The Introduce Yourself Topic! (and Post Yourself!)

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by Sandok, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. Sandok

    Sandok New Member

    EDIT 2013 - We have merged the Introduce Yourself and Post Yourself threads into one megapostintroduceyourself thread. So...

    Feel free to post pics of yourself and new members, introduce yourself here too.

    As always, pics of the members is always fun and seeming as they never seem to go out of fashion, here is a new thread for 2007 ;)

    So go ahead, post your mugs and be proud :D


    I don't wanna hear any comments... :rofl: :lol:

    (EDIT: I really need a new picture of myself ! :wtf: )
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    SFOSOK 939 Goin Strong

  3. Teme

    Teme Super Moderator Staff Member

  4. Teme

    Teme Super Moderator Staff Member

    only when you have messed up DH's database :evil: :evil: :evil:
  5. HardwareHeaven

    HardwareHeaven Administrator Staff Member

  6. YAYitsAndrew

    YAYitsAndrew Anti-Piracy Poster Boy

    We'll start off crazy

    Take a turn at formal

    Blow some smoke rings

    And then wear women's headgear
  7. dj_stick

    dj_stick Apple Fanboy? Staff Member


    oh and here's me shuffling
  8. Kombatant

    Kombatant New Member

    And here's yours truly, checking out some hot blonde (as usual) last week:
  9. Teme

    Teme Super Moderator Staff Member

    Now the world will end.... :D
  10. CDsDontBurn

    CDsDontBurn AMD & Petrol Heads Mod

    :eek: OMFG!!!! Z posted his pic!!!

    this is the first time in the 3.5yrs. i've been a member that i've seen your pic!!!

    as for me, i'll get mine posted when i'm feeling and looking better :)
  11. Son_of_Thunder

    Son_of_Thunder New Member

    Z is friends with blurry people.

    and...because this pic makes me laugh every time (i was trying to out-gay someone):
  12. BulletTheory

    BulletTheory Forgiveness is a Six Gun

    He looks like the drummer of Metallica , Lars Ulrich, on that picture!
  13. Dowaco

    Dowaco New Member

    At the Korean War Memorial in Washington DC

  14. SFOSOK

    SFOSOK 939 Goin Strong

    Just wanted to post a full size one


    And damn Allan, you have pretty big arms.
  15. Asmoday

    Asmoday Demonic

    Yep, I'm this colorless...:p

  16. zaim

    zaim New Member

  17. Stuart_Davidson

    Stuart_Davidson Senior Editor Staff Member

    Amazing what can be done with photoshop :lol:

    Anyway...heres one of me outside my house... :D

  18. niceguyrichy

    niceguyrichy b b b b b BEER

    nothing new I'm afraid, this is still the only half way up to date photo of me:

  19. Vikingod

    Vikingod Int'l Fish Liaison

    I may not have Allans muscles, or Craigs "Trainspotting" coolness, or even SFOSOK's torn shirt, and I wasn't in Motorhead like Asmoday, but here I am...
    Crappy pic, I might have a better one around.
  20. ChaosMinionX

    ChaosMinionX USB 3 dot oh

    Ehh I've been lurking around here for awhile now, and posting hah so why not.


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