Why does life hate me?

Discussion in 'Flame Warzone' started by Sandok, Mar 27, 2005.

  1. Sandok

    Sandok New Member

    I've been having the worst time of my life for the last 2 years... Why? Why do I deserve such pain and suffering?! WHY?! :mad:
  2. riles9262

    riles9262 Driverheaven brewmaster

    What's wrong with your life in the past 2 years?
  3. OldBuzzard

    OldBuzzard DH's oldest Geek


    I'm not sure that it was wise to post this in the FWZ. I certainly hope that no one takes advantage of that to start really flaming you, as it sounds like you really don't need that right now.

    Unless you have just found out that you have an incurable, terminal disease, and only have a few months left to live (which I sincerely hope is NOT the case), then there is always hope.

    Just remember that you aren't the first one that this has happened to, and you won't be the last. We have all had periods when it seemd like everything went wrong, and 'bad things' just kept pileing up on us. I know that I've been there more than once, but in the end, it always seemed to workout, even though it wasn't as fast as I wished it would have.

    Life seems to go in cycles, some up, some down, but for me at least it always seemed that the 'downs' were much worse (and much longer) than the 'ups', even though I know now that they really weren't.

    Trust me, you WILL get through this down period, and in the end will be a much better man for it. You may end up with a 'scar' or two, but wear them proudly, for they are proof that you are a victor in the game of life.
  4. Drakon

    Drakon New Member

    Good advice, Old Buzzard
  5. Falstaff

    Falstaff Old Codger

    a cry for help in the FWZ....
    clearly a pep talk is in order...
  6. noland1985

    noland1985 New Member

    have a coke and a smile
  7. Senor_Mota

    Senor_Mota 悪魔の方法

    Have some coke and a BIG smile. :p
  8. Vikingod

    Vikingod Int'l Fish Liaison

    god hates you, and your an ass. Don't worry, it happens to the best of us. lol
  9. foxmulder

    foxmulder New Member

    Welcome to my life...
  10. Geminiwave

    Geminiwave I Have lovely Breasts

    technically i dont think god can like...HATE.

    but hey thats just my opinion.

    dude...what you need is to go to a nice third world country! that'll depress the hell out of you even MORE but when you get home you'll be saying "WOW!!! I cant believe I have it so lucky!!!!!!!!"

    too bad thats expensive.

    so instead, how about you tell us whats wrong and WE tell you how goddamned lucky you are to have those kinds of problems, eh?
  11. nuG

    nuG is having a sexy party

    Hey hey now, life gets better, but you have to work for it man. Like i thought i was ina rut, i had to leave school to deal with emotional issues, i lost my license, i lost my job because i lost my license, i lost my girlfirend who turned out to be a lil whore, found out i couldnt go back to school, got kicked outta my house, i have no medical insurance so i can get my medication for my mentally unstable mind......... and my radio, two amps, and two subs where stolen outta my car. not to mention i have almost $3000 dollars in debt to the state. but...... i just got a new job and im workin things out wit my parents so i can live at home now..... so its getting better. i tihnk :p
  12. HawgsHead

    HawgsHead Rest In Peace

    God does not hate you.God hates no one.EVERYONE was put on this earth for 1 reason.To glorify God.That is why He put us here.And He sent His son,Jesus Christ,to absolve us of our sins so we could be with God 1 day.
  13. vince3425

    vince3425 New Member

    no, i'm pretty sure hes out to get me. its not that he wants me to die, he just doesn't want me to live anymore...
  14. nauticus

    nauticus Carpcarpcarpcarpcarp

    "Because you touch yourself at night."
  15. BWX

    BWX flyin' high

    Oh quit crying, you don't know what real pain is..

    -or if you do.. I feel sorry for ya man, because I wouldn't wish what I feel every day on my worst enemy. I am talking about physical pain, if its emotional you are talking about, can't help you there. I am pretty tough in that regard and can't relate.
  16. Esaz666

    Esaz666 BeardHeaven

  17. Billy Toaster

    Billy Toaster f(*k you

    Do we really need to justify this with an answer?
  18. Billy Toaster

    Billy Toaster f(*k you

    Yes, indeed :sleep:

    We all glorify god by killing each other every day. Anyway if people like you end up with god, id rather be satans bitch, because we get the good pussy and he gets all you pussies.
  19. Billy Toaster

    Billy Toaster f(*k you

    Ah poor baby whats wrong with you thats causing you pain everyday? your breasts still hurting from the operation?

    As for being emotionally tough, well you need a brain first to be able to feel emotional pain.
  20. Vasot

    Vasot Banned

    LOL :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
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