What Is The Best Joystick For Flight Simulator X?

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by Cube623, Dec 24, 2006.

  1. Cube623

    Cube623 New Member

    crimbo is tomorrow and i have accidentaly:D been told that one of my pressies is Flight Simulator X Deluxe Edition which i can't wait to install and play.

    for some time i've been thinking to add a joystick with my DFP and now that i have been told that i'm getting FSX it gives me even more reason to get one but i could do with some help in what joystick to choose.

    From looking around the best joystick is the Saitek X52 - this joystick looks brilliant but its £66 (cheapest i can find it, without the rudder pedals).

    So what others are good for gaming especially for FSX, the others that i can see are the Logitech Force 3D Pro and the Saitek Cyborg Evo Force but which is best, are there any others which are better or can anyone find the Saitek X52 at a cheaper price.


    Merry Christmas
  2. OldBuzzard

    OldBuzzard DH's oldest Geek

    Go for the X52...you won't be dissappointed. It's WELL worth the money. I use it in FS9, FSX, and IL2F. Great 'feel', and more programming options than you need.

    If you decide that you want rudder pedels later, you can 'lock' the twist on the stick.

    I've used the MS Precision Pro (which some claim is the 'best ever') and the Logitech Freedom 2.4, and the X52 beats those hands down.

    Saitek will be releasing the new X52 Pro in January which has even more features, but I'm not convinced that it's worth the $150.00 or so that they will be asking for it.

    EDIT: I see that your system is almost identical to mine. Noting that I must advise you that you aren't going to be able to run FSX at anywhere near max IQ settings. I'd suggest tht you srart at MED LOW, and make sure that you have NO. or very little AUTO GEN selected. For the MSFS series a lower CONSTANT frame rate is preferable to a higher frame rate that jumps up and down.
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  3. Cube623

    Cube623 New Member

    well ive been increasingly tempted by the x52 so i may buy it but it'll depend on the cash flow

    i've installed FSX and it seems to be running ok at med settings, defenatly a demanding game
  4. OldBuzzard

    OldBuzzard DH's oldest Geek

    You may want to wait until after the X52 Pro is released tho. The price of the original X52's may drop when that happens :D
  5. Hurock

    Hurock New Member

    I'm currently using the Cyborg Evo and I must say it's a great joystick for its price. Way better than the Logitech Force 3D....
  6. Cube623

    Cube623 New Member

    So the Cyborg is better than Logitech's 3D pro?

    I'm now in a quandry about do i get the Cyborg Force or the X52 because the X52 is double the price of the Cyborg Force! but as OldBuzzard says once the X52 Pro is released the X52 will tumble in price

    but if you ask me the X52 Pro doesn't look very nice compaired to the X52


    and the X52 Pro

    SFOSOK 939 Goin Strong

    the second looks more professional
  8. Trusteft

    Trusteft HH's Asteroids' Dominator

    I prefer the looks of the pro due to the less lights. Lights in your face=not good.
  9. OldBuzzard

    OldBuzzard DH's oldest Geek

    You can change the intensity of the lights, or turn them off completely if you wish. I generally keep my intensity set to low and I never notice them while I'm flying.

    As I understand it, the Pro will offer a choice of light colors, whilst the original has only Blue.
  10. shannon007

    shannon007 New Member

    hi, im very new to all of this simulation thing, can you tell me anything about the T-Flight Stick X from Thrustmaster and does any of the X52 sticks have force-feedback along with the T-Flight Stick?


    from London.
  11. Markius

    Markius New Member

    i think the pro looks far better myself :D
  12. OldBuzzard

    OldBuzzard DH's oldest Geek

    I haven't seen anything on the T-Flight, but then again, it's new. From looking at it and the specs it doesn't seem to be too bad, but nothing that's going to set the Flight Sim World on fire. It's main claim to fame is that it works on the PS3 as well as on a PC.

    Neither it, nor the X-52 are force feedback. However, I personally don't see that as a problem. I've used a FF stick, and from my perspective, they are over-rated. As former owner of a Cessna 140, and having a lot of hours in other small aircraft, I gotta say that FF sticks aren't really as realistic as some would have you believe. Also, with a FF stick, there is just that much more that can go wrong with it.

