Weird internet connection problem.

Discussion in 'Hardware Discussion & Support' started by Trusteft, Apr 16, 2013.

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    Every, approximately, 1:15m my internet connection "pauses", nothing gets in or out, then for about the same duration it is fine. Loop. For about half an hour now.

    What gives?
  2. Trusteft

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    I have an update on this.

    My main web browser (but not only) is Firefox. I recently updated it to 20.0.1 In fact I am pretty sure I did it either the same day or the one before I was having this problem.

    In my browser, which tends to remain open for a long long time even when I have other things I am working with, I begun uploading a Youtube video. A large file, about 2GBs. Done it 100s time before without any such problem. I did close Firefox eventually, then wait then open it again and kept having this issue. I decided to cancel the YT upload. The internet connection suddenly was ok again. I started it again, problems again. I was now certain there was a problem. I was worried that my ISP did something to limit my upload speed which was causing my whole internet connection to freak out when uploading. So I canceled the upload again and I was fine.

    So...I opened Google Chrome. I signed in YT and started the upload from there. My internet connection was fine. If nothing else, it feels like the file is uploading to YT a bit quicker than usual.

    So, what is the problem here? Firefox? ISP? Youtube? No idea. But at least it seems to work now, for now...I will update this if I have any changes to report.

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