windows xp install on toshiba satelite a205-s5000

Discussion in 'Mobile Computing' started by Computers101, Aug 20, 2008.

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    Good afternoon,
    I am having a real problem installing windows xp on toshiba satellite A205-s5000.
    When installing xp errors says no hard drive found.
    Any help I would be extermely grateful for.
    This a new laptop for a client and they do not under any circumstances want vista.

  2. Teme

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    Hi there and welcome to DriverHeaven!

    That might be because the laptop has serial ATA hard drive and the serial ATA controller is in AHCI mode. I think that XP installation media that has SP2/3 should have the support needed to this feature. But if the laptop has floppy drive you should be able to load the needed driver using the driver insertion feature during the setups boot (F6 key boot).
  3. G_Hubcap

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    I have the same laptop and just got Windows XP installed today using nlite with the SATA drivers loaded on a copy of XP using slipstreaming...

    Here's a link...

    Downgrading Windows Vista Home Basic to XP Pro on Toshiba A205-S5800 | chao han dot com

    I'm still having trouble loading the drivers though... Let me know if you have any success with them, I have 4 Yellow exclamation marks under device manager:

    Ethernet Controller (times 2)
    Mass Storage Controller
    SM Bus Controller
  4. zetahoff

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    I bought a Toshiba Satellite A205-S5000 last week.

    Due to my line of work as a PC Technician, I HAD to put XP Pro on it.

    First, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this thread for helping me find my way. I now have all the CORRECT drivers loaded on the Laptop with XP Pro installed. After I have organized the names of the drivers and links to where they can be found, I will post them. Please don't hesitate to ask PM me for specific links until I have made the post, however, as I know how much of a pain it can be to find the right drivers.

    As a side note, Toshiba Support is not allowed to give any information regarding these drivers unless they are directly on their website in the country of purchase. They would not even give me a list, or show me the direction towards one, of the manufacturer's of specific devices of the laptop. In other words, don't bother calling them for support, at least until the whole "MAKE them upgrade to Vista" situation has run it's course.
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    I am still struggeling to get mine converted to Xp. The nLite slipstream with SATA resulted in a system with a lot of yellow marked devices and I could not connect to the network. Fortunately, when my Vista system was installed I ran a free program called SWI that gave me a printout of the installed hardware devices. I was able to determine that I needed a Realtek NIC driver that I was able to download from Realtek. Now I am able to connect to the internet and to my desktop computer. Still more work to go but I am making progress. Knowing exactly what hardware is installed in your particular notebook seems to be the first step.
  7. cfar1

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    If you go to intel's sight and support, you can download a better mass storage device driver set, integrated graphics acceleration and drive pack, and a chipset pack for windows xp. It's the mobile 960 express chipset, although most of what you find is called 965 express. That helps with some of the issues. I still have no sound and the two ethernet controllers still show no drivers. Anyone have any suggestions?
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