Watch TV on more than primary possible now...

Discussion in 'AMD Graphics Cards' started by serverlag, Apr 1, 2005.

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    Watch TV on other than primary display possible now...

    Finally I found a way to
    The Theatre Mode functionality since at least Omegas 2.5.97a (based on Cats 4.12) give the option to show video content on other than the primary display device, which is what I was looking forward to for a long time now.
    It is probably old news to most of you, but I thought I'd mention it nonetheless since I just stumbled upon it by chance and it really helps if you want to use your TV-out to have someone watch TV/Video and at the same time play/work on that machine!
    It works flawlessly and I don't have to change resolutions anymore when using TV-out because I can set it to automatically show Video content in full screen [​IMG]
    Go check it out:
    Activate your secondary display in the Displays tab of the display setup/advanced page, then goto the Overlay tab and there click theater mode... set options to suit your needs and enjoy!
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  2. Judas

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    I wasn't aware of this... thank you! (i'll give it a whirl)
  3. swimtech

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    Printed for future reference - thanks!
  4. Judas

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    sweet.. works great.. i can now play games and watch tv at the same time...

    but it still need a litte work imo. If i minimize it .. the screen disapears.. however if i set it so that when minimized.. it shows as see through window or desktop or whatever.... it'll stay on the tv.. but it interfers with the game.

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