What smartphone or Tablet do you use?

Discussion in 'Smartphone & Tablets Discussion / Support' started by Teme, May 25, 2011.

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    It may depend on what iPhone you currently use, I like the look of the X but there is no way at this time I will swap my iPhone 7 ( I don't see a upgrade to the 8) is on the cards in the near future. The X is not selling to well (despite what apples says) the price is a killing point for it..
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    I forgot to say, I got myself a Lenovo Tab 4 8 when I was in Prague for the 1st of May. :) It's about 33% more expensive here than there, so I couldn't resist buying myself an early birthday present.


    It's an entry level tablet: 8", 1280x800 screen, 4xA53@1.4GHz CPU, 2GB RAM and 16GB internal memory, running Android 7.1. It has a microSD card, a micro USB port, a 3.5mm jack which can even be used as an input, but no SIM slot. It also has a rear and a front camera, which work, but I don't think that I've taken a single photo with them. Here's a short review of my impressions so far:


    The thing works quite well, actually. It's snappy, despite only having a SnapDragon 425, which fails to impress the latest AnTuTu to say the least (returning just over 44000 points), even the games that I've tried ran completely fine, undoubtedly helped by the screen resolution. The ROM it shipped with would occasionally misbehave and need to be restarted to go back to normal, but an update has fixed it all, as far as I can see. Out of the other things I've tried, USB OTG works well, GPS works well, WiFi works well, in short, everything seems to be working and performing as it should.


    The screen has a nice IPS panel with good viewing angles and only somewhat cooler colours than I'm used to. The resolution is generally not a problem. You notice some aliasing in games, but other than that, it's generally fine, especially for things with nice gradients, such as photos and video. The touch sensitivity is good and it can register up to ten fingers.


    The built in speaker is fine, I have no complaints about the sound output via the headphone jack and the tablet plays nicely with my Bluetooth speaker. The specs say that the headphone jack can also be used to connect a microphone, but I haven't tested that.


    It goes on forever, both ways. The battery drain is no more than 3-4% a day when idling and it can take a fair amount of use as well. I haven't tested it directly, but extrapolating from the numbers I've seen, 10h od use seems quite realistic. Sadly, the nearly 5000mAh battery is almost as slow to recharge, being capable of receiving only 1A.

    Build quality

    Fine. No metal to be seen on the outside, but it neither creeks nor bends and the front glass seems reassuring.

    In short, I'm really happy with the purchase. It's not a high end device, of course, but nothing on it was done sloppily, so it is a really functional and surprisingly well performing device.
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