    I've used a number of sticks over the years, and the X-52 is the best I've had yet, and with the addition of the Saitek rudder pedels, I think I have the ideal combination for Combat flight simming. Now if you were going to be doing nothing but Civilian simming, and flying nothing but modern aircraft that use a yoke and not a stick, and want to be more 'realist' then you would want to look at a yoke controller. I've never used a yoke for simming, so I'm really not qualified to give a recommendation on one of those.
  13. bajero

    bajero New Member

    negative, the airbus passenger jets uses a stick and not a yoke. its a fly-by-wire technology. kinda cool.
  14. thomasabarnes

    thomasabarnes Long Time ***** Friend

    I have an X52 which I play Commanche 4 with, but I also have my CH Products controllers (Fighterstick, Pro Throttle, and Pro Pedals) which I use for Lock On Flamming Cliffs, and IL2 Stirmovik 1946.

    What's best for you depends on what you will be flying, what your fancy is for controllers, and what you're willing or able to spend. CH Products gear is more expensive, and it doesn't have a lot of pretty lights as the X52 has. The major reason I have read for people switching from Saitek to CH Products is because of the durability of the controllers. CH Products controllers can be found for less money on ebay. They are $150 US bucks or more each at the CH Products site.

    If you're going to be flying commercial aircraft, you may want to get a flight sim yoke controller for a more real simulation experience. For fighter aircraft you might want to at least have a Hands On Throttle and Stick (HOTAS) setup for a more enjoyable simulation experience. For an even more real simulation experience, go with the pedals also.

    Here's a link to the CH Products site and unoffiicial forum (for great help and support for CH Products gear) called the CH Hangar:

    CH Products - Retail Gaming Joysticks

    The CH Hangar Forums - Powered by vBulletin

    Links posted in case you want to look into using CH Products gear. Also. did I mention that CH Products makes controllers for real aircraft? Well, they do. :)

    Cya all around.
  15. Trusteft

    Trusteft HH's Asteroids' Dominator

    thomas, how do they remain in position? Do you have to use one hand to keep them steady?
  16. thomasabarnes

    thomasabarnes Long Time ***** Friend

    Sorry BlueMak, But I don't understand you. How does what stay in position? Can you be clearer. please?:)

    EDIT: Oh. I think you may be making a little joke about HOTAS. haha
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  17. Trusteft

    Trusteft HH's Asteroids' Dominator

    I was talking about suction cups or something similar.
  18. Trusteft

    Trusteft HH's Asteroids' Dominator

    I don't know man, the Pro looks awful tiny to be used in a flight sim.

    yeah, I know, it took me that long to think of it, so what? you have a problem with that? :rofl:
  19. OldBuzzard

    OldBuzzard DH's oldest Geek

    Which is exactly what my X-52 has...keeps the stick and throttle in one place when I'm in 'heavy action' in IL2.

    @ thomasabarnes
    Did you also do the $300.00+ modification that a lot of people do so that those CH sticks are usuable? :D

    I'll stick with the X-52 that I got well before the Pro was released, and the Saitek rudder pedals I added later.

    I've cut down on how much I'm online in IL2. Used be be on 6 nights a week...I've cut it back to 3 or 4 now.

    I'm known as RAF_OldBuzzard in the IL2 1946 'world'. If you do play IL2 1946 online, feel free to join a few of us RAF662 guys for some 'fun' co-ops. The US bunch flys in Mon-Wed at 2100 Eastern time. We use REAL EASY settings. We are doing it more for fun than trying to be 'realistic'.

    If you aren't all that iterested in shooting down people, we also run a non-shooting DF room for Carrier landings on most Thrusday nights at the same time. Look for us on Hyperlobby.
  20. thomasabarnes

    thomasabarnes Long Time ***** Friend

    The CH Products controllers have little rubber feet underneath. I never have a problem with them sliding much, if they do slide, I just use my hands or feet to pull them back in place.

    Hi OldBuzzard:

    To what moddification are you reffering? My CH controllers work great as is out of the box. The only moddification I can think of that you may mean is for the lefty HOTAS. I'm right handed, so the controllers are great for me as is.

    Oh, and there is the FrakenPotatoe (moddified Pro Throttle). I don't need that right now.

    I'm fairly new to flight Sims (and brandnew to IL2), but I may look you up on Hyperlobby one day, OldBuzzard.

    Cya all around.
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