Suggest some parts for my prize please

Discussion in 'Hardware Discussion & Support' started by Matth, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. Matth

    Matth Flash Banner Hater

    Motherboard, CPU & graphics sorted:

    So that's case / PSU (not a fan of windowed cases)
    RAM (needs DDR3 for AM3) - now what's the best speed/timing for AM3, and what's the mose cost-effective?
    err, what else, Keyb/mouse if I give it a new one, probably keep the speaker set I'm using, and the monitor.

    PS. I'm more likely to shop at ebuyer than overclockers, though I guess I should check out:
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  2. Takaharu

    Takaharu Unus offa, unus iuguolo

    Case will be your preference - you need to look at it after all. With a 5770 you won't have to worry too much about space so it's pretty much any mid-tower.
    OCZ Stealth Xtream 500W - This thing's as silent as farting into a cushion. If you're going to put a bit more junk in your trunk, go for the 700W equivalent.
    2x Kingston DDR3 1333MHz I'd go for - I find it's the most balanced in price vs performance.
    LG 22x DVD-RW - Cheap and cheerful, reliable make, does everything except Blu-Ray.
    Keyboard and mouse, again, more personal than anything else (you can't really go wrong as long as it's got W, A, S and D) and the mouse is also personal preference. Try and aim for >3000 dpi and check manufacturers' websites for their gaming ranges as the dpi will get you a high-end mouse and the gaming category will ensure smooth gaming. A high dpi isn't everything.
  3. craig5320

    craig5320 Well-Known Member

    Case as Takaharu said depends highly on what you want to look at, post up your budget and maybe we can suggest a few. I prefer plainer looking cases like the Antec P183.

    PSU I'm a big fan of Corsair, I'd go for at least a 700W version to see you good for the future.

    I would also go for Kingston on DDR3 too.
  4. Stuart_Davidson

    Stuart_Davidson Senior Editor Staff Member

  5. OldBuzzard

    OldBuzzard DH's oldest Geek

    Another vote for the CORSAIR PSUs. With their proven quality across their entire line of PSUs, it's almost a no brainer.

    I'd also suggest Corsair memory as well. Once again, because of their long history of making quality RAM.

    For a case, I'd suggest one of the Cooler Master 690 series. Lots of room inside, good cable management options, and really good cooling.
  6. Matth

    Matth Flash Banner Hater

    Ouch! just looked at the price of the 690, only ever bought cheap case/PSU combos before - and I'm guessing that the 450/500W PSU in a casecom will not do the rest of the kit justice - OUCH, if it's the casecom 500W with just 17A on the 12v, that's even less than the 350W one in my Medion!

    Kind of like the antec 300, but I normally have stuff on top of the case which would disagree with the top fan.
    Coolermaster Elite 335 Case - No PSU - Ebuyer - possible?
    Actually, the 10 quid casecoms look ok to me, ok won't be as thick metal or tool-less etc., but I've just never been that bothered about the case - thinking black or silver, but not fingerprint showing shiny!

    Looked at opticals, so cheap now it's not worth using my old ATA one.

    I guess that leaves the drives, guess for price, I could throw one 500GB in, but maybe think about using the raid to stripe for speed, mirror for security, or maybe a 3 drive raid 5 ?
  7. Matth

    Matth Flash Banner Hater

    Going crazy looking at stuff, what the heck is the difference between an Elite 334 and 335, other thyan it seems one has the supplied fan front fitted and the other rear.

    Heatsink? if it's an X4 965 with retail HSF, is it worth replacing with something better (for quiet, not for max clock).
  8. Matth

    Matth Flash Banner Hater

    No retail HSF, wondering if an Arctic freezer Pro 7 Rev2 or CM hyper TX3 will be enough.
    One strike against the AF7, the AMD bracket only fits one way, leaving it blowing out toward the PSU, while the Hyper TX3 can be set to exhaust toward the rear fan.

    Actually, looking at the motherboard heatsinks, is a heatsink that blows down toward the motherboard better (and use the side panel duct or side fan in a case to feed it).

    Next question - memory, 2x1 or 2X2 - is it worth giving it the full 4Gb.
    Looking at ballistix 1333 4Gb set, perhaps, as some RAM speed tests suggest that AM3 cares more about CAS (7) than higher RAM speed, and the ballistix is not hugely more expensive than some CAS 9 stuff.

