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  1. guruabyss

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    This is a old skool wacom pad. I tried looking on Wacom's site but of course this hardware is discontinued. I looked on google as well as google groups and only found on post. On the back of the hardware there is a Model # UD-0608-R. I downloaded drivers for some of the new hardware with the same UD series but when it tries to scan for port 3 the installer just stop and freezes.

    Does anyone have or know where I can do to get a drive that will work with win XP. I could always dish out $500 bucks to get a new one but I really don't want to at this time.
  2. Matth

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    Driver 4.78-6 RC, for a whole range of them including the UD/Digitizer II ?

    A friend had one, and it works fine with XP.

    Is the PSU OK, these are a bit fussy on that, is the power light at the top of the pad on? - there is also a switch on the pad, that is not very obvious.

    Is the serial port enabled it's connected to enabled?

    If the autoscan is upsetting other devices (such as a modem) then it may be better to set the port manually instead of scanning.

    It even works on a serial to USB adapter.

    PS. My friend's one suffered a dead PSU due to a sytem moving mishap (LABEL YOUR MAINS ADAPTERS!), and the plug seems to have an awkward combination of centre and outer sizes, so not "multipurpose" adapters fitted.
  3. guruabyss

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    "Driver 4.78-6 RC, for a whole range of them including the UD/Digitizer II ?"

    where on the wacom site can I find that driver?

    ok there are three com ports (1,2 and 3) how can I tell if the other ports are taken or not?
  4. guruabyss

    guruabyss New Member

    Matth.... are you still around?
  5. Matth

    Matth Flash Banner Hater

    Select Windows (already set) and UD series/Digitizer II (Last on the list)
    My recollection is that it's "double packed" - the file you get actually unpacks an installer - but that may be my tendency to open EXE download with my OWN archive program, if they are self extractors - anyway, you've got to that point before.

    I think it tells you when you should turn the pad on, not quite certain of that...

    The COM ports, if your system has two, both enabled, then they will be COM1 and 2 - back panel marking is often unclear, so you may need the motherboard manual to show which is COM1 and which is COM2.

    COM3 is likely to be the virtual or internal port of a modem.
    A look at the resoprces used (hardware properties) of the COM ports and any modems present, may shed a little light
  6. rstringer

    rstringer New Member

    Sory to butt in on your thread, but do you happen to have the manual for the UD series digitizer?? It is in approximately the same family as the SD that I bought off of ebay. It powers up fine, responds to the pen but errors when the computer tries to talk to it, either a driver or DIP switch setting, I think.

    If you do have it, could you scan and post the DIP switch values so I can figure this beast out???

    (DAMN---fat fingers today--took ten minutes to tyhpe this!!!!!!)


  7. Matth

    Matth Flash Banner Hater

    http://www.wacom-europe.com/forum/topic.asp?lang=uk&ARCHIVE=&TOPIC_ID=1715 not much help there, but could always try the Wacom forum - check that the cable is PC version.

    Try going back a driver version, or so, the last update I tried (sorting out my arty friend's setup) wasn't a good one. Actually, looks like the 4.60 may be the last to support the SD - doesn't come up if you select SD & WinXP (nothing found) but the 4.60 does support WinXP is suggested in the notes for the one offered for the UD model (4.78 stated NOT to support the SD model).

    Can't offer much more, as the friend who used this sadly passed away a few months ago.
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  8. rstringer

    rstringer New Member

    Thanks for the reply. Sorry to hear your friend is visiting greener pastures, such losses are always keenly felt.

    I have been on the Wacom site and, as you say, not much help there. I'll go back and try their forums--I think I already have, but then again, I've been to so many they all seem to blur togather at this point.

    As for the cable, it is just a serial cable from the processor box to the computer, I think--at least that is what I'm using. the box has a removeable cover on the bottom over two 8-10 switch DIP switches and this may be where the selection is made for Apple or PC, com port, etc. If I could find a manual I could probably work it out. In the meantime, I'll keep searching.

    I've tried several of their drivers, including 4.60 but no help so far, probably DIP switch or cable--now that you mention it--so....onward I go.

    Thanks for the reply and again, sorry you lost your friend.

  9. rstringer

    rstringer New Member

    WACOM Help on Old Digitizer

    I talked to Jarrod at WACOM technical support and he was kind enough to send me both the serial cable pin-out and the dip switch settings for the SD-510C digitizer!

    Now all I have to do is set the DIP switches and build an adapter for the serial cable I bought yesterday and I'll se if my toy will work. I think it will because I get the power, status, and ready lights on the box, the only problem is the box isn't talking to the computer.

    Will post results.

  10. tesler_sam

    tesler_sam New Member

    Driver for Digitizaer for Windows Vista

    Anyone had probed to install the digitizar II in Windows Vista, there isnt drivers for that OS, the XP drivers work bad.
    I hope somebody has solve it
  11. teddy3

    teddy3 New Member

    Hi, friends! Tanks to all for your support!
    I'm trying to use old tablet ud-0608-r on new Mac Pro (Intel proc, Unix base). The first problem - serial port -> there're USB to serial convertors (or so), second - DRIVERS! May be it's possible to make something this my combination working?
    I'm traditionalist :)
    Please, help!
  12. gt40mk2

    gt40mk2 New Member

    Hey - If anyone ends up here looking to set up an older Wacom tablet on Mac 10.4+, I've got a solution that works.

    Firstly, you need a usb to serial adapter with its latest driver. I'm using Sabrent's SBT-USC6M. (About $10-15.)

    Secondly, the tablet driver. If you've come here you probably know that Wacom has no drivers that support their old tablets past Windows XP. Fortunately, someone else has written one. And you can get it here:

    TabletMagic | Thinkyhead

    I just got my old Digitizer II talking to Mac OS 10.4. It works!

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