Which Motherboard do I have?

Discussion in 'Hardware Discussion & Support' started by delldimension4600c, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. delldimension4600c

    delldimension4600c New Member

    My old pc fried, and I was given this one to tide me over. I'd like to supplement this one with my old hardware. So now I'm looking for a new tower. This one is entirely too small...

    my problem is I don't know which motherboard i have, and whether or not it's compatible for the towers that I'm looking at.

    for instance, is my motherboard compatible with

    Amazon.com: APEX PC-319 ATX Mid Tower SL 300W 4 2 (4) Bays USB Audio 2*FAN C2D System Cabinet - Black: Electronics


    I'd appreciate any help you can give me, thanks.
  2. mkk

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    Welcome! Try the useful little program called CPU-Z and see what it reports for information on the motherboard info tab. CPUID
    Although as long as the motherboard follows the standard ATX format there shouldn't be a problem with a very normal looking case such as that one. As long as the motherboard isn't from some OEM manufacturer like Dell that enjoys messing with standards then it should be a 99% certain fit.

    More info on the case: APEX COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY

    Edit: The powersupply is likely of a quite low quality and should not be pushed with components that draw anywhere near its official specs, but if you're just looking for a cheap case for a light performance machine then it'll be fine.
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  3. Tipstaff

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    There is 1 thing that might get in the way. If the computer is the one you've used for your name, the Dell Dimension 4600C, there were 2 versions of that computer: an ATX mid-tower version, and a slimline desktop version. While you should be able to transfer the parts over for the mid-tower to the new one pretty easily (the front panel connectors might be the only issue I can see at the moment), the slimline case is the biggest concern as that case doesn't use a traditional optical drive, but rather a laptop optical drive with a funny board mounted connector. Transfering that over will definatly be a problem.

    Hopefully you have the tower.
  4. delldimension4600c

    delldimension4600c New Member

    I believe I have the slimline version. It's a rather thin unusual looking case...

    are there any cheap cases I can transfer the slimline parts into?
  5. Tipstaff

    Tipstaff Well-Known Member

    Transferring the board, and other components shouldn't be too much trouble. The hard drive runs on SATA (there should be 1 port, maybe 2), but the problem will be the optical drives. If you open the case up, you will most likely see a flat long cable running from the optical drives to the board, with the end attached to optical drive having a type of bridge connector, and when it hits the board it widens out into separate pins. The problem is that that cable (also known as a flex cable) can be hard wired to the board, but I've seen it where it leads to a header, and then attached to standard IDE connector. If it is a standard header, and you can remove the cable at the motherboard end, then you should be fine. You will have to replace the optical drive, and get a new IDE cable since the replacement case won't support the slimline drives unless you get creative in modding the case.

    Also, the other thing I can see being a problem is the heatsink/blower for the CPU might be an issue. It's one of those funny blower type coolers, and you might need to replace it with something else. If you have to do so you will need to first remove the entire cooler, the blower, plus the plastic retention system they have attached to the board itself, and replace that with a standard 775 pin cooler (which the retention pins will slide through the wholes where the old plastic retention bracket was sitting).

    Edit: I couldn't find the manual for the 4600C, but the 4700C is pretty much the same design wise. Take a look at it HERE, and you will see what I mean. Pay particular attention to the section labeled as, "Inside view of your computer." Something I noticed might also be a problem. Going by the picture in the manual, they don't use a standard PWM 4 pin connector for the CPU cooler. If this is the case, again, you will have to be creative on getting it to work unless you can use the original cooler.
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  6. delldimension4600c

    delldimension4600c New Member

    you are a gem my friend.

    thanks for the information. I really appreciate it. The most I've done prior to this is install memory, check connections, and clean things up. I barely recognize any of the hardware pieces you mentioned, but I think i can do this.

    I have a dvd drive from the fried pc. so that aught to be fine with the new case
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