Unprepared for cyberattacks?

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    People with knowledge of national intelligence briefings say that little has
    been done to protect the country against a cyberattack. Senator Jon Kyl
    (R-Ariz.) says: "It's a big threat, because it is easy to do and can cause
    great harm," and vulnerable U.S. targets are said to include the Centers for
    Disease Control and Prevention; FedWire, the money-movement clearing system
    maintained by the Federal Reserve Board; computer systems that operate
    water-treatment plants or that run electrical grids and dams; facilities
    that control the flow of information over the Internet; the nation's
    communications network, including telephone and 911 call centers; and air
    traffic control, rail and public transportation systems. Rep. Jane Harman
    (D-Calif.) says: "What I fear is the combination of a cyberattack
    coordinated with more traditional terrorism, undermining our ability to
    respond to an attack when lives are in danger." (USA Today 6 May 2002;
    NewsScan Daily, 7 May 2002)


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