIe is like this (no conflict):

    Mobo is ASUS P8P67 Pro rev. 3.1.
    Oh, and Windows 7 x64 is used.

    In contact With Creative, they gave me a reg patch, which doesn't fix issue, even with upper written changes.
    By the way, they discontinued Creative forums. Which is crap.

    Now, do PAX drivers fix this issue? And if so, which is the last one.

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