    Also, PSU choice, looks like I need an 8 pin 12v - guess that will curtail my cheapskate tendencies!
    Looked at this bundle
    Coolermaster Elite 334 Black Mid Tower Case with Coolermaster eXtreme Power 460W PSU - Ebuyer
    Coolermaster case/PSU, but it's not 80plus - kind of decided on 80plus
  9. Takaharu

    Takaharu Unus offa, unus iuguolo

    Wow, you're really after the pennies so it seems.
    2GB will suffice for pretty much all your needs if gaming is your main concern. 4GB will be a better choice if you run memory-heavy applications or just loads of them. The ability to run games at high graphics was my main aim for my PC but I also run Visual Studio, SQL Express and occasionally Adobe products. 2GB more than covers my needs for my (pure) gaming PC.
    As for the PSU, go for higher wattage. 460W is fine now but what if you want to upgrade your graphics card or go through overclocking? You want a PSU that you can depend on with enough wattage to do whatever you want. Dual graphics, for example, will probably tip you over the top.
  10. Neshi

    Neshi HH's cuddly Blue Bear

    PSU is always something you don't want to skimp on.. it's basically the backbone of the pc and if it fails, it can take several components with it. Running a PSU on its max all the time is not a good idea, you'd better go with a little more oomph like takaharu already suggested.
  11. IvanV

    IvanV HH Assassin Guild Member

    I think that the PSU and the case will do fine. Obviously they are nothing spectacular, but I consider them trustworthy. :)

    The 10 quid cases are to be avoided, especially since you say that you often put stuff on top of them. I've seen them get nastily deformed over time. Nothing too obvious while the case is closed, but upon opening the side panel you'd see that the motherboard edge isn't parallel to the case edge which would put quite a bit of strain on the graphics and other cards. :eek:
  12. Stuart_Davidson

    Stuart_Davidson Senior Editor Staff Member

    Do you have a rough idea of the budget yet? Would allow us all to recommend our ideal components for that price.
  13. Matth

    Matth Flash Banner Hater

    Budget - well, flexible, but definitely on the "value for money" side, to be honest, it'll mostly be doing internet.
    Hoping my friend still has a cheap Win7.

    Funny thing is, some bits are way cheaper than they used to be, and others are - "hey, I've never spent that on a case / PSU / heatsink in my life" - I remember the painful cost of a 2x CDROM!!!

    Can't see much likelihood of upgrading to a supoer powered graphics, unless I get the bug for a game that really needs one - guess I should leave enough PSU and cooling leeway to allow for making up a crossfire pair, and perhaps some auto overclocking - not keen on upping the volts and banshee fans though.

    Still debating the heatsink, very few seem to be able to turn "right way" to blow front to back and out through the back fan, unless I keep the top clear and go for that Antec 300 with top fan - and £40-ish seems to be quite enough for a case with no PSU - looking at Novatech, maybe the Zalman Z7.
    I like my cases pretty plain, what's the point of case windows?

    Antec 200 Two Hundred Mid Tower Case - No PSU - Ebuyer - Interesting, the Antec 200 - in the picture, I thought "that front bezel looks ugly", but in a video review, not so bad....
    Intrigued by the SATA hotswap bay, do you just shove a bare drive in for backup?
    More to the point, can the drive be spun down under software control before releasing?

    OK, budget:
    I'll say max £100 for the case + PSU
    Max £100 for the RAM
    Probably go for a single DVD-RW, or maybe my usual dual ROM and RW combination, though writers are so cheap these days, you don't really need to save them (yeah, I'm old school).

    Drives, now that is where I am really torn... cheapest option would be a single 500GB, and even there, just how much faster (and noisier, and hotter) is a WD Cav Black over a Blue.
    A pair in RAID 0, or a trio in RAID 5?
    Or a small SSD for boot/system, and hard drive (blue, or even green) for storage.

    In real terms, just how much difference does it make, I know Win7 is supposed to mbe faster starting anyway, so they say.
  14. Stuart_Davidson

    Stuart_Davidson Senior Editor Staff Member

    Case: NZXT BETA EVO Black Mid Tower Case - Ebuyer (Tool free drive installation, decent direction for the HDs, plenty of free fan locations, inc top) £35

    PSU: CMPSU-550VXUK Corsair VX 550W ATX2.2 Power Supply The VX Series represents awsome value with great Corsair reliability and performance. : (Its Corsair, that says enough) £70

    Memory: Kingston 2gb Ddr3 1333mhz Hyperx Memory Cl7(7-7-7-20) - Ebuyer (2 of these, Kingston Modules, good Cas value.) £50 each

    Hard Drive: Western Digital WD5001AALS 500GB Hard Drive SATAII 7200rpm 32MB Cache - OEM Caviar Black - Ebuyer (500gb, sata2, 32mb cache and optimised for performance.) £44

    3x case fans XLF-F1254 Xigmatek LED Fan - 120mm : (Top, back, front... 3pin connectors which will allow variable contol on the mobo = low noise) £6.50 each

