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Discussion in 'Windows & Other OS Discussion & Support' started by skinlab, Jun 14, 2002.

  1. skinlab

    skinlab Got Satan?

    it stopped working for me

    last week i was checking it, told me to install a new plugin to get the update, so i do so, and now it gives me a windows update error. since they changed it to the winxp look, i cant get any updates. anyone have a clue wtf is going on?

    i need to get this working soon caus i wanna install win2k on my new system. this is a retail version of win2k pro, not pirated.

    any clues?
  2. UberLord

    UberLord A Legend in Underwear

    Works ok for me @ work on my Win2K pro boxen.

    Maybe there was a problem installing the ActiveX control - try removing it from IE if you can find it and it will try to re-install the next time you update
  3. skinlab

    skinlab Got Satan?

    i dont think removing active x controls is possible, is it?
  4. skinlab

    skinlab Got Satan?

    i went to the corporate update site and i found this message


    i guess im gonna have to download all updated from the corporated site, burn them, and then install them, thats if windows update doesnt work on the new installation.

    i could try to do a "fix internet explorer" from add/remove, but ive had problems with that before.
  5. UberLord

    UberLord A Legend in Underwear


    Anything is possible. If I get the time, I'll hunt around on the 'net to see how this may be achieved
  6. skinlab

    skinlab Got Satan?



    btw, is there a way to reinstall the activex controller without playing around much?
    could have been a falty installation
  7. UberLord

    UberLord A Legend in Underwear


    Erm - thats what I said above and I will try to find out how to do this :rolleyes:
  8. skinlab

    skinlab Got Satan?

    lol k
    as long as i dont need to screw with the registry or do a reinstall of IE6

    last time i did that, i had to format :(
  9. skinlab

    skinlab Got Satan?

    update: i deleted the activex controllers from /WINNT/Downloaded Program Files (there was a total of about 3 of them from microsoft, and i deleted all 3)

    i went back to windows update site with hopes that it will install the activex controller again, but it didnt. i tried the same thing with a yahoo controller, and once i went back it reinstalled itself.

    any clue on what i can do here?
  10. Greebo_x

    Greebo_x Keeper of Obscure Knowledge

    Maybe you could try this...

    Go to the WIndows Update download site:

    Click on "Product Updates" and see if it reloads the "Update update"... I'm at work now and using a different version of Windows, so I can't try it out myself...
  11. skinlab

    skinlab Got Satan?

    tried that and it didnt work. as soon as u reach the page it's supposed to load up the activex controller if its not installed, but it doesnt do it. driving me mad.
  12. UberLord

    UberLord A Legend in Underwear

    I've tried finding an answer, but I've been shooting blanks I'm afriad :/

    You may have to do a clean install to solve the probem - and I h8 it when I say that
  13. skinlab

    skinlab Got Satan?

    clean install to solve that? screw it, ill use the corporate site or wait til they release another activex controller. stupid microsoft.

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