What do people think of Windows 8?

Discussion in 'Industry News' started by MIG-31, Oct 17, 2012.

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    For more information visit http://makewindowsbetter.com. This video was produced by Pokki (http://pokki.com) - the free software that brings hundreds of apps and games to your desktop, and brings back the core Start Menu functionality back to Windows 8 computers. Chris Pirillo, founder of LockerGnome, hits the streets to find out how real people experience Windows 8. Watch how people react when asked to complete simple tasks on the new Windows 8 operating system.

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    yeah when microsoft had that article about providing windows 8 to families and getting their feedback.... and getting "positive" feedback i called bullshit.

    What in the :x is the "power/shutdown" button doing under the settings sub menu?

    Like i've mentioned in previous posts, they've added as much as 5 extra layers of bullshit to get to the basic functionality/settings/configuration options or simple tools rather than having it bam in your face.

    Anyone have ANY idea how hard it's going to be to explain over the phone where in the hell to go to walk someone through that had enough of a hard time to know wtf the "start button" was?

    I'm all for improvements... and the metro interface has it's advantages... but it's at such a massive cost...

    If they produced something like Metro and "Advanced" metro in which all the high level functionality is available right in metro without having to start digging and having a billion blades pop out from every direction to get there.. they would have a valid alternative.

    But you can be damn sure that without people having the option to use the "classic" windows mode..... there are going to be some very perturbed people.
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