toshiba satellite and sm bus controller

Discussion in 'Mobile Computing' started by lonewolf_one, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. lonewolf_one

    lonewolf_one New Member

    Toshiba Satellite A215-S7411
    AMD 64 Athlon X2

    I wiped out Vista and went back to XP. I have almost everything straightened out except for two things listed in the device manager. "SM bus controller" and 3 listings of "Base system device" all with question marks and exclamation points. I did a search for the bus controller but ened up running in circles. Has anyone got a solution for this? Thanks.
  2. Vikingod

    Vikingod Int'l Fish Liaison

    Welcome to DH

    Have need to install your chipset drivers (motherboard) and the drivers for the card reader. Because that laptop shipped with Vista, you might not have luck finding the appropriate drivers at the manufactures website.

    Check these out A215_S7428Drivers

    They are for a similar model, and may work. Other than that, I suggest you google the heck out of it and see if there are drivers available.
  3. Vikingod

    Vikingod Int'l Fish Liaison

  4. ddam

    ddam New Member

    The drivers ukmex (Vikingods link) provided fixed the sm bus and the base system device probs which were some ricoh memory stick things. I have a different model than you, but maybe check the specs and if they're similar it may work for ya.

  5. rosy8235

    rosy8235 New Member

    motherboard divers

    I bought a computer it had Xp pro then it started freezing so i formatted the hard drive 2 install Xp home edition it loaded very but the resolution is not clear i think it needs motherboard drivers.
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  6. spellbinder-alex

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    Toshiba Satellite L305-S5875 Laptop (XP DRIVERs folder set + DG07 self-installer)

    HI! Have successfully downgraded from Vista into XP another Toshiba Laptop. Here's the link to download the archive (.RAR - 143Mb) with all the drivers in separate folders + self-installing DriverGenius 2007 pack (.EXE) to do it automaticly. Only IF some of the drivers will still be unknown in 'Device Manager', you can install them manually from a folder... GOOD LUCK! VISTA - SUCKS:annoyed:!) Alex.:rolleyes:

    RapidShare: Easy Filehosting
  7. feli kori

    feli kori New Member

    i need sound drivers for toshiba a215-s7428
  8. smithk1954

    smithk1954 New Member

    Toshiba has a so so suport site. Just Google Toshiba Tech Support:D
  9. stanislav.dymik

    stanislav.dymik New Member

    I just re-installed a xp pro from the piece of shit vista on my satellite a215 s7422.
    Once i got my wireless internet working - the rest was a piece of cake, except i still can't find the damned sm bus controller.
    however, all drivers are here:
    Toshiba Satellite A215-S7422 Windows XP Drivers
    everything working. the graphic card drive i downloaded directly from ati, the only thing was that i had to run the windows upgrades before it could work.
    anyway, if anyone knows where i can find that sm bus controller, i would appreciate this.
    thanks :)
  10. stanislav.dymik

    stanislav.dymik New Member

    Go to this website for the ati card controllers, and download SOUTH BRIDGE DRIVER.
    i have a satellite a215 s7422 - it worked for me!!!
    Drivers & Tools | GAME.AMD.COM
    good luck!
  11. davidgarro

    davidgarro New Member

    a215 s4737

    i'm loking for the drivers foir this laptop.
    somebady can help with that, i need the package of thoose drivers.
    i can't find the following drivers
    Audio Device on High Definition Audio Buss
    Mass Storage Controller
    Modem Device on High Definition Audio Buss
  12. biplab

    biplab New Member

    Hello Friends;
    Need your help. I downdraded my Toshiba A105 s2236 Laptop from Vista to XP. Driver for SM Bus controller is mising. Also Sound and Function keys are not working.
    Please suggest if you have any solution..

    Thank you.
  13. Shaunk23

    Shaunk23 New Member

    Please i am hoping somone can help me!!! In the next two weeks ill be traveling for work and Its imperative our laptops work. I had to wipe this morning due to system crash and I have re-installed windows xp pro sp2. Its a Toshiba A215 - S7437 . Currently Im sitting with below in device manager as missing:

    Ethernet Controller
    PCI Device
    Sm Bus Controller
    Video Controller

    This machine originally had vista on it so there is zero support for it ALTHOUGH I converted it for him about 8 months ago and I was able to get it all up and running .. unfortunately we have no disk.

    ALL I need help on is getting the internet connection on it up. I can find the audio and video. I Assume I need the Ethernet controller so I can set a line into it and it will read it. I really need to get this up and have been sitting here for THREE HOURS already... I keep finding things on line that show " Rapid share " but every time I get 90 % of the way done then it says " Cannot read server source " Please if you have time point me in the right direction... I figured you may know other places to look or can look at it from a hardware angle and see what driver I may need and I can find it on ANOTHER Toshiba model. You can also email me @ [email protected]

    Thank you!!

  14. Dema

    Dema New Member


    I got a similar problem. I have downgraded my Toshiba L20-11D PSL33E from Vista (slow and pointless) to XP Pro SP3. All the drivers work fine except there is no modem showing in the device manager and the sound driver (RealTek HD) does not install; prompting the "Microsoft Bus driver must be loaded before installing RealTek HD Audio drivers".

    Every thread and solution ive seen thus far in the past two days refers to the fix for XP Pro SP2 with the KB888111 hotfix from Microsoft but that does not work for the SP3 (Error comes up during installation saying that the upgrade is too old for this version of windows)

    I am in a real pickle so I would be extremely grateful if someone can help me out! If there is any additional info that you guys require just ask..

  15. GigaWatt

    GigaWatt Now In Color :D

    i'm not the one that should say this, but it would be nice if you open up a new thread instead using this one... ;)

    use SIW to identify your devices, make a report file (as shown in the picture here), upload your results on some sort of an upload engine (rapidshare, megaupload...), and we'll see what we can do... ;)

    just please unplug all the USB devices attached to your notebook before you start SIW and make the report file... it's so confusing to search for drivers when so many devices are attached to the system via USB... :S

    also please state the build of the OS you're planing on installing (is it a 32bit or 64bit version)... ;)
  16. chorn9926

    chorn9926 New Member

    i am seeking the same think

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