    Drive: AD-7240S-0B Sony AD-7240S 24X DVD+/-RW Dual Layer DVD-RAM SATA Black - OEM 24x DVD-R, 24x DVD+R, 12x DVD-R DL, 12x DVD+R DL, 6x DVD-RW, 8x DVD+RW, 12x DVD-RAM, 2MB Buffer. : (Does all the DVD formats, decent brand) £16

    Cooler: (Very quiet fan, good price/perf and good paste pre-applied) £17

    It looks from your comments that you want the best perf/value so an SSD is not really something you should concern yourself with. As for RAID etc, i wouldnt do that either. A nice new drive like the WD Black should be plenty fast for your system.
  15. Takaharu

    Takaharu Unus offa, unus iuguolo

    That case for £35 is tré sexy.
    I'll go along with what Veridian3 suggested. £251.50 (ex p+p) for a quad-core AMD system with those gubbings, a decent ASUS motherboard and 5670? Bargain.
  16. Matth

    Matth Flash Banner Hater

    Case: eek! is that 501mm deep, that would hang front and back off my desk (desk surface depth - 420mm), guess I'll have to do without long card support if I want it to fit. Wondering if I have to go MicroATX to keep it desk-friendly.
    PS. good point, front/top esata as well as USBs - bad point, was really hoping to keep a flat top, as I dump my camera dock and an old Liteon combo (in ext case) that is a supreme reader.

    PSU: Be Quiet 530W Pure Power PSU - 120mm Fan Dual 12V Rails 5x SATA 2x PCI-E - Ebuyer - any good?
    OCZ Stealth XStream 600W PSU - SLI Ready ATX2.2 12cm Fan - Ebuyer - or this
    Or are Corsair so far ahead... 70 quid is a sharp intake of breath at the 550W level

    RAM - Crucial 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 1333MHz/PC3-10600 Ballistix Memory Kit CL7 (7-7-7-24) 1.65V - Ebuyer - this is the one I was looking at, and seems to have dropped by about a fiver since. 7-7-7-24, not sure what the 24 is compared to the 20.

    The cooler, I was wondering between the freezer 7 Pro, or the CM Hyper TX3 which can be turned towards a rear fan. Was wondering if the cooler was one thing which did need to go higher, as reviews suggest they go rather noisy under load.
  17. Takaharu

    Takaharu Unus offa, unus iuguolo

    For the PSU, go for the OCZ. Corsair is the dog's 'nads but OCZ has a decent reputation. From experience, a cheap PSU is painful.
    I personally find that Crucial doesn't justify its pricing very well and given the £50 pricetag with a lower latency I'd say that wins hands-down.
  18. IvanV

    IvanV HH Assassin Guild Member

    From what I understand, OCZ has had some pretty good and some less than stellar (read: unreliable) series. Unless you get a reliable tip that a particular model is good, there are other, more consistent brands for the money.
  19. Stuart_Davidson

    Stuart_Davidson Senior Editor Staff Member

    Having looked through all the cases up to £40 on ebuyer the only option with a decent brand name which fits your 420mm requirement are:

    Thermaltake WingRS 200 VJ70001N2Z Black Mid Tower Case - Ebuyer This is probably the best option based on cooling, you need to buy a 120mm intake fan but its 420mm deep and has a flat top.

    Antec NSK 4000II Black/Silver ATX MiniTower - No PSU - Ebuyer Its a basic model with a rather unique internal layout. Limited on the fan front (you need to buy a 80mm front intake )

    Neither appear to be in the same league as the NZXT but they do meet your requirements it seems. (Maybe putting the NZXT on the floor would be an option?)

    As for the PSU/Memory, I still stand by my original recommendations of Corsair/Kingston...Crucial would be ok but I would go for the Kingston myself.

    For the cooler, unless it has changed the Hyper TX3 has a really fiddly installation but otherwise its good.

    Oh, and one final thing... case wise, a mico-atx one wouldnt fit your board.
  20. Matth

    Matth Flash Banner Hater

    Well, a little overhang would do, but the feet have to fit on...
    Could clear the junk and put it under, but the desk shelf is even shallower than the top, 270mm - looks like nothing reasonable would fit there, even though width and height are good.

    I still keep slipping toward that front-loading drive gizmo on the Antec 200 - at 470mm deep, that would be an inch over, front and back (desk is mobile, and not flat to wall), can't see any pic that shows where the feet are - actually, even 500mm might go, so long as the feet are not right at the edges.

    I suppose I should try to go "psu bottom", fan top, even if it does mean some re-arrangement - I could always fit the trusty old combo drive IN the case, except it's the wrong colour!
    Never actually needed the "2 sheep" capabilities, but it reads anything, and revives CD-RW that other drives have messed up.

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