Terratec Aureon sound card question

Discussion in 'Windows & Other OS Discussion & Support' started by littletom, Aug 9, 2005.

  1. littletom

    littletom New Member

    Hi, I wonder if anyone could give me any advice.

    I am having slight trouble with a Terratec Aureon 5.1 PCI sound card with Windows Vista. The drivers install fine and I can listen to sound, but the problem I have is concerning the SPDIF output. The only way to turn it on as far as I know is through a program called "Aureon Control Panel" or something like that. I can't however get the program to run, I've tried lowering the compatability mode, and elevating it to a higher run level but no joy.

    I was wondering if anyone else has this card and has any other ideas on how I can make the Control Panel run, or how to activate the SPDIF output without the control panel. I can't see any obvious registry keys or anything.

    I am well aware that Vista is a beta version and as such no-one can expect everything to work, but sometimes there are ways round things like this.

    Any adive would be good!
  2. Finch85

    Finch85 New Member

    Which driver did u use?
    Because i only found a driver for Win XP and Vista crashed while i was trying to install it. So i cant get my sound to work.
    My soundcard is an Terratec Aureon 5.1 Fun.
  3. RIV@NVX

    RIV@NVX Freedom is a feature.

    THat's normal. XP and Vista *are*not* compatible. XP and 2000 were compatible to some degree (most drivers for XP worked in 2000 and vice-versa).
    Apparently, there is no Vista driver from C-Media nor Terratec. Doesn't it work out of the box? Because I highly doubt TerraTec will be interested in developing a driver for it.

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