What temp should my video card be at?

Discussion in 'AMD Graphics Cards' started by f0rbez, May 20, 2004.

  1. f0rbez

    f0rbez New Member

    I have a Radeon 9800 XT, not overclocked, but its running at around 71 C. I just thought that seemed pretty high. Its just regular air cooled. I'm a video newb and don't know what I'm talking about though. Should I be concerned?
  2. ViRuS2k

    ViRuS2k Well-Known Member

    71c is very high with XT cards i tend to try not to let them go over 70c it should be ok but in teh 70c`s its pushing it. heres one for ya the Asus 9800XT i have idles at 42c and its max load is 55c never ever goes over 60c never mind 70c :/
  3. HardwareHeaven

    HardwareHeaven Administrator Staff Member

    70c is fine for a 9800XT (bearing in mind the readouts arent that accurate anyway) as long as you have decent air flow in your case, these cards are made to handle massive temperatures.
  4. f0rbez

    f0rbez New Member

    hmm got the temp from the overdrive tab
  5. HardwareHeaven

    HardwareHeaven Administrator Staff Member

    seriously I can understand people see 70c and think it will melt because they are used to processors, but as ive said to several people who have emailed or PMed me, 70c on a 9800XT is nothing to worry about, as long as the fan is operational and you have decent case air flow, just enjoy it.
  6. Dom

    Dom New Member

    Yeah. GPUs are made to handle high temperatures like that, more so than CPUs. Plus, as Z said, those readouts aren't too acurate, then can be off by 10+ degrees.
  7. pr0digal jenius

    pr0digal jenius Delete Me

    lol....i think ATi should make a CPU and sell it with their radeon IGP boards....i would buy one....cuz well..intel and AMD make some pretty pathetic processors when ti comes ti dealign with adversity (AMD's do better with heat then intel tho)
  8. f0rbez

    f0rbez New Member

    thanks guys. just wanted to check. i am a little concerned about airflow though. my radeon fan blows outward, and the vent next to the video card has a fan that blows inward. so there are basically 2 fans blowing right at each other in opposite directions.i cant figure out how to get the fan off without breaking off the little snaps that hold it on the case though. otherwise id just flip it over.
  9. Dom

    Dom New Member

    It is just as important to move air away from the card as it is to supply air to it. Without circulation, you're just blowing heated air around, which is bad.
  10. aycabron

    aycabron New Member

    I´m planning on buying the Buss-cool pci card, found on this site
    It´s sounds like a good idea, but I wonder how it will work with my Asus Radeon 9800, which I just flashed to XT and is doing great, but despite Zardon´s assurance that the GPU can handle pretty extreme temperatures, I really want to keep it as cool as possible (its average temp when idle is 53 and it can reach 63 after a couple of hours of UT 2004).
    Also, will both coolers, the Asus & the Buss-cool work well side by side?
    I have a couple of empty PCI´s so the Buss cool won´t be right next to the Asus fan
  11. f0rbez

    f0rbez New Member

    see thats got me a little concerned. you have almost the same exact card as me, and yours idles at 53. right now mine is idling at 67/68. after playing farcry itll be like 72 or so. do you have anything else besides the standard heat sink on the card?
  12. f0rbez

    f0rbez New Member

    so do you think that its important that I get this one case fan next to the card blowing out in the same direction that the radeon fan is blowing? right now i have 2 fans in the back blowing out, 1 or 2 power supply fans blowing out, 2 fans in the front blowing in, and the one fan on the side blowing in (in the opposite direction the radeon is blowing).
  13. aycabron

    aycabron New Member

    Gee, maybe your video card fan is faulty...with all of those fans in the case I would guess the airflow would be pretty good for keeping the temperature low...maybe you should check too the cooling card I´m buying.
  14. f0rbez

    f0rbez New Member

    I'm actually thinking of hooking an air conditioner right up to the front vents :lol:
  15. NaumoJR

    NaumoJR Paranoid Android

    I have a 9800 XT and it runs around 68-70c with OVERDRIVE enabled. I have an Alienware case too, so it gets awesome air flow.:)
  16. f0rbez

    f0rbez New Member

    mines running around the same temps with overdrive disabled :sigh: also which alienware case do you have, the alien head or the antec case? I have the huge antec. And is yours built by ATI or 3rd party?
  17. nightcrawl2r

    nightcrawl2r New Member

    Sapphire Radeon 9800XT

    I'm going to add myself to the list here, since i have the same problem as F.

    Recently i bought a Sapphire Radeon 9800XT. I already know that it appears to be normal for the card to get hot. Personnally mine has a constant temp of 66°C in idle status. Now that may be normal but it crashes during COD gameplay and on top of that it also crashed during a standard aquamark3 benchmark.
    It's not the previous (nvidia) drivers problem since i did a clean install (format c:\).
    I'm not sure if it's a heat problem, my case (mentionned further on) has four fans, three intake (i think) one exhaust.

    Following tech. details of my machine:

    .CPU intel pentium 4 - 2.6GHz
    .MSI mobo 875P NEO series
    .Video Card (Model: RADEON 9800 XT; Driver: ati2mtag.sys)
    .Sound Card (Manufacturer: Creative Technology Ltd.) Model: Creative AudioPCI
    .RAM 512mb
    .Zalman psu 400W
    .Case=ThermalTake Lanfire (http://www.thermaltake.com/xaserCase/lanfire/vm2000a.htm)

    Core centre:
    cpu temp=35°C
    sys temp=33°C
    case temp (idle status)=25.3°C
    CPU fan speed=+/- 2700rpm
    NB fan speed=+/- 4115rpm

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2004
  18. Cyan007

    Cyan007 New Member

    My ATI Radeon 9800XT is currently idling at 67C according to the Overdrive gauge. With so many of us with it around that temp... surely it must be normal! :p

    I was going to make a new post but I figured why not reply here. Would overclocking my card be a wise idea? My CPU is already overclocked from a 2600+ to a 3200+. Currently my CPU temp is 44C while my case temp is 29C. Usually it'd be around 30-33C for my case and CPU of course being higher when it's in full load. I also have my fan on the side of my case at the lowest setting but it can crank like a hair dryer if needed. As I said my 9800XT is at 67C so.... OC?
  19. Verios

    Verios New Member

    What's the easiest way to check your videocards tempature? now you all got me rather curious as to what my VC is running at...I know my processor hardly goes over 42 now...
  20. Drakon

    Drakon New Member

    Yeah i would like to know that myself